The Fear of Creative Power

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“What would life be if we had not courage to attempt anything.” Vincent Van Gogh It all started with an advertisement. Yes, my partner in Spark Collaborative and I decided to feed the beast that is Facebook, and post an ad about an upcoming one day workshop we are offering. Word of mouth only goes so far. So we created an ad. As far as ads go, I didn’t think this was aggressive or offensive. In some ways its kind … Continue reading “The Fear of Creative Power”

Unbecoming and Creative Reinvention

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I started blogging years ago, before I started my own website. I embraced it fully. I posted daily, built a following, read other blogs, interacted. It became a focus of my life, and helped me through a very difficult transition period. I actually started it because circumstances led my family away from the home we had built in Durango, CO, and my friends there encouraged me to write as a way to stay connected. It helped me in so many … Continue reading “Unbecoming and Creative Reinvention”