I Will Not Stay Silent

I Will Not Stay Silent

These words have built in me since I was awoken in the middle of the to discover that the unbelievable had happened.

Half the country chose fear over courage.

Half the country chose hate over love.

Half the country chose greed over kindness.

Half the country chose to believe the lies of a man rather than the falsities told about a woman.

And now many will suffer, except for the wealthy few who can avoid the pain.

I will not stay silent.


I do not accept the results of this fiasco. I know I can’t change it, but I can make damn sure that it doesn’t lead us into the dark hell of being ruled under the unthinking thumb of a maniac.

I will use my voice to stand up for the rights of all those who feel their lives are threatened until my voice carries across the land. I will do this because I am a woman. I am a Jew. I am married to a man of Asian descent. I have a mixed race daughter. I have friends who are LGBTQ. I have friends who are Muslim and black and immigrants from around the world.

I will not stay silent!

I speak for my family.

I speak for my family, I speak for my tribe.

I did not sleep for the rest of the night.

My Facebook feed filled with messages of mourning, of despair, of terror.

But it also contained messages of hope.

I want to be able to focus on those.

But I can’t, because interspersed in those messages are also the “I told you so” messages. The “it should have been Bernie.”

Well I do not accept that. I do not buy into the conspiracy theory that the nomination was stolen from him. Even his campaign  manager said it wasn’t. But if you choose to believe that, fine, still I would have supported him if had the nomination. I voted for the person I believed was most qualified for the job, despite her flaws. I voted for the person who I thought represented the needs of women, and my beliefs about guns and other issues more closely. Sure, I also matched some of his issues more closely, but to me it came down to voting for the person who would fight for all the issues, not just one. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have supported Bernie if he had won the nomination.

Why couldn’t you do that–those saying “I told you so” with such smugness? If you had more concern about his platform and less about blowing up the system I wouldn’t feel as if everything I believe in is about to be destroyed. You are as much to blame as those who chose hate, fear, and greed.

I will not stay silent.

I’m sure there are good people who chose to support this monstrosity that won. I refuse to call him by name, and will refuse to refer to him as president. He is not my president. Sure, if I met him face-to-face, I might show him the respect due his office, but why should I? He will show me no respect. I am a woman, with curves, and weight, and years weighing down my looks. I am a woman who probably surpasses him in intelligence. I am a woman who has faced, like so many others, unwanted sexual advances and unfairness throughout her lifetime. I am a woman whom he would fear, and thus disrespect.

But I will not stay silent.

I will use my voice to spread hope. And that starts by sending a message to those good people who chose fear, hate, and greed. I am sorry that you feel so threatened. I am sorry that you feel like letting others live their lives somehow harms yours. I am sorry that you have not discovered a way into the wonderful diversity of this world. My arms are open to you to bring you into a world that just wants freedom and equality for all, without taking anything from you.

It’s too late to change the results, but–if we raise our voices together–we can make a difference.

I will not stay silent, for the sake of my daughter.


9 thoughts on “I Will Not Stay Silent

  1. It’s going to be a tough 4 years. I see him as a loose cannon, with no real ability to listen to other people. I am extremely concerned about the social and environmental issues under his rule–how those will probably suffer, and they can’t afford to suffer. I’m with you, Lisa.

    • I am beyond concerned and into the realm of terrified, but I am determined. He will do a lot of damage, but we can, with our voices and our hearts, still do a lot of good. I know we are supposed to support the transition, but I am not going to watch people suffer without shouting about it and making sure the world learns that this isn’t over. We’ve come to far to go back.

    • I think I am going to start a new series here on this blog . . . “I will not stay silent” and keep the volume up until we make this horror disappear.

  2. Funny, I never get political on my blog but I posted similarly yesterday – in fact, I said “But today I cannot be silent.” I think so many are feeling this way right now. I love your idea for the series.