The Art of Failing

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When you know what it feels like to failferociouslyand have gained thecapacityto rise and rise and rise again. Jeannette Encinias “Beneath the Sweater And the Skin” What is failure, if not opportunity? I believe that the art of failing frees you to succeed in new ways. Perhaps ways that feed your spirit so that you truly live a life worth living. We learn from an early age that failure is something bad, somehow. But I don’t believe that. At least … Continue reading “The Art of Failing”

Writing for Hope–Memories for Good

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His eyes held everything. Pain, sadness, confusion, frustration, and love. I will remember that look forever, because that was the last time I saw my father before he passed away on December 9, 2012. I try not to think about that day, because my biggest regret is that I didn’t go see him just one more time, one more moment with him even if it was in a room in rehab center. The day I saw those eyes, my mother … Continue reading “Writing for Hope–Memories for Good”

Gateless: The Power of Positive Feedback

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We have been raised to believe that criticism is the only way to learn and grow. It occurs everywhere. Red marks on school papers. Annual reviews. Critical analysis of books, plays, artwork–anything we produce that can be judged by others. Criticism comes from outside sources, but also from that voice in your own head telling you that your work will never live up to some supreme ideal. Some people thrive on criticism, becoming more and more determined to prove everyone … Continue reading “Gateless: The Power of Positive Feedback”

New Beginnings, New Opportunities, New Connections

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We made it to 2021! For me, the arbitrariness of the New Year doesn’t really change much. Still, it always becomes a reflection about the past 12 months, and a moment to dream of the future. We cannot deny that 2020 was a really bizarre, difficult year. We’ve all lost a lot. We’ve all experienced waves of emotion that range from utter defeat, to sadness, to anger, to joy, and everything in between. Some people achieved surprising success–finding agents, publishing … Continue reading “New Beginnings, New Opportunities, New Connections”

Unbecoming and Creative Reinvention

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I started blogging years ago, before I started my own website. I embraced it fully. I posted daily, built a following, read other blogs, interacted. It became a focus of my life, and helped me through a very difficult transition period. I actually started it because circumstances led my family away from the home we had built in Durango, CO, and my friends there encouraged me to write as a way to stay connected. It helped me in so many … Continue reading “Unbecoming and Creative Reinvention”