The Fear of Creative Power

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“What would life be if we had not courage to attempt anything.” Vincent Van Gogh It all started with an advertisement. Yes, my partner in Spark Collaborative and I decided to feed the beast that is Facebook, and post an ad about an upcoming one day workshop we are offering. Word of mouth only goes so far. So we created an ad. As far as ads go, I didn’t think this was aggressive or offensive. In some ways its kind … Continue reading “The Fear of Creative Power”

Gateless: The Power of Positive Feedback

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We have been raised to believe that criticism is the only way to learn and grow. It occurs everywhere. Red marks on school papers. Annual reviews. Critical analysis of books, plays, artwork–anything we produce that can be judged by others. Criticism comes from outside sources, but also from that voice in your own head telling you that your work will never live up to some supreme ideal. Some people thrive on criticism, becoming more and more determined to prove everyone … Continue reading “Gateless: The Power of Positive Feedback”

Learning Literary and Life Lessons #NESCBWI14

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“Because I wasn’t mad I saw something beautiful. I saw a color I had never seen before.” (Peter Reynolds) In his keynote address at the NESCBWI conference yesterday, Peter Reynolds–award-winning author and illustrator of North Star, The Dot,  and Ish–shared his philosophies on writing, life, art and the way he creates. The above quote comes from a story he told about his (then) young daughter pouring water over his entire paint set thereby creating a color he could not describe. That color, eventually, made … Continue reading “Learning Literary and Life Lessons #NESCBWI14”

Show Don’t Tell, From Page to Stage Version

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Each of my young students has a magic invisible box.  I gave it to them a couple of classes ago, after they did excellent jobs at whatever the activity of the day was. These boxes can grow or shrink to hold anything imaginable in them. They come when called, or can be stored in a pocket. When they are opened, each student can pull out their dreams or their nightmares, things to make us laugh or things to make us … Continue reading “Show Don’t Tell, From Page to Stage Version”