Re-Defining My Life: A New Beginning

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I am re-designing my life. In December, 2019, I began a journey into letting go of old definitions of self, and discovering new paths. During a sometimes painful but always insightful process, I learned that–for a long time–I had been living a life defined by pretty much everyone but myself. I wore some of those definitions like constrictive clothing, and a I longed for a new wardrobe. I began the hard work on myself, with the help of a Kick … Continue reading “Re-Defining My Life: A New Beginning”

Re-Creating the World

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I don’t know what made me think that transitioning careers during a pandemic was a good idea. Still, I chose this path, and I am committed to letting go of who I was to become who I truly want to be. The only problem is, that in order to do that, I might first have to help re-create the world. Maybe that’s the transition that I have been looking for, but its a big job. Allow me to re-introduce myself. … Continue reading “Re-Creating the World”