Turning Holiday Fear into Holiday Cheer


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Given the response I received on yesterday’s post “‘Tis the Season for Sadness” it seems I struck a chord, and that many people struggle through this season for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s the shortness of the days, the weather, … Continue reading

Some Thanksgivukkah Tunes


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[Sung to the tune Hanukkah, Oh Hannukah!] “Thanksgivukkah, Thanksgivukkah” Thanksgivukkah, Thanksgivukkah Come light the menorah We’ll eat so much turkey We won’t dance the hora Gather ’round the table we’ll give you a treat, Pies, turkey, stuffing and latkes to … Continue reading

Preparing for Thanksgivukkah


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Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Two of my favorite holidays meet and become one. While a minor holiday in terms of Judaism (and not my favorite) I always love lighting the candles and using that … Continue reading

To Follow or Not to Follow

Family Portrait

A mother’s day family portrait. It all comes down to family.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how and why people follow blogs and websites.

Since trying to make the transition to this new home, I have had several people follow the original Woman Wielding Words, while very few have made the transition over to here.  Obviously these new readers must be finding past posts, and following me based on them. That’s good news for the idea that my posts are searchable, interesting, and that they might live on for a while even though I’m no longer writing there. However, there is also the possibility that I will lose those followers quickly because I am not writing new posts.

I’m not complaining–although perhaps I am panicking a teeny, tiny bit–but it has made me think about what draws us to following a blog or a website in the first place.

What makes me sign up and add yet another site to the already overwhelming list of people I follow? I acknowledge that I already can’t keep up, and have had to scale back on my reading and commenting on some blogs. Why? Because if I spend all my time blogging, I never have time to do anything else.

So why do I follow a blog? I follow blogs when I read a post that draws me in either because of the writing style, or the passion, or both. I follow blogs after poking around for a while, to see if the person seems interesting and welcoming.  I follow the blogs where it appears that the blogger takes the time to craft posts with care. This doesn’t mean they are all brilliant writers, but that they take time to post quality posts. I follow blogs when the blogger seems like they might possibly become a friend, which I learn either through comments on my own posts, through responses to comments, or from the pictures they share. I follow blogs that touch me in some way.

This doesn’t mean I read every post written by the people I follow. I simply don’t have the time. I also don’t follow every person who follows me. I follow the people who seem to be part of an ever-growing web of connections.

I follow the people who I think might be family.

Do you fit in with the silliness?

Do you fit in with the silliness?

What makes you follow someone’s blog?