Random Thoughts on Hypocrisy: A Political Post

Lisa's Soap Box 2

You’ve been warned!  Today I have the urge to ramble about things in the news and other topics. I welcome discussion and comment, but reserve the right to ignore or delete anyone who attacks or offends others. If this concerns you, feel free to ignore this post. I don’t claim to be an expert on … Read more

Knowledge is Power

P.O.W.ER, the manuscript that I am in the process of submitting, tells the story of a girl who lives in the land of New North: “Almost 30 years ago, New North had been part of a much larger nation that suffered the delusion that it was the greatest nation on earth. For complicated reasons that … Read more

The “Other-ing” of Women: Race,Culture, and Politics

Participating across cultures. Okayama, Japan ca. 1993

“Her questions, after all, are Miss Anne’s questions (though taken to dangerous extremes), as pressing now as they were almost a hundred years ago: Can we alter our identities, and, if so, how? What, if anything, do we owe those with whom we are categorized? Does freedom mean escaping our social categories or inhabiting those … Read more