Creative Spotlight: Jacqueline Haltom and her Power of Art

Today I want to take a moment to introduce you to a good friend, an inspiration, and a talented artist, Jackie Haltom.


You’ve seen her art plastered all over my blog for weeks now . . . the beautiful design that became the cover of P.O.W.ER.

My book is here!

Jackie and I met during my one year living in Independence, Kansas, and she was one of the greatest gifts of that year. She was teaching art classes that I signed Sarah up for–and I am so glad I did. I wandered in to watch one day because I was lonely and didn’t have anything else to do. That day changed my life, as Jackie invited me to sit down and create along with the kids. She helped me explore a different artistic side, which ultimately helped me gain confidence as a writer and an artist in general. She and I teamed up to teach a drama/art class for adults with special needs, which led to the creation of heArtful Theatre Company, and some of my current theatre workshops. We also worked together on a fun and fabulous project designing Kaa the snake for a production of Jungle Book, Jr., and she helped me create some of the first art I ever hung on my wall.


Although I could write about our friendship forever, today I am writing for a different purpose.  Jackie has created this beautiful Winter Toile with Dr. Zhivago fabric design that she has entered into a contest at Spoonflower.

If she wins, she will receive $100 worth of free fabric so that she can print out some designs for her upcoming art show at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center in Iola, KS. Please click on the contest link and scroll through until you find Jackie’s fabulous design and give her your vote!

I was so honored to have Jackie design my first cover. Please help me support one of the most special and talented women I know.


For more images of Jackie’s beautiful work visit her portfolio site here.


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