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Lisa A. Kramer: Woman Wielding Words

Welcome to my creative space, where I believe words have power, we can change the world by sharing stories, imagination is valuable, and that my voice will not be silenced. I hope you will join me here, by reading my blog and books, joining me in workshops, contributing guest posts, and maybe even making a comment or two or more. Everyone is welcome! I look forward to hearing your stories.


Non-fiction Articles

Everyone’s A Critic “Everyone’s a Critic” (Co-written with Doug Cooney and Morgan Greene), Feature Article, TYA Today (Fall 2014): 8-13 Looks at the role of theatre criticism in TYA, from the perspectives of both the artists and the critics. Let’s Talk About Sex “Let’s Talk About Sex”, Feature Article, TYA Today (Spring 2013): 7-13. “Picture a darkened…