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In addition to writing I am an educator and the co-founder of the heArtful Theatre Company–a company dedicated to the power of the theatre to provide opportunities for everyone to share the stories of their lives and bring communities together.


This means that I love teaching and providing people of all ages with creative ways to learn, explore, and empower themselves.  I offer a variety of workshops and presentations that can be adjusted to the needs of your particular school/group/or program:

Empowerment Workshops: Inspired by the message of P.O.W.ER that celebrates everyone’s unique abilities and encourages people to work together, I use theatre for social change techniques to encourage participants to explore and celebrate their own strengths and their own stories.  The workshops can focus on specific issues that participants encounter in their lives, or can focus on simply believing in yourself. This can be done in an hour to a 1 1/2 long workshop, or over a series of workshops that lead to some kind of sharing/performance at the end-created by the group. While it is best to have a smaller group (approximately 25) these workshops are intended to be flexible and meet the needs of your program.

Writing Workshop: In this workshop I use the techniques of creative drama (an informal, improvisational, process-centered form of drama where participants, guided by a leader, explore issues, ideas, topics, stories, etc.) to spark writing ideas. Participants will explore characters, situations, locations through role play, improvisation, movement and sound–then they will be encouraged to use what they learn in writing and/or drawing.  The workshop can be adapted to all age groups, including adults. The workshop will run about an hour (although it can be extended, particularly for adult groups) and is best for groups of approximately 25.

I can do up to four workshops per day (depending on the length of the workshop requested). All programs are flexible and can be adjusted to different age levels and groups.

Contact me at for pricing and more info.

For discussion questions and activity ideas visit my P.O.W.ER Study Guide.


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