Life Update: Painting Progress, Evil Internet, and Other Foibles of Life

As you know I have been waiting for home internet to make my life a little easier, and it was scheduled to go on-line on September 13th. But NO . . . that would simply be too easy. We are not 100% sure what the problem is, but I still have to wander from coffee shop to book store to library to different coffee shop in search of the perfect internet connection.

With the complications, I struggle even more with the highs and lows, because I cannot get into a regular routine. Yesterday I felt like I couldn’t even get words on the page, so instead I forced my brother (Taochild to many of you) who had spent the night after babysitting for me to help me paint Sarah’s bedroom. In fact, I’ve held him hostage so he can help me finish the room today.

Meanwhile, I have made strides toward something. I’ve written a few Hubs, and allowed advertising. Even if you aren’t interested, if you could click on those ads for me if you read my Hub posts that would be nice (and I am happy to do the same for you someday too). I also actually have an interview coming up for that Saturday morning teaching gig, so keep your fingers crossed.

That’s the update! I’m sorry I am so behind on reading other’s blogs and commenting, but one of these days I will return.

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  1. You will hate this….somehow I thought Taochild was your sister….but he makes really good straight lines! highs and lows are normal and miserable. They only mean you want permanence. Permanence is an illusion we crave. We long to belong. Somewhere. Your adaptability shows your ready willingness to accept change. So that first recognition that you are not permanent yet is only Born of the impediment of Internet connection. Soon as you’re wired you’ll feel so much better. I’ll go read some HUB now.

  2. I’d happily adopt this brother if I didn’t have one of my own….he’s flooded out by the Susquehanna River and tons of mud in his house….and he’s got an eye problem he’s calling mackerel degeneration… Don’t even try to sort it, just enjoy him with me. What would we do without our brothers….even those with an inner goddess.

  3. OMG, Lisa (and Steve) the stripes are stunning! I love, love, love it! I have always wanted to do stripes, but never have. You all are amazing! And I think the solid color below grounds it all well. Brilliant—- Love you guys————- Congrats to Sarah on having such a cool room!
    Big hugs from Sara and me,

    • Thanks Kathy. I’ll pass the message on to all. The solid color was already there. Originally, Sarah wanted each to have a different color on top, but then my sister suggested stripes and this is the result. We still might add some flowers as well.


  4. Oh Lisa, what a truly lovely room. I’m sure Sarah is going to love it completely. The colors are soothing and sweet. Congrats on your interview, I hope it goes very well. Miss you and hope you are doing well with your new move and new journey. Hugs to you!!

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