About Me

I sometimes find it difficult to answer the question, “What do you do?” as my career and interests have taken me in so many fabulous directions. The basics are simple, I hold a Ph.D in Theatre for Youth, an MFA in Theatre Directing, and an AB  with a double major in English Language & Literature and Theatre. I have spent many years teaching in some form or another, including:

  • adjunct courses in theatre, writing, honors, and education at various colleges and universities
  • acting and drama classes for children and adults for various theatre programs
  • English conversation in Japan
  • Drama/arts programming for adults with developmental disabilities
  • Tutoring students in English conversation and writing

I have also worked in almost every capacity in theatre, sometimes as a director, a stage manager, a house manager, a producer, a lighting designer, or simply a consultant. Recently, I have participated in more projects using theatre for social change or applied theatre to encourage people to approach problems in creative and constructive ways.

I  am a person who takes on challenges and makes them happen. I welcome learning new things that help me achieve goals. I welcome diversity and unusual opportunities. What this has led to is a diverse and complicated career that is hard to pigeonhole. I am looking for more opportunities and projects that will take advantage of my intelligence, desire to learn, creativity, leadership ability, passion and love of language and culture. I am:

  • A Theater Artist & Educator: I have worked in theater in numerous roles including director, stage manager, playwright, and designer. I have directed shows for adult audiences and for child audiences. I teach classes to children and adults. I have collaborated on new works. I am passionate about the power of theater to change lives. I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate on interesting and meaningful creative projects.
  • An Interdisciplinary Educator: In addition to teaching in college theater departments and arts programs, I have taught in other disciplines, including: writing (composition classes), education, library research, general studies and honors programming. I’ve developed interdisciplinary classes that incorporate theater with other disciplines. I also have mentored students in a variety of ways. I am looking for opportunities that allow me to share my love of teaching and mentoring in creative ways.
  • Writer: I write. I’ve written everything from a doctoral dissertation to articles for children; grant applications to a novel for young adults (as yet unpublished); blog entries to journal articles. I am as passionate about writing as I am about theater and education. I am looking for opportunities to write, in any form.
  • Manager: I have worked as a stage manager, house manager, festival coordinator, and producer. I have helped start three theater companies and organized volunteers for many events. I am looking for opportunities that allow me to combine my organization skills with my creativity.

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