Goal Setting and Re-focusing

“Four basic premises of writing: clarity, brevity, simplicity, and humanity.” (William Zinserr)

Sometimes I feel like I can't see the forest for the trees.

Now that I have freed myself of the obligatory blogging I’ve been doing, I feel the need to reflect on and establish some goals for myself in terms of writing and blogging. I started this blog with a purpose that included (according to what I wrote on my About page)

” . . .  a place for me to explore life and practice writing. It is a motivator for myself to sit down and write as often as possible. It is also a place to explore ideas, issues, and questions. Sometimes it is a place to vent. Sometimes it is a place to cry. Sometimes it is a place to laugh. To me, it is a sacred place, so please treat it with respect.”

I think that still holds true, but now the blog has become so much more. It has become a place of community and support, where I am meeting wonderful people who boldly express their dreams and trust that this environment is a safe one where dreams will not be mocked. It is a place where I have discovered my inner artist, my hidden poet, my passionate advocate, and my angry rebel.  It is a place where I have learned to recognize my strengths as a teacher, a mentor, a mother, an artist, and a friend. It is a place where I have discovered the parts of myself that need strengthening or changing; the darker parts that I do not love but I need to accept. It is a place where my dreams have begun to shift and reform so that I see more possibilities instead of only obstacles.

So now the question becomes, what do I want next? Where do I want this blog to go?

I’m not sure yet, but I do have a few goals:

  • I want to continue writing daily, but not just blog posts. I want to get back to writing stories or articles and working toward publication.
  • I would like to find a way for this circle of wonderful people to support each other in their publishing goals, a way that somehow bypasses the bureaucracy of traditional publishing and allows us to nurture each other toward success.
  • I want to continue to write about things like arts advocacy, arts in education, challenging social injustice, and creating a more peaceful world.
  • I want to continue to nurture the relationships I have started as well as develop new ones.
  • I want to find the balance between writing, reading, responding and growing as a writer
  • I want to do research on and perhaps start writing two projects that have called to me for a long time. One that reflects on women’s voices through some form of historical fiction or drama, as I discuss here. And one that shares stories of people who have fought through no guarantees to thrive and grow and create their dreams–a story which I’ve begun to explore in my other blog, Living Life Without Tenure

But, despite that list, I’m still struggling with focus. So I have some questions for you, my readers. I feel a little lost in confusion and would appreciate some help clarifying my focus.

Which posts or topics do you find the most interesting to read about on my site?

What do you think Woman Wielding Words is really about?

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  1. Well, Lisa I’m very big on challenging social injustice and engaging children and adults with disabilities to be productive members of society. I’ve been so frustrated with the increased educational requirements to which I finally meet to have the pay-scales cut 50% and then employers expecting the worker to foot the bill for insurance premiums. I apologize for going off. I would like us to figure out how to make use of our passions, talents, and skills, to make the world a better place while earning a decent living. I think we’re becoming a movement, a small movement, but I believe in the power of voice as I know you do. I’d like us to write our way out of this mess. Up for the challenge?

    Yes, I know I went too far. Just some ideas that have been bouncing around my head.

    My Best to You!

    • You didn’t go too far. I think that is part of the dream This is a safe place to vent your passion so stand up and talk, I’m listening.

  2. I’m not sure what Woman Wielding Words is about. I just know that it’s yours.

    As to the the topics I find most interesting to read about here — for me it would be anything to do with the writing or artistic process, because I like hearing how other artists tackle the issues I’m also dealing with. (I’ve really got to get back to your previous post about the play writing class/workshop. I need to get back to it when I can immerse myself without distraction.) How do we tend to shape our stories or art? How much do we consider the way our art is experienced by others? Is our goal to make things only with ourselves in mind, or do we want to grow into wider acceptance by incorporating aspects of feedback and certain kinds of structure? How does that feel? How do we handle re-writes or other changes? How much and how do we want to be different, in terms of pushing the limits or heading into abstraction, or do we want to excel at more accepted norms? What does that even mean? I could go on forever, but I won’t.

    I’ve noticed, from searching quite a few blogs, that not many people want to talk about or discuss these things, even if they are artists. But this is part of what I’m hungry for. After that, I like entertainment, and a little venting, just as much as the next person.

    I wish you much luck with clarifying or reinventing your focus. :)

    • Interesting questions that will require a lot of deep thinking. I actually have been talking about this in some forms a lot lately, and I think some of that appears in posts. I will ponder and hopefully reply in a later post. You always ask the difficult questions, but that’s a good thing.

  3. Write about things that matter to you.
    Enjoy the journey as the path unfolds before you.

    When we wake up each morning determined to enjoy what we do, we win. No matter what happens, we win.

    • I’m with nrhatch on this one. Don’t think it’s the first time :-)

      Lisa, this blog is about your journey, your thoughts and the process of trying to follow your path and find your own distinctive writing voice. At least that is what I think it’s about. I’ll share with you the most valuable gift that I have ever been given.

      To find the answer you are looking for you need to stop asking the question. It does not matter what we want to read at this point. At this point, all that is needed is for you to clear your mind and pay attention to life. What makes you want to grab the person next to you and drag their attention to what you see…. ‘Look, Look’. If that doesn’t happen every day, don’t write every day. It is yours, it can be what you decide :-) These post a day things can be a bit of a mixed blessing. Try not to think about it: see it, feel it, blog it.

  4. What do you think Woman Wielding Words is really about?
    Your dream to have your work published and be paid for it.

    Which posts or topics do you find the most interesting to read about on my site?
    Posts that are wrtitten from the soul. As Nancy says “Write about things that matter to you”

    as they say…dreams have no bounderies

  5. I like the mixture of hearing about you as a personal and your life and about you as a creator and your general musings on life. I don’t think you need to worry about it too much – write about what makes you happy and we’ll be happy reading it!

  6. Lisa…
    First of all I am glad you decided to quit the Daily Post 2011. I think that while it is good exercise to write something daily, I believe that it also forces us to put something out on the table that maybe isn’t quite done cooking yet.
    As for what to write, I pretty much agree with the other commenters here. Write what you love – from your heart — perhaps throwing in a writing challenge or two about things that either don’t really interest you, or from another’s perspective or even another voice or character. Just suggestions.
    Keep up the great voice and I am will enjoy watching you refocus!

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