On Selfishness and Stupidity

It amazes me how stupid, selfish, and disrespectful people seem to be in this world. I don’t know if that is a new thing or simply part of human nature, but I have a hard time comprehending it. I know I can be selfish about some things, but it is very rare that I do something that disregards the needs of others. I mean, my own selfishness is about taking time off, letting myself sleep in, reading a decadent book all day–things like that. I have never gone and trashed someone else’s space in drunken debauchery. I rarely even experience drunken debauchery (although I admit to drinking more this summer than I have in a long time). I never could comprehend how people allowed themselves to lose control like that, to the point of completely disregarding the people around them. Maybe I’m missing out because I’ve never let myself be that free, but you know what . . . I’d rather be myself than someone who may know how to have a good time but doesn’t know how to be a good person.

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