How to Start a Creative Rebellion

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I hear it daily from friends, loved ones, connections on social media–people struggling as they are being pushed back into a “norm” that is far from normal. After over a year of self-reflection, people are leaving their work in droves, partially because of natural trends, but I believe its also because people are starting to realize that there is a brokenness to the society we have built. It’s time for a big change, and it will take a creative rebellion … Continue reading “How to Start a Creative Rebellion”

Creativity Breeds Creativity

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I’ve felt it happen hundreds of times. Put a group of people in a room together. Give them a creative project to work on –one with a clear goal but the flexibility for them to take ownership and make it something new. Give them encouragement and support . . . and magic happens. The air crackles with creative energy. Even the most reluctant participants find themselves taken in by the energy. Of course, first you must draw them away from … Continue reading “Creativity Breeds Creativity”