I Will Never Understand

I Will Never Understand

I live in a world of creative intersections
where words come to life
on the page
on the stage.
Where images express emotions
and gestures
symbolize intent.
Where thoughts take form
in poetry
in prose
in movement
in song.
Where ideas live and breathe
through expressions found
in a classroom
a project
a blog post
a picture
a book
a story
a puppet
a movie
a dream.

None of these are exclusive.
They feed each other–
a mass of energy that grows
and breathes
and strengthens itself in a cosmic dance.

And yet . . .
I am constantly told that I must divide it.
I must fit into the group,
or line up with the rules.
I can’t be everything at once.
I must label myself and my ideas.
I can’t talk about one creation in a world
where another one dominates.
I can’t promote my work in one forum
if it varies from the word
the intent
the group
the work of the others.

In a world where the only way to be heard
or seen
or supported
comes from pimping self
or promoting others
I am told to be silent about self.

I celebrate the victories of others
I sing their praises
and promote their work.
I relish the intersections
the connections
the passions
the words and the pictures
the dance


But my voice only matters in the support of others.
My voice must be muffled in support of myself.

I don’t understand.
I will never belong.
I will never fit in.