Writing for Hope–Memories for Good

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His eyes held everything. Pain, sadness, confusion, frustration, and love. I will remember that look forever, because that was the last time I saw my father before he passed away on December 9, 2012. I try not to think about that day, because my biggest regret is that I didn’t go see him just one more time, one more moment with him even if it was in a room in rehab center. The day I saw those eyes, my mother … Continue reading “Writing for Hope–Memories for Good”

“Somebody will always hate me”

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“Somebody will always hate me.” My daughter said these words to me yesterday, after her high school class discussed the recent rash of Anti-Asian hate crimes. I wish I could say she was wrong–but I try not to lie about the big things. This is the face of my family. My Asian American husband (of Japanese Korean descent). Myself a white Jewish woman (100% Eastern European Jew–raised in a Conservative family). Our beautiful daughter, who is the perfect mixture of … Continue reading ““Somebody will always hate me””

Towards a New System

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Every day I get another offer: Learn how to get more customers and work less! Join us for one month free access to amazing thought leaders! Learn how to get high paying speaker engagements! Learn my top 10 secrets to . . . I must be doing something right, as these offers and opportunities flood my feeds and inbox on a daily basis. I appreciate the power of this as a marketing tool. I appreciate that attracting clients and getting … Continue reading “Towards a New System”

Creativity and Leadership

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What makes a leader? What is leadership? I’ve been pondering these questions a lot lately. For you see, for some reason I don’t seem to fit other people’s definition of leadership. Sure, I have: taken the lead throughout my life managed box offices and volunteers for large events started companies lead classrooms and programs directed artistic teams to full-scaled productions trained new teachers taken leadership positions on boards and committees Yet still, with all that, the word “leader” seems to … Continue reading “Creativity and Leadership”


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It snuck up on us with the whisper of a thousand winds . . . A number that means nothing yet everything in a world where this birthdaymakes you a legal adult. In Hebrew 18 is chai. Chai means life. My wish for you, sweet Sarah, on this special dayis simple– I wish you a joy-filled life. Still, even this simple wishfeels complex after a year where nothing went as expected. A year which asked youto grow in inconceivable ways.Which … Continue reading “Eighteen”