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Taking a Literary Plunge

By Lisa KramerMay 1, 201410

Tomorrow I will attend my second NESCBWI conference . . . the conference which just last year encouraged me to take control of my own website and start building my creative platform.

Tomorrow I will not just be attending the conference, I will also be presenting a workshop called “From Stage to Page: Using Creative Dramatics to Inspire Writing”. My “experienced-theatre artist-educator-HeArtful Theatre company cofounder” personality will merge with my “writer-who-has-a-few-articles-and-short-stories-published-as-well-as-two-novels-written-but-still-feels-like-a-newbie” personality to, hopefully, inspire people in a creative way.

Can you tell that I am nervous?

There’s also one other thing that will happen tomorrow. I will commit, in a public forum, to publishing P.O.W.ER. I am committing to believing in myself as an author, and my book will be out as soon as it possibly can be. At my workshop, and elsewhere, I will be handing out two-sided business cards.

Business Card side 1

Her is the front of my business cards. Since I’m also hoping to get some more work for heArtful Theatre Company, I have to provide a lot of information. (At the workshop, I will also give the group heArtful Theatre postcards.)

This is the back of my business card, including part of the art for the soon to be finished cover.

This is the back of my business card, including part of the art for the soon to be finished cover.

I will be declaring myself the author of a book that makes me proud. You might have already noticed some changes, but this website will be changing to put that book and that personality in the forefront. I will be reaching out to you, my friends and my readers, to help me spread the word and get this book out there.

Tomorrow is a giant leap, but I have a feeling I will land safely.

Wish me luck.

10 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Taking a Literary Plunge”

  1. Yay for giant leaps! They are the only kind that brings about change. Wait to go Lisa! I just wish I were there tomorrow to cheer you on, but I’ll be doing it anyway…from afar. You. Are. Going. To. Shine. :))))

    • Lisa Kramer says:

      Thanks Laurence. I wish you were going to be there too. We need to plan to get together again, SOON!

  2. Miranda Gargasz says:

    Yay for you! Best of luck at the conference. I’m sure your book will be wonderful, Lisa. Keep on believing in yourself! You’re talented and smart, why wouldn’t you be successful?

  3. lisaspiral says:

    Congratulations Lisa! When and where do we find your book. 🙂

  4. You will land safely, Lisa. I can’t wait to hear about the conference.

  5. Gosh, Lisa, sorry to be late to this party. Hope the conference went well. Can’t wait to read your book!!! The business cards look awesome, by the way!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

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