Farewell is a Hard Word to Say

Sometimes I wish I had been one of those people who never left home, and was content staying in the town she grew up in living among family and friends who have known her forever.

But I’m not. Instead I have been a person who travels, gathering experiences and friends wherever I go.

Yet, I find it difficult to make friends, difficult to trust. Not because of my travelling ways but for numerous other reasons that are difficult to explain or understand. I am shy. I doubt my worthiness as a friend. I don’t feel cool enough.  I don’t want to intrude. All of these reasons and more make it challenging for me to become close to people.

So when I connect with people in a deep way, I don’t want to let them go. And yet, inevitably, the time comes for the next part of journey and I have to say goodbye to people I’ve only just begun to know. This time is particularly bittersweet, as our stay here has been so short.

While I know I must say goodbye, I hope that the connections I’ve made in this world continue to grow and strengthen. The people I’ve met along the way have all become part of my story and I hope that I am still part of theirs.

Farewell my friends from Independence. I will miss you all.

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  1. Being a new on-looker to your journey (and honored by this) – I can say I saw a hundred smiles in that slide show. Your friends have given you a great gift to hold and use when times get tough.

    Just as you worry that you may be shy or unworthy – the person you will meet feels the same way. As a fellow shy person – I empathize and send support.

  2. Here is the bald truth: there is no permanence. If we’re lucky, we get to play in the same sandbox with the same castle builders we love working and playing with for a long time, unless of course, we hate the feel of sand. Then it’s not so fun. But mostly, we come to think in forever terms. And then comes the message: move on to the next sandbox. “But, but, I’m not done buiilding this sandcastle!” Oh, yes you are. It was never meant for completion. Only for contribution. To add your piece. To play your part.

    You are good at this, though you seem not to recognize it. You seek to contribute. Not to find comfort. Comfort, if you can contribute, is the by-product. Surrender that “I’m not worthy” feeling. Most of us really do have some worth at least some of the time. Look on all you do and all that you are as others see you, and you can trust what I see: “Yep! she’s worthy!” Worth knowing. Worth writing with. Worth supporting. Worthy. Worthy. Worthy. What, you think I spend time at your blog because I’m bored? I mean, Lisa, who could you be if you recognized your true value? Find it and spend it like a drunken sailor, tap in and use up. Love that girl and stop denying her. She. Is. Worthy.

  3. I want you to promise that a year from now…..MARK YOUR CALENDAR….you’ll look back and tell us how far you’ve come! Few of us will be surprised, but you’ll be singing the Hallelujah chorus! There’s amazing growth in front of you. It’s the whole reason for the journey. Buiding Barbarann, building Lisa, building Sandi and juile and Kathy and…..we’re all on the same road. We’re sometimes on different parts that converge, but we’re going to the same place.

  4. Farewells are hard. The slide show is bittersweet. We only moved 35 minutes away from the community where we raised our kids and I still haven’t acclimated. I know very few people here. It’s harder to do once your kids are gone.

    Lucky for you that you have your little bundle of sunshine going with you.

  5. Goodbyes are extremely tough. I can relate to what you said about having difficulty making friends. But you made strong connections while you were here and I hope you encounter many more great friends in the next chapter of your journey.

  6. tell me about it. we have to move every three years from one country to another due to my job. we just left Spain to move to Africa. For me it´s like leaving one part of my heart behind and take the other wounded, bleeding one with me! i am no good for bidding farewell either. what makes it bearable for me is the faith that we will meet again. So i always say “hasta luego” instead of “adios”!

    but there is no way around it. it is the pain of separation that we have to go through…

    with lots of good wishes,

  7. I used to cry when I said good-bye.

    With each move, I’ve gotten more pragmatic about saying good-bye to people, places, and things. We travel best when we travel light.

    It’s hard to embrace the future with open arms if we refuse to let go of the past.


  8. I can definitely relate to this post. I used to move all of the time, but just moving now, I realize that I don’t feel as outgoing as I used to. Saying goodbye is difficult. There are some really amazing people there, but you are a very likable person, and I know you will meet some wonderful people where ever you are and remain friends with those you left behind. :) Gathering friends everywhere you go.

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