Highs and Lows

Yesterday I was on a high, single-handedly conquering the world and changing my life one word and blog post at a time.

Today I feel like crawling into my bed and hiding under the covers in a fetal position.

What happened between yesterday and today? I simply don’t know. I got so much positive feedback for my hub post yesterday, that I felt encouraged. But today I doubt my words and don’t know what to write about.

I know what’s happening. It is the entrance of the demon depression, or the ugly critic of my life. The creature that dwells inside of me cutting down my efforts by telling me I can’t do anything.

But this time I refuse to let the Inner Critic win. I am going to keep working toward the highs, while gracefully moving through the lows. But, I could use your help.

I picture a group of wonderful blogging buddies leaping to their feet saying,”I’ll help you Lisa! What can I do?” Perhaps that is just a figment of my imagination, but it sure gives a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

So what can you do? Well, you can help me come up with Hub post topics. What questions do you have about “Reinventing Self”? What would you like me to explore to help you on your own journeys? Or should I pursue a completely different topic?

You can also help me by following my Hub as well, and perhaps clicking on some of the ads.

Or maybe I am asking too much. I guess the thing that you can do to help the most is keep reading and keep writing and keep being the wonderful community that you are.

Now I have to try to get back on track, and get this roller coaster back in the right direction.



Here’s the link to my next attempt at a Hub post.

0 thoughts on “Highs and Lows

  1. Lisa, to be honest, I don’t know how you do it.
    You blog such a lot and come up with so many different and interesting posts, to my mind there is little wonder that sometimes you might dry up!
    Goodness me, I find it hard to come up with a blog post a week or so…

    Be kind to yourself my dear.
    Let your creative juices flow back naturally.

  2. Questions? Reinvention ? What grief can we save ourselves from if we only knew who and what to turn to when we enter new seasons of life? How to deal with the expectations of how others such as close family think we should live our lives? Why is it so difficult to put one’s well being first for a change? (Got your back Lisa! Just do this writing thing!) I know I’m repeating myself but i had a computer glitch and found my comment again all by myself…how’s that for reinvention?

  3. I haven’t even been online lately; I find your ability to blog so consistently and so well amazing. I liked An Embarrassment of Freedom’s suggestions very much! I also think there is something to be said for learning to accept yourself as you reinvent yourself. So you are not necessarily trying to change yourself but just your external situation while coming to peace with who you are.

    I know that every time I have a productive day (or days), there is surely a bit of a fall to come. Learning to roll with the lows (or to let the wave of depression roll and just ride it out), is easier knowing that life is cyclical and the highs will come again if I keep plugging away.

  4. I wish I had something to give, but I’m struggling too. It’s hard to do all this writing, so much work without a paycheck to make it “valid”, and reach such a tiny audience. It makes me doubt myself and this writing path that feels like the one I was meant to walk, the one I understand most in my heart. That’s all I can see today. Sorry to take my mask off here, but you asked if I had questions about reinventing self, and my problem is that whatever talents I have (or the only ways I know to express them) carry no weight in the job arena, or most of the world. I feel as though I was invented properly. I just need to find where I can fit in and make a life for myself, before I give up on everything.

  5. Lisa – I’ll support you. When I recently posted about a depression that was holding me back/down, I was amazed at the support I got. I’ll think a little on the questions/topics for your hub posts. You simply must keep writing. What about reinventing yourself do you question? Start there.

  6. You’ve had so many changes in the past few months, Lisa. Of course you’ll have some low moments. But you seem so personable that you’ll pull through. Like k8edid, says, keep writing–it’ll clear all those demons out and keep you grounded.

  7. Lisa…I fight that demon all the time myself. Depression can throw you for a loop, I know…..but your roller coaster picture here says it all….. just endure the downhill as best you can….because the thing will surely be heading back uphill real quick…. Hang in there my friend 🙂

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