The Power of Community

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We live in a world where more can be accomplished if we work together than if we stand alone.¬† That is a lesson that I am slowly coming to learn, and that more of us need to learn. It doesn’t work, however, if we are working together for selfish reasons–if the goal is only about personal gain instead of benefiting self and others. I know what I sound like politically, but I really do believe this. I believe that we … Continue reading “The Power of Community”

The Power of Social Networking

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I have yet to learn how to harness this power to the utmost. To be honest I’m not sure I want to. I already spend way too much time distracting myself with technology, and yet feel like I am never quite doing it correctly. When I switched over from the original¬† Woman Wielding Words site (on WordPress) to my own self-hosted site, I lost some of my social network (although over time I gained many back plus more)–but I never … Continue reading “The Power of Social Networking”