A Conversation with Creativity

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Me: Why do you call me? What do you want me to know? C: We call on each other, don’t we? Me: I guess . . . but what does that mean? C: It means that I am everywhere. I am within you and outside of you. But, I cannot extend beyond you without a little help. I am a verb. Me: You are a verb? I thought you were a noun? C: I am both, aren’t I? Actually I … Continue reading “A Conversation with Creativity”

On Creativity: Share Your Thoughts

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Anyone who has read my work at any point should recognize one important thing: I believe in the power of creativity to change the world! That belief lies at the core of my authentic self. Still, I can’t tell you how many strange looks I receive when I interact with people and ask them to let go a little, to play with me in a creative way. I’m used to it by now. I’ve come to recognize that my joie de … Continue reading “On Creativity: Share Your Thoughts”

P.O.W.ERful Surprises: Books Don’t Disappear

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Once upon a time I wrote a novel. It was published, people read it, and it received good reviews and was shortlisted for a couple of awards. I was (and still am) very proud of the book. But that isn’t enough to keep a book in the eyes of readers. Not if you don’t have a huge budget, a publicity team, and a recognizable name. For a while, as authors should do, I spent all my time promoting that book. … Continue reading “P.O.W.ERful Surprises: Books Don’t Disappear”

Bringing Stories to Life

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My subtitle for this website says it all “Writer, theatre artist, educator, and woman who wields words.” What does it mean to wield words? I have always loved words and languages. An avid reader since I could first put those mysterious symbols together to form word (at a very young age) I easily lost myself in stories. I found comfort in the worlds built inside my by words meticulously placed on the page by mysterious magicians (yes I thought of … Continue reading “Bringing Stories to Life”

The Joy of Creative Chaos

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Have you ever noticed that creative people rarely do just one thing? Think about it. Writers often write across disciplines, or give presentations and readings while working on multiple projects. Actors are often in the process of rehearsing one project, while directing/producing another, while writing a book, and doing gigs with their bands. Scientists (yes I think scientists are creative) might play musical instruments on the side, or be members of a chorus. And anyone attempting to make a living … Continue reading “The Joy of Creative Chaos”