Resolving to Forgive

The New Year is right around the corner. As usual I have put in the back of my mind the resolution to lose weight, to get healthy, to exercise more, to write more, etc. However, those are promises I’ve been making and breaking too often now, and I just recently recognized that there is one … Read more

I Am Jon Stewart

Okay, not really. He’s male. I’m female. He’s famous. I’m not. He makes people laugh with him on a daily basis. I make people laugh at me. But still, I am Jon Stewart. The only obvious thing we have in common is that we are both short and Jewish. But, at a different level we … Read more

Knitting Warm Words

Wrap, wrap, wrap. Hook, hook, hook. Repeat. My new obsession is this knitting loom which allows me to make cute hats in a short amount of time. Most of them have turned out pretty well, except for the one I made for my husband where I got a little carried away and added a few … Read more

Technologically Violated

It’s not funny anymore. In fact it is downright creepy. When the person who hacked into my husband’s e-mail account started communicating with a wonderful long time friend and using my name, my daughter’s name, and my sister’s name he (or she) crossed a line. Now I am mad, but I’m also scared. Have we … Read more

Hacking for Fun and Profit

Yesterday, I was informed that my husband and his family went on a lovely holiday to England. Wait, why didn’t I get to go? Unfortunately, the vacation was cut short when they were mugged, and everything was taken but their passports. Luckily nobody was hurt except for the mysterious Donna, who was injured on “his” shoulder. I … Read more

Meaningful Messages

Have you ever had one of those days where the universe seems to be sending you an important message, but the message is hidden in symbols so complex that you just can’t figure it out? It’s like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that don’t quite fit together yet. Or maybe a couple of pieces are … Read more

Show Don’t Tell, From Page to Stage Version

Each of my young students has a magic invisible box.  I gave it to them a couple of classes ago, after they did excellent jobs at whatever the activity of the day was. These boxes can grow or shrink to hold anything imaginable in them. They come when called, or can be stored in a … Read more

Kindling the Lights of Hanukkah

My daughter quivers with excitement, unable to sit still or concentrate on homework. It is the first night of Hanukkah, and she cannot wait. I wonder though if to her this night is only about opening one of the presents that are piled on the table. She counts the number daily to see if there … Read more

It’s the Loneliest Time of the Year

Bah humbug! Okay, maybe I’m not that bad. I like Christmas. I like the holiday season. But, every year at this time I feel lonely deep inside. Maybe it is the number of required festivities that bring me down. There’s nothing like an Office Holiday Party to make me feel like I am a stranger … Read more