Fourteen steps between what was
and what will be.

Fourteen dreams hesitant dreams of tomorrow
while hugging the teddy bears of the past
in secret.

Fourteen hides inside her room
whispering obscure thoughts
but sometimes opens the door
and invites her family in.

Fourteen has her own opinion
and ideas.
She does not want to be told what to do
or how to do it.
Yet she gets angry when she makes mistakes.

(Fourteen’s mother slowly learns to let go and let grow.)

Emotions coalesce inside fourteen
bubbling around in a multi-flavored stew
bursting out in different forms at the slightest provocation
or change.

Now exuberantly happy.
Now in the depths of despair.
Now in the quietness of confusion.
Now in the babbling silliness of enthusiasm.

So far not in the heartbreak of love.

The flavors of fourteen mix and mingle
into a life that is full of adventure
but also loneliness;
full of possibility
but also fear.

But fourteen has yet to learn of her own strength
and that
even with the unknown
and a world telling her she can’t, she shouldn’t, she won’t
we can see the truth coming out.

She can! She should! She will

(And fourteen’s mother will be there cheering her on!)

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, intelligent daughter! I can’t believe how time has flown, and how much you have grown.  Love “Mumsy”

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