The Art of Failing

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When you know what it feels like to failferociouslyand have gained thecapacityto rise and rise and rise again. Jeannette Encinias “Beneath the Sweater And the Skin” What is failure, if not opportunity? I believe that the art of failing frees you to succeed in new ways. Perhaps ways that feed your spirit so that you truly live a life worth living. We learn from an early age that failure is something bad, somehow. But I don’t believe that. At least … Continue reading “The Art of Failing”

The Potential of Multiple Passions

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We should all be designing lives and careers that are aligned with how we’re wired. Emilie Wapnick, “Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling” TedxBend, April 2015 I learned a new word today. One that truly resonated with me Multipotentialite What is a a multipotentialite? In the words of Emile Wapnick, who coined the term: A multipotentialite is someone with many interests and creative pursuits.  Why am I fascinated with this word? Because of the woman who “couldn’t” hire … Continue reading “The Potential of Multiple Passions”

“Somebody will always hate me”

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“Somebody will always hate me.” My daughter said these words to me yesterday, after her high school class discussed the recent rash of Anti-Asian hate crimes. I wish I could say she was wrong–but I try not to lie about the big things. This is the face of my family. My Asian American husband (of Japanese Korean descent). Myself a white Jewish woman (100% Eastern European Jew–raised in a Conservative family). Our beautiful daughter, who is the perfect mixture of … Continue reading ““Somebody will always hate me””


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It snuck up on us with the whisper of a thousand winds . . . A number that means nothing yet everything in a world where this birthdaymakes you a legal adult. In Hebrew 18 is chai. Chai means life. My wish for you, sweet Sarah, on this special dayis simple– I wish you a joy-filled life. Still, even this simple wishfeels complex after a year where nothing went as expected. A year which asked youto grow in inconceivable ways.Which … Continue reading “Eighteen”

Re-Defining My Life: A New Beginning

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I am re-designing my life. In December, 2019, I began a journey into letting go of old definitions of self, and discovering new paths. During a sometimes painful but always insightful process, I learned that–for a long time–I had been living a life defined by pretty much everyone but myself. I wore some of those definitions like constrictive clothing, and a I longed for a new wardrobe. I began the hard work on myself, with the help of a Kick … Continue reading “Re-Defining My Life: A New Beginning”