Letting Go of Lists

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“Worry less about getting things done. Worry more about things worth doing.” Austin Kleon Is your life ruled by lists? If you think about it, it probably is. We have the daily to-do lists of chores and meetings that must be accomplished in order to move onto the next day’s list. We have the shopping lists, the meal planning lists, and the lists of bills to pay. We have the unstated lists of things that we think we need to … Continue reading “Letting Go of Lists”

On Creativity: Share Your Thoughts

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Anyone who has read my work at any point should recognize one important thing: I believe in the power of creativity to change the world! That belief lies at the core of my authentic self. Still, I can’t tell you how many strange looks I receive when I interact with people and ask them to let go a little, to play with me in a creative way. I’m used to it by now. I’ve come to recognize that my joie de … Continue reading “On Creativity: Share Your Thoughts”

Creativity Challenges for Social Distancing (or Artists-in-Residence)

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Hello everyone! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Somewhere along the way I lost the energy of blogging, for a long time. Actually, to be honest, I was struggling with writing as well. But, I’m back and more energized than ever.  I’ve finished a draft of a novel, which is now with beta readers. I am starting work on a new non-fiction idea, and I write every day in some form or another. In a way, this bizarre situation … Continue reading “Creativity Challenges for Social Distancing (or Artists-in-Residence)”