Connecting the Dots of Inspiration

Connecting the Dots of Inspiration

It’s the middle of the night. I wake up suddenly. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was one of the usual bizarre dreams that walk the fine line between fascinating and terrifying. Or perhaps it was the raucous call of an animal (a turkey? a fox?) in search of something. Jasper wakes up and rushes to look for the creature out the window. The cries sound desperate. Is the animal alone? Horny? Scared? Eventually the strange sound fades away leaving me to the silence of 2 am. Jasper returns to the bedroom and lies on the floor in front of the door. He will let nothing disturb me.

Except . . .

Inside my head a song begins to play over and over. The lyrics resonate. This is a song I need for a specific moment in the play I am currently directing. Beyond that, it is a song that speaks to my personal journey of the moment. I don’t want to forget it. I stumble out of bed and go into the kitchen, unwilling to turn on a light because I know that will end any hope of me going back to sleep any time soon. In the ambient light from the window, I find a piece of paper, but don’t know what is on it. I find a pencil. I flip the paper over, and write with unseeing eyes.

{If you are brave, you can click below to hear a bit of the song I so desperately wanted to remember.}

I return to bed and eventually to sleep.

I share this story, not to torture you with my singing voice (although that was kind of fun) but to illustrate the mysterious way the world provides signs and inspiration when you need it most. Sometimes, though, you have to interpret things. You have to let go of what you think you know and discover something else.

Some of you may have noted that I haven’t been writing here as often lately. There are many reasons for that, but perhaps the biggest thing holding me back has been doubt about my next step. I hit the wall of where to go next in a world where simply publishing one book is not enough; where you can’t just do good work and then let it find its own audience; where the only way to succeed (by other people’s definition of success) involves making lots of money, getting lots of publicity, and basically spending every waking moment working on “success” rather than creating.

I was struggling. I still am.

Yet, as is typical, the universe is filled with possibilities and messages if you are willing to see them. To follow them. To be open to them. To absorb them. To breathe them in and let them lead wherever they go.

I’m trying to do that now.

In my world, it seems, the universe doesn’t like me working on one project at a time. If I plant the seed for one creative project, it blooms into a field of wildflowers that are interconnected but also unique. It seems I thrive and achieve more in that kind of situation than any other. That is when my senses are most open to the unexpected, the surprising, the possibilities.

Flowers in Canada

As exhausting as this can be, it is exhilarating to welcome the unknown into your life. To embrace the unseen sent to you from the universal pool of creative energy that we all have access to if we only allow ourselves to dip into it.

Water Energy

It always fascinates me as my mind makes connections between one project and the other. How an idea for one thing might inspire a new discovery for a different thing. Just like life, inspiration does not move in a straight line, but is rather this incredible web of flowing energy that somehow comes together to create something new.

That’s the journey I’m on at the moment. It’s messy and confusing. At times it is overwhelming and I feel like I will never actually get anything done.

A sketch of how all my projects intersect.

A sketch of how all my projects intersect.

But then I remember that I always get things done . . . and meanwhile I need to focus on the journey not the destination. That is where I find the most joy. That is where I discover the connections that amaze and inspire me. That is where life thrives.


Where do you find inspiration? Does the universe ever send you hidden messages?

Where do you find your P.O.W.ER?