It’s All in the Perspective

“I can’t believe we have a summer home!” Sarah KramerLee

Nathan and I couldn’t help but laugh at Sarah’s perspective on our summer lives. While my idea of a summer home might be more like this:

A dream home by the lake in Okoboji, IA

with the ability to do this on a regular basis:

Heading back to the dock to hang out after a lovely boat ride.

to Sarah that doesn’t matter. In her mind, and her perspective, this simple little cabin is our “summer home.”

At the cabin at Okoboji Summer Theatre 2010.

To Nathan this place is

“like going back for a family reunion after not seeing them for a while.”

It is a place to focus purely on doing good theater and quality work without other things interfering. In some ways, then, to Nathan it is a home, but it is also a job and an experience that he values every year.

My perspective becomes a little more complicated. If this is a family reunion, then I am the awkward black sheep relative–the one who wants to make her way into the family circle and does not know how.  I recognize and value the wonderful creative atmosphere of this place, as well as the work ethic. I crave to be allowed to contribute to this work using the skills I bring with me, because I do have the talent to participate on an equal level.  But, for a number of complicated reasons, I don’t feel that I have a role or a position to play here, beyond being part of this extended family. So, from my perspective, I can’t quite call it a summer home of my own–rather it is closer to the summer home that I hold in my dreams but have yet to really achieve.

I know that I’ll never achieve the true dream summer home, which requires an inflow of money that could only happen if I win the lottery. But I wonder if, with a slight change of perspective, I can begin to see this place as simply OUR SUMMER HOME.

Only time will tell.

What kinds of things do you think change depending on the perspective?


Today’s Quote:

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” Marcus Aurelius 

0 thoughts on “It’s All in the Perspective

  1. You may someday see it as YOUR summer home. Our annual Red River getaway is actually my wife’s tradition. Her family has been going up there every summer for nearly 40 years. Her entire family and a huge bunch of close friends always vacation there at the same time each summer. Like you, I always felt like it was a great place….but it was not MY getaway….this was THEIR place. Now, after 14 summers….I finally feel like it is my summer home just as much as theirs. The place in Iowa looks great! Over time, it will become your home as well. 🙂

  2. Lisa…I get so lost in your posts. I know you were telling your feelings and the emotions…but I feel so guilty…losing myself in the pictures and dreaming of how it must be…forgive me

  3. The first time I asked BFF to go to Wmsburg for one of my college reunions, he balked. ACK! He had a great time ~ especially enjoying the colonial fare in the taverns. His perspective on the trip shifted as soon as he found things to enjoy that resonated with him. 😀

    Sometimes our desires exceed our reach. When we change our focus to what is within our grasp . . . we are happier,

    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

    Aah . . . that’s better.

  4. Because of where I live,…dead end street, small pond, woods, miles (it seems) of sheltered decking…..I can’t make much of an argument that could justify a getaway home. I live with Mr. Practical who doesn’t get the point. Clevelanders “get away” to Perry Island in Lake Erie, or to our mini Chataqua at the Point in Vermillion, pure Americana, with the longest natural beach on the south shore of Erie……..lovely, little white Victorians, apple pie, Mom….he’s not buying that either….or to Lakeside where you can sometimes hear a prophet speak. Well, that’s not going to sell him. So I sit here in the quietest and maybe safest hollow in the world and count my blessings. Whatever you’ve got, enjoy it. Really enjoy it. Think of the countless millions who will never have it and hug your joy.

    • See, its all in the perspective. Your home sounds like a cozy haven in the world. I hope to have one of those someday. And, from your husband’s perspective there is no reason to leave that cozy little haven. I’ve often fantasized about (in one of my more far-fetched and unrealistic fantasies) having a tiny cottage on little island that could only be accessed by canoe. I realize how much I have compared to countless millions, but it also is all in perspective. Have you ever noticed pictures of people from impoverished countries with a look of joy that just beams off of their faces. I have. It’s all in the perspective.

      • Of course. Having seen the world from advanced age and many perspectives, I am still trying to learn to see from the current perspective where truth went, or sits or slips away. If you stand on a rock in a stream your view is one thing. If you move to another rock, your view is something else. In tough times, when the view is daunting, change your rock.

  5. Perspective is an interesting thing….we can’t help but view the world differently. since retiring from full time teaching my perpective / focus has now changed from performing to my best ability as a teacher to putting that energy into my own health, my family, my interests( a different rock!)….my little house(don’t need a summer home because I have a little old cottage house with a garden in a quiet farming village…very close to town and family so all set….just take a drive to the lake when the spirit moves me…)…..I like your summer home by the way!

  6. I love your small summer cabin! One way my perspective has changed as I’ve gotten older is with houses… I used to think bigger was better and now I’m the exact opposite! I want nothing more than a tiny tidy spare home, preferably by a lake or a stream or some other beautiful and peaceful view… this is what I hold in my dreams. As for the black sheep feeling, I know all about that too. Or at least that’s *my* perspective! 🙂

  7. I live in a vacation home year round but I like it much better in spring and fall when it’s not so crowded. We lose a lot of privacy in the summer and are forced into sharing our home with the public who are always walking by . . .

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