What Can I Do?

What Can I Do?

Today I’ve received numerous requests from people to call government officials about various issues surrounding this election. As much as I realize how important it is to make those phone calls, the thought of doing it made my stomach ache and my heart palpitate. It’s strange, I know, but for some reason I hate talking to strangers on the phone. I’ve done it plenty of times, I even used to work as a receptionist at various places, but when it comes to important conversations this is one area where my unreasonable fears take over.

I’m fine face-to-face. I’m fine in written words. I just hate the phone.


This started me thinking about what I can do over the coming months and years to make a difference. I often feel like I don’t do enough. As brave as I can be in certain situations, there are others where I let my fears get in the way. I am surrounded by women (and men) who stand up bravely every day, in powerful ways, and I think, “I should be doing that.” But I don’t, not always.

The truth, though, is that everyone has their strengths, and everyone can do things that make a difference. I have been doing that all along, I just don’t always recognize it. I may not be able to make huge donations to causes. I may not be able to make those dreaded phone calls but there is a lot I can do, and many things I already have done and continue to do.

So what are they?

  • I can continue to teach with passion, encouraging my students to question, challenge, and speak out against oppression of all types.
  • I can continue to mentor young women to recognize the powers they carry within them.
  • I can continue to advocate for people with disabilities, immigrants, and causes I believe in.
  • I can create theatre for social change programs that teach empathy and encourage discussion.
  • I can lead more workshops in writing and creativity, encouraging people to share their personal stories loudly and proudly.
  • I can continue to write, whether novels, stories, blogs, or non-fiction books that challenge the system while reminding us what we have in common.
  • I can use my skills as a theatre artist/director/stage manager to help create productions and performances that advocate for change and celebrate diversity.
  • I can write letters to the editor, and emails to public figures, to make sure all our voices are heard.
  • I can be a sounding board for people who need to talk or express their fears.
  • I can be a protector, for people who afraid.
  • I can start doing more P.O.W.ER talks, because those are all about empowering women.

That’s a lot.

Maybe I can’t make those phone calls, but I can definitely make my voice be heard, and help others find their own voices.

Images from my projects creating collaborations between college students and transition students.

Images from my projects creating collaborations between college students and transition students.

What can you do? Please share in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “What Can I Do?

  1. I’ve been thinking those same thoughts lately. Too often, it seems like one person can’t make a difference, but I really believe that everything we do makes a difference. I’ve been signing a lot of petitions lately. There’s one that gives me a tiny bit of hope, if the Electoral College would decide to go with the popular vote in Dec, and millions have signed it already. Another way to amplify our voices is by joining nonprofit groups, especially environmental groups or whatever cause you care about most, because the government is more likely to pay attention to groups like that. All of this made me realize we need to stand up for what we believe in more often. So keep doing all that you do – because one person does make a difference – all the time.

    • Thanks for the comment. I am trying not to hold up hope for the Electoral College, because it would frankly crush me if I put too much faith in that and nothing happened. However, I do believe that one person can make a difference. At the same time, we need, more than ever, to all come together and doing our small parts in a massive outpouring of love and care, because that will be the only way we all make it through.

      • I’m still holding out hope for the Electoral College to vote along with the popular vote because without that hope, I just might have a nervous breakdown. 🙂 I agree we need to come together, but to do that we need a President who will bring people together. No matter what though, I’ll keep turning to love while doing all that can be done for the environment.

        • I get that. I have a secret hope tucked deep inside, but . . . I am so close to nervous breakdown already I don’t know that it will help.

          Yay love and the environment.