How to Start a Creative Rebellion

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I hear it daily from friends, loved ones, connections on social media–people struggling as they are being pushed back into a “norm” that is far from normal. After over a year of self-reflection, people are leaving their work in droves, partially because of natural trends, but I believe its also because people are starting to realize that there is a brokenness to the society we have built. It’s time for a big change, and it will take a creative rebellion … Continue reading “How to Start a Creative Rebellion”

Changing the World through Performance and Play

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Did you know that there are people around the world who understand the power of creativity, the arts, and collaboration to make real difference in the world? Yes, I’ve been talking about this important power for a while now, but this isn’t about me. My desire to change the world one creative act at a time sits on the foundation of amazing people who have been doing this, in their own way, for years. Their is a community of artists, … Continue reading “Changing the World through Performance and Play”

Embracing a Non-Traditional Career

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I am the first to admit it, anyone looking at my LinkedIn Profile or resume will probably scratch their head and say–who is this person? How does she fit in? I have a feeling that many of you can relate to this problem. When I decided it was time to leave academia and move onto something new, I applied for all kinds of traditional roles. Roles that I know that I can do. Roles that would have asked me to … Continue reading “Embracing a Non-Traditional Career”

New Beginnings, New Opportunities, New Connections

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We made it to 2021! For me, the arbitrariness of the New Year doesn’t really change much. Still, it always becomes a reflection about the past 12 months, and a moment to dream of the future. We cannot deny that 2020 was a really bizarre, difficult year. We’ve all lost a lot. We’ve all experienced waves of emotion that range from utter defeat, to sadness, to anger, to joy, and everything in between. Some people achieved surprising success–finding agents, publishing … Continue reading “New Beginnings, New Opportunities, New Connections”

Unbecoming and Creative Reinvention

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I started blogging years ago, before I started my own website. I embraced it fully. I posted daily, built a following, read other blogs, interacted. It became a focus of my life, and helped me through a very difficult transition period. I actually started it because circumstances led my family away from the home we had built in Durango, CO, and my friends there encouraged me to write as a way to stay connected. It helped me in so many … Continue reading “Unbecoming and Creative Reinvention”