Dreaming Through Young Eyes

Dream of a Younger Me

I turned to the man sitting next to me, who had asked me a question that sounded like “mind if I interview you?” It was John Stewart. “Um, sure . . . ” I stammered, “but could I ask you a few questions as well?” I look down and realize I am dressed in pajamas: … Read more

Artists vs. Zombies

  “Feed me brains!” The Zombie Leader lumbers towards an unsuspecting group of people who blithely go about their business reading, writing and creating. The Zombie Leaders intent to devour their energy and independent wills does not seem to faze them, until he makes his way to each one devouring brains and creating more zombies. … Read more

Bullying . . . It’s Not Just for Kids

We live in a land of Bullies. No, I’m not just talking about the bullying of the school years that has become such a prominent story in the news. That bullying, I believe, is a result of the world we live in. The bullying of the teen years becomes more horrific because of the additional … Read more

ItGetsBetterBroadway’s Channel: We Need More Voices

    I needed to hear this song today.  YouTube – ItGetsBetterBroadway’s Channel. I know it is for GLBT youths, but isn’t the message really for everyone? I believe that a lot of the hate, the bullying, the abuse, etc. comes from fear. Fear that somehow, if that person is different than “I” can’t be … Read more