Towards a New System

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Every day I get another offer: Learn how to get more customers and work less! Join us for one month free access to amazing thought leaders! Learn how to get high paying speaker engagements! Learn my top 10 secrets to . . . I must be doing something right, as these offers and opportunities flood my feeds and inbox on a daily basis. I appreciate the power of this as a marketing tool. I appreciate that attracting clients and getting … Continue reading “Towards a New System”

An Open Letter to Andra’s Feet

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Dear Tired Tootsies, Surely by now your only thought is “what the bleep is going on?” We’ve been excited to follow Andra’s adventures but little did we consider the carnage hidden beneath Andra’s socks. You are the unsung victims of the Natchez Trace. Poor, poor fugly feet! We sympathize with your agony. You were dragged on this journey without being asked. Head, shoulders, knees and toes though . . . you had to know you wouldn’t get a say. You … Continue reading “An Open Letter to Andra’s Feet”

Magical Collaborations

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It began many months ago, when a Theatre for Young Audiences class at Worcester State University met a group of Worcester Public School Transition Students to explore, through theatre, the differences and connections between them. As a group they explored puppets and movement, dancing and singing, improvisation and games. Together they wrote a script based on imagination and magic. A touch of Madagascar meets The Magic School Bus, with perhaps a strange (unintended) message to the intended audience of children about ignoring … Continue reading “Magical Collaborations”