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Lisa A. Kramer: Woman Wielding Words

Welcome to my creative space, where I believe words have power, we can change the world by sharing stories,imagination is valuable, and that my voice will not be silenced.

Please join me here. Turn the pages to find my my blog and links to my books. Discover workshops I lead, and creative collaborations. Read and contribute guest posts. Maybe even make a comment or two or a zillion. Everyone is welcome! I look forward to hearing your stories.

My Writing


P.O.W. ER : In a world where access to the written word is reserved to men, Andra BetScrivener has been able to read and write ever since she was a little girl without anyone teaching her. Join her as she uses her abilities to bring freedom and change to an oppressed society.

 Creative Collaborations through Inclusive Theatre and Community Based Learning: Students in Transition

Creative Collaborations through Inclusive Theatre and Community Based Learning: Students in Transition : Share the stories of a collaboration between two educators who believe that learning is enhanced when it reaches beyond the confines of the classroom, and brings in creative approaches.


THEME-THOLOGY: INVASION : Watch the skies. Watch the least creatures beneath your feet. Watch the border. Most of all, watch yourself. Invasion is fifteen flavors of fear.


THEME-THOLOGY: DAY I DIED : Death isn’t always an end. Meet a woman who is saved by medical science — too well. Spend the day with a man who is guaranteed resurrection but must spend every lifetime with a crazy person. Ten stories by ten authors, all exploring the death of a main character.


THEME-THOLOGY: Real World UNREAL: : 13 Stories by Theme-Thology authors, which expose the unreal parts of your supposedly real world. Meet the other Queen of England. Mourn the boy who didn’t die. Find out how foreign another country can be. Real World Unreal where the real world takes a hard jog to the left.

Everyone’s A Critic

“Everyone’s a Critic” (Co-written with Doug Cooney and Morgan Greene), Feature Article, TYA Today (Fall 2014): 8-13

Looks at the role of theatre criticism in TYA, from the perspectives of both the artists and the critics.

Let’s Talk About Sex

“Let’s Talk About Sex”, Feature Article, TYA Today (Spring 2013): 7-13.

This is a shot of the index page with my article listed. The picture is of Felix Teich and Ian Shain in Boston Children's Theatre's World Premiere production of REFLECTIONS OF A ROCK LOBSTER by Burgess Clark based on the book by Aaron Fricke. Although I didn't get the whole image in the shot, the photo is by Saglio Photography, Inc.

“Picture a darkened theatre filled with an audience of both children and adults. When the lights come up the audience sees a gigantic balloon of a nude woman that almost fills the stage. As music builds, this mother figure gives birth to the characters who will then share a story through movement, sound, and no real words.”

 Creativity and Leadership

“Creativity and Leadership,” Listen Magazine, March, 2008: 20-21.

You like writing, painting, acting, or playing an instrument but it seems like all the people around you prefer partying, dating, sports, and shopping.  Does that mean you’re weird? Destined to be alone and always different?  No!  It means that you have skills, talent, and a creative way of looking at life that you can use to change the world!

“Everybody hates me,” Julia says in a drama workshop at G.O.A.L, (Girl’s Opportunities through Arts Leadership).  Why would she say that, I ask myself?  She makes interesting choices in her improvisations, including playing a person with multiple personalities.  In a writing exercise, she creates her version of a Japanese anime with a gruesome sword fight.  Someday, I believe, she is going to be a great writer.

 Fear No Audience

“Fear No Audience,” Listen Magazine, February, 2007: 22-23.

You worked on your presentation all night.  It’s good, you think.  You take a step toward the front of the class, and suddenly your legs are spaghetti.  Your hands feel clammy, your stomach turns somersaults, and your heart pounds loudly.  You are convinced that you are about to make a complete fool of yourself.  You have stage fright.

Everyone has to speak in front of others at some point in his/her life.  Even the most experienced performers, young and old, can get nervous.  Sir Ian McKellen, who played Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, described a mid-career experience with stage fright:  “[I was] unable to say the lines, unable even to walk offstage, I longed for the proverbial trapdoor to open and release me [. . .].”

If even professional actors can get it, how can you deal with stage fright?

In Search of the Performance

“In Search of the Performance, Hålogaland Theatre, Norway.” TYA Today. 13 (2000): 12-13.

ASSITEJ ConferenceI went into my first show at the ASSITEJ World Congress not knowing what to expect. Before the show, the audience members sat around talking to each other, just as we do in the United States. However, the show began a little differently then I expected. The lights did not dim, and no curtain was raised. Instead a man walked onto the stage and began vacuuming. Eventually we noticed him and he noticed us. . . .


Silence, Noise, and Action

By Lisa KramerAugust 15, 2017Comments Off

Of course I know that silence in the face of injustice, hatred, bigotry, racism, and evil supports the oppressors. I understand that we cannot turn a blind eye to the faults in our society, ourselves, and our culture. But, I’ve been struggling lately, as I am surrounded by noise. I don’t mean actual noise. It’s...

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Fighting Evil

By Lisa KramerAugust 14, 2017Comments Off

I witness the world crumbling around me and I am silent, screaming voiceless to a world that does not listen or understand. My pale skin covers bone, sinew, organs, and blood; blood that carries the DNA of Judaism, a DNA of pain. I know that I must find my voice and the strength to fight...

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A New First

By Lisa KramerMarch 10, 20178

I am a little late posting this, but on February 16, 2017 I did my first television interview as an author. I failed to mention my more recent publication (Creative Collaborations . . . ) which is probably a publicity fail, but we talked a lot about P.O.W.ER, the talented Jackie Haltom, and other projects. I...

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Today We Wear Red: A Day without Women

By Lisa KramerMarch 8, 2017Comments Off

Today we wear red, because so many women cannot simply take a day off, stop working, ignore their responsibilities . . . But that is just the point. Without women, this world would not function. We are the nurturers, the organizers, the mothers, the caregivers, the educators. We are the doctors, the lawyers, the governors,...

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What it Means to be Jewish in a World Filled with Hate

By Lisa KramerFebruary 28, 2017Comments Off

It is happening daily now. Antisemitic attacks. Jewish cemeteries vandalized. JCCs threatened with bomb threats. It is a real thing. And, although they deny it, it is coming from the top-tier of the government. It stems from fostering hatred against anyone who has been considered Other (Muslims, immigrants, people of color, trans people, gays, etc.)...

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By Lisa KramerFebruary 15, 20172

Fourteen steps between what was and what will be. Fourteen dreams hesitant dreams of tomorrow while hugging the teddy bears of the past in secret. Fourteen hides inside her room whispering obscure thoughts but sometimes opens the door and invites her family in. Fourteen has her own opinion and ideas. She does not want to be...

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To Those Who Said “You Don’t March for Me”

By Lisa KramerJanuary 23, 20179

Dear Women: There are some who said we did not march for all women, but only for women who think the same way as everyone at the march. In a crowd that numbered millions (across the world), I doubt we all had the same thoughts on every issue. I know my thoughts were everywhere as...

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The In Between Time

By Lisa KramerJanuary 5, 20172

I am in the “in between” . . . The time between the beginning of the new year and the beginning of another semester. The time between the end of a government that gave me hope and the beginning of a government that riddles me with fear. The time between the person I was, and...

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Thoughts on ALLEGIANCE and the Man Who Will Never be My President

By Lisa KramerDecember 14, 20162

What does it mean to give someone or something allegiance? In this country, we are asked to do this whenever we recite the pledge. By definition, it means we are giving our loyalty to some cause, nation, or ruler. But what happens when that cause, nation, or ruler turns against us? What happens when it...

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Bullies Win . . . Because we Let Them.

By Lisa KramerDecember 7, 20164

My daughter is in 8th grade. She plays the saxophone, and this year as a pre-freshman she was asked to join the high school marching band. She loved it. She worked hard, practiced a lot, and improved as a musician. Recently, she was assigned the 1st part in the music she is learning for the...

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Letters, Stories, and Future Projects

By Lisa KramerDecember 1, 2016Comments Off

I failed #NaNoWriMo this year. It’s not that I didn’t write, but that my writing was all over the place, as were my emotions as I reacted to . . . well, you know what I reacted to. I am disappointed with myself, but I also know that my heart wasn’t in it. I found...

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What Lists am I On?

By Lisa KramerNovember 22, 2016Comments Off

Did you hear about the new website called Professor Watchlist that seeks to “expose and document” professors who supposedly “discriminate against conservative students, promote anti-American values and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”? Yes . . . it’s a thing. While my name is (not yet) on there, I tend to ask students to question...

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Racist Does not Mean Dumb or Deplorable

By Lisa KramerNovember 21, 2016Comments Off

“The people America has forgotten about are the ones who voted for Donald Trump. It does not matter if you agree with Trump. It does not matter if you believe that these people voted for a candidate who won’t actually help them. What matters is that the red electoral college map was a scream for...

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Please Don’t Judge Me by the Color of My Skin

By Lisa KramerNovember 16, 2016Comments Off

My skin tiny spots of pink and brown red and yellow blending together into the palest of pale. I am white. Please don’t judge me by the color of my skin. “Your complexion is beautiful” I have been told but now I see the weary lines of age, of worry, of fear etched into my...

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What Can I Do?

By Lisa KramerNovember 14, 20164

Today I’ve received numerous requests from people to call government officials about various issues surrounding this election. As much as I realize how important it is to make those phone calls, the thought of doing it made my stomach ache and my heart palpitate. It’s strange, I know, but for some reason I hate talking...

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Small Symbols, Big Intent

By Lisa KramerNovember 13, 2016Comments Off

I woke this morning angry. I decided not to write with that anger, because I truly want to move forward finding ways to make change that put positive energy into the world. It does no good for me to go on the attack. But now, I find myself needing to write in anger again. Why?...

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Protest but Not Denial

By Lisa KramerNovember 11, 20162

I just had an interesting conversation with an old friend. She reached out to me about my post yesterday with this comment: . . .  as upset as I am with the election results, I’m kind of more upset with people who don’t accept them. If it had gone the other way and trump supporters...

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By Lisa KramerNovember 10, 20161

I just discovered that #NotMyPresident is a thing. It comes from the protests around the country, protests that are not the normal thing after an election. I used the phrase myself, in my first post after the news struck. Was that a moment of simultaneous thought spanning across time, or did someone borrow a phrase...

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I Will Not Stay Silent

By Lisa KramerNovember 9, 20169

These words have built in me since I was awoken in the middle of the to discover that the unbelievable had happened. Half the country chose fear over courage. Half the country chose hate over love. Half the country chose greed over kindness. Half the country chose to believe the lies of a man rather...

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When Words Sing: A Review of ECHO by Pam Muñoz Ryan

By Lisa KramerSeptember 26, 2016Comments Off

I close the book with tears in my eyes. Tears of joy and hope, because of a story that comes full circle. Tears of sadness and fear, because the words of historical fiction too closely reflect similar word being spouted as political rhetoric today. Aching tears because of the beauty of words blended together in...

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Sometimes You Just Need to Rant

By Lisa KramerSeptember 14, 20162

I had every intention this morning of getting some quality work done. I planned on browsing through middle grade novels, in search of the perfect agent possibilities and perhaps even submitting to some of those agents in my (frustrating) search for the magic needle in the haystack–a person with whom I connect who will find...

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Richness and Brutality: A Review of MOTHER NILE by Warren Adler

By Lisa KramerSeptember 5, 20166

More and more often lately, I have been offered a free copy of a book in exchange for an honest review. I don’t accept every offer,  sometimes because a book doesn’t interest me, sometimes because I don’t have time, and sometimes because I don’t feel that an honest review will be welcomed. Still, I love...

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Another Step–Be Yourself

By Lisa KramerAugust 9, 20162

I walked into the movie theater and bought a ticket for the next movie starting no matter what it was. I’ve done this before, usually at art houses that play unusual films, but I haven’t done it for a long time. There is something wonderful about sitting alone in a movie theater, waiting for a...

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Learning to be Brave

By Lisa KramerAugust 7, 20165

“Be brave. Be creative.” Poet, performance artist, photographer, and sculptor Vanessa German said these words as part of her keynote address at the Children’s Theatre Foundation of America’s medallion event at the American Alliance for Theatre Education (AATE) conference I attended last week. (Whew, what a mouthful). I cried through her entire speech. I cried...

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To Sarah on her Thirteenth Birthday

By Lisa KramerFebruary 15, 20162

Dear Sarah, When I was thirteen I stepped upon the bima to become a Bat Mitzvah–singing with my heart and soul as I became a woman in the eyes of Judaism. As a family we decided not to have you do that, because your Daddy and I have tried to raise you to see the world...

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When Do You Stop Reading?

By Lisa KramerJanuary 24, 20162

I ran into a little snafu with my plan to read and review all the books on the short list for the Sarton Literary Award . . . what do I do if I don’t like a book? I tend to only write reviews for books that I feel I can give 4 or 5 stars to–books...

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Sharing the Honor: A Review of Stella Rose

By Lisa KramerJanuary 18, 20162

I work in a competitive field–or actually, many competitive fields (theatre, writing, academia). Yet, I’ve never been good at the competition thing. I believe in giving helping hands to people, and encouraging them to achieve their dreams. In particular, I believe that women need to help women. In a world which is still ruled by...

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Some P.O.W.ERful News

By Lisa KramerJanuary 11, 201612

Hi Friends! I know, it has been a while. I have no excuses. A combination of realities merged together to make me quiet in the world of social media and blogging. I know, for a person that claims to want to make it in the world of writing, that is considered a faux pas, but...

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Tales of a Theatre Director/Educator

By Lisa KramerNovember 12, 20154

I am sitting in my Introduction to Theatre classroom, showing the movie “Show Business: Road to Broadway.” The picture is a little warped, as I can’t use the regular video screen/projector, but instead I have it projecting on a swash of silky fabric that is intended to be a shadow screen for the play I...

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The Reason for Silence

By Lisa KramerNovember 9, 20156

Why does a writer stop writing? Why does an artist stop arting? (I know, “arting” isn’t a word but I can make up words if I want to.) Why does a creator stop creating? I’m sure many of you think you know the answer to these questions. Many of you will immediately leap to a word...

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Where Memories Meet: A Book Review

By Lisa KramerOctober 31, 20152

It took me a long time to read this book . . . but that’s not a bad thing. Christine M. Grote, author of Where Memories Meet: Reclaiming My Father after Alzheimer’s, asked me to read and respond to her book because she knew that, in some ways, we had been on similar journeys. Her father passed...

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I Will Never Understand

By Lisa KramerOctober 28, 2015Comments Off

I live in a world of creative intersections where words come to life on the page on the stage. Where images express emotions and gestures symbolize intent. Where thoughts take form in poetry in prose in movement in song. Where ideas live and breathe through expressions found in a classroom a project a blog post a...

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One of My Creative Caps

By Lisa KramerOctober 28, 2015Comments Off

Hi everyone! In case you are interested in the project that has taken up much of my time lately (so writing isn’t really happening) here is an interview with me about Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) which I am directing for Worcester State University. I hope anyone within driving distance will come see this fun...

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An Open Letter to Elizabeth Gilbert

By Lisa KramerOctober 26, 2015Comments Off

Dear Elizabeth, I hope you don’t mind me calling you by your first name. It seems too formal to call you Ms. Gilbert, when I’m writing a letter explaining why you and I should be friends. No, don’t worry . . . this isn’t a stalkery kind of letter. I picture our friendship as the...

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Life as a Renaissance Woman

By Lisa KramerOctober 17, 2015Comments Off

I sat at a table filled with my first year studies seminar students in the POD (our campus’ main dining hall) and we just talked. The original plan was that we would hold part of our class in there, but I realized that many of these students needed time to talk about other life issues–how...

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My Personal Mountain Day

By Lisa KramerOctober 7, 20153

The bells chimed early this morning at my alma mater, signalling a day off–a day to enjoy nature, celebrate fall, take a break from papers, work, stress and the daily grind. The echo of the ringing bells reaches across distances, reverberating through the internet and social media. “Today is Mountain Day!” The bells chime loudly, beckoning...

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Connecting the Dots of Inspiration

By Lisa KramerSeptember 18, 2015Comments Off

It’s the middle of the night. I wake up suddenly. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was one of the usual bizarre dreams that walk the fine line between fascinating and terrifying. Or perhaps it was the raucous call of an animal (a turkey? a fox?) in search of something. Jasper wakes up and rushes...

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New Beginnings

By Lisa KramerSeptember 14, 20156

L’shana tova! I  may not be a very religious Jew, but still this time of the year is my new beginning. Perhaps it comes from the fact that I’ve never really left school, so September starts a new cycle of students/classes/ideas/dreams. Or it is the taste of apples and honey, a tradition I still practice,...

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Let’s Just Stop

By Lisa KramerSeptember 9, 20152

There’s an old theory, whether true or not, that there is no such thing as bad publicity. I’m beginning to think it is true, and that truth disturbs me more than you can imagine.   We live in a world where information (true or not, good or bad, reliable or crazy) is accessible at our...

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Life On My Own Terms: A Personal Manifesto

By Lisa KramerAugust 25, 20156

Do you ever feel like you can’t win for losing? Do you ever feel like you are lacking, in some significant way, the Je ne sais quois that will allow you into the winner’s circle . . . that you are destined to stand on the outside forever, toes just dipping over the line? Sometimes those feelings...

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Celebrating Our Unique Powers: The Gift of Inspiring Others by Kate Johnston

By Lisa KramerAugust 24, 201543

I think I first met Kate at 4am. Literally. I was wandering through a period of insomnia while I struggled to figure out how writing, creativity, and dreams could fit into my life when I finally gave up and sought solace in the world of blogs. That’s when I found my way to 4amWriter. I...

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Why I’ll Never Be Cool

By Lisa KramerJuly 28, 20158

Do you ever feel like you are caught in a cycle of trying to fit in with the “cool kids” and never quite making it? It’s like you are trapped in a never-ending vortex of middle-school/high school hell. I find myself in that place often . . . struggling to feel like I belong, like I...

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A Review of SINGULARITY: Psychology, Terror, and the Power of the Mind

By Lisa KramerJuly 19, 2015Comments Off

“Pulvis et umbra sumus {We are but dust and shadows}” –Horace When Helena Hann-Basquiat asked if anyone would be interested in reading an advanced copy of Singularity I jumped at the opportunity, despite the fact that I have limited time to read/write/think/create this summer. Why? Because I love the way these collaborators work, and the beauty...

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What I’m Learning this Summer

By Lisa KramerJuly 15, 20154

Summertime. An opportunity to spend more time outdoors. A season of cookouts, swimming, family adventures, good books and laziness. Unless you are me and my family. We spend our summers at a summer stock theater, putting up 9 shows in 10 weeks (plus 4 shows for young audiences in a separate space). We’ve been coming...

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What I did on my Summer Vacation by Helena-Hann Basquiat

By Lisa KramerJune 24, 201515

It has been a while since we have celebrated anyone’s unique powers, but I am thrilled to be able to celebrate Helena Hann-Basquiat, the voice behind Memoirs of a Dilettante, Volumes I & II, plus the fabulous Shakespeare-esque play Penelope, and the chilling Jessica (all links can be found below). I can’t wait to read...

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Singularity Cover Reveal: The Power of Community, Support, and Social Media

By Lisa KramerJune 18, 2015Comments Off

While the act of writing might be a solitary one, in the modern world of books the reality is that in order to succeed even the most talented author needs help. Sure, those with more traditional contracts have teams of support (if they are lucky) from editing to publicity , but there is no guarantee....

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How to Write Terrible Characters

By Lisa KramerJune 11, 20154

I’m not talking about the characters we love to hate–they are usually layered and intriguing. I’m not talking about the characters who seduce you into believing they are charming and good but then reveal their inner demons. I believe that darkness and evil hide itself in beauty sometimes, that’s what makes it so fascinating. I...

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Nature’s Stories: A Poem

By Lisa KramerJune 5, 20152

I listen to the stories in languages unknown the croaks, the caws, the whispers, the stillness of a stone. The heartbeat of nature is filled with wild tales of love, of loss, of adventure, of mysteries to unveil. Yet one must learn to hear them or strive to understand for the future of humanity lies hidden...

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Another Chance to Win

By Lisa KramerJune 2, 2015Comments Off

Visit my interview over at 4 Am Writer today, and get a chance to win a copy of P.O.W.ER. Don’t forget to leave a comment celebrating your own unique abilities. Don’t forget yesterday’s amazing giveaway as well. Summer is the time to read!    

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Summertime and the Reading is Easy!

By Lisa KramerJune 1, 20152

If you are anything like me, your summer will be a combination of extra busy times, family fun, moments of relaxation, and stolen moments of creativity. And, of course, books, books, and more books . . . reading by a pool, reading by a lake, reading in a hammock, reading on the couch in during a...

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A P.O.W.ERful Update

By Lisa KramerMay 25, 20158

I just spent the weekend celebrating my 25th college reunion with my daughter, surrounded by the incredibly talent, passionate, and amazing women who attended Smith College. The theme for our class was “We are All Wonder Women” which I loved, although I do find the idea of striving to be Wonder Woman a complicated one....

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Books: The Story of When You Are

By Lisa KramerMay 18, 2015Comments Off

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. To be honest, I’ve been doing much more reading than writing. I know I should be writing, I know that becoming a “successful” writer means you must go beyond your first book. I still have many stories to tell, but at  the moment those stories are a...

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On the Loss of Wordless Love

By Lisa KramerMay 15, 201516

A dog-shaped hole fills my heart as silence fills the house. She is not here to follow my every move in the hopes I will succumb to the begging mind-control eyes that say “Love me, give me a treat!” She will no longer push away anything that separates her from her goal of becoming my...

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The Power of Being Me: Learning, Creating and Becoming

By Lisa KramerMay 13, 20154

Over the past few weeks many of my college students (especially the ones coming closer to graduation) have been coming to me panicked that they don’t know what they want to do with their lives, and haven’t figured out a plan for what comes next. One is freaking out because her grades are not good enough for...

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Something Has to Change . . . And It’s Not Her Clothes

By Lisa KramerMay 5, 201527

Look closely at this picture. By modern standards, at least one (if not all three) of these young women would have been sent home from the prom. When she gets to the prom and starts dancing, the one in green will remove the slightly scratchy lace jacket to reveal mint green spaghetti straps. She chose...

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A Letter from My Brain on Creativity, Writing, and Achieving Dreams

By Lisa KramerMay 1, 20152

Dear Lisa, Stop! Stop thinking so much. Stop trying to control your creative process, and give yourself a break. You know, deep inside, that the creative process can’t be forced. When have you ever been able to lasso those imaginative forces and wrangle them into control? Never, that’s when. Your creativity comes from being inspired, when...

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The Power of Spirit

By Lisa KramerApril 25, 20152

Once upon a time in the land between a young spirit was born. She sparkled with energy and light, and exuded warmth and comfort. She zipped around the world between asking questions, challenging answers, sharing stories, and wanting to know everything there was possible to know. One day, as she was in search of something new...

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The Power of a Positive Message

By Lisa KramerApril 22, 20158

Every time I make a new presentation I discover something new about myself, my book, and my own goals for this journey I am on. Every time I make a new presentation I am surprised, challenged, and inspired. Yesterday I was hosted by the Providence College Women’s Studies Program to present a talk to some...

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Lessons of an Independent Author: The Power of Inspiration

By Lisa KramerApril 10, 20158

This post might also be subtitled: Lessons I Learned from Andra Watkins-Author I confess that I haven’t been to a lot of author events or book readings, unless you count my attendance at two SCBWI conferences.  I have attended a lot of talks and presentations by theatre people who write, but rarely do I attend...

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Finding Power through the Pain: A Review of Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor

By Lisa KramerApril 8, 201516

One of the first gifts blogging gave me was my friendship with the wonderful, talented, and amazing Kathy McCullough, who I met through her powerful words and beautiful art at her (somewhat defunct) blog Reinventing the Event Horizon. You can now find her enjoying life and creating idiomArt while living as an ex-pat in Cuenca, Ecuador....

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I Yearn for Music

By Lisa KramerApril 7, 201511

Now for something different. Inspired partly by Lizzi Roger’s journey into Spoken Word over at Hasty Words a while back, partly by the fact that April is National Poetry Month, partly by the fact that I have been struggling with prose lately, and partly by the desire to challenge myself, I’ve created this for your listening/reading pleasure...

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The Value of Me

By Lisa KramerApril 3, 20152

In my heart I know I should be working on the next book project. Or perhaps I should be working on articles and essays for submission to some of the places that actually pay for me to follow my passion. Or maybe I should be sending my resume/CV out into the world to create speaking/teaching/directing/writing opportunities....

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The Power of the Unreliable Narrator: A Review of Memoirs of a Dilettante, Volume One

By Lisa KramerApril 3, 20152

One of the things I struggle with when reading memoir is trusting the narrator. That may seem strange because the very nature of memoir implies that it is being written from the person who lived the experience, through their honest and perceptive eyes. But let’s be honest, we all view our lives in retrospect, and...

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In Search of Inspiration: Thoughts from a Coffee Shop

By Lisa KramerMarch 28, 20152

Why do we write? Why do we create? Why is my life guided by this nebulous passion to share stories through creative means, when there is (minimal) hope that I will ever get rich or anyone really cares? Any creative person goes through these periods of doubt at times. The doubt consumes us  and we find ourselves...

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The Power of Hate: Antisemitism, Racism, and Legal Discrimination

By Lisa KramerMarch 27, 20152

Did you know I am going to hell? I am, there’s no denying it. (Unless, of course, you question the existence of hell–but that’s a whole other issue). I’m probably going to hell for numerous reasons, but I am destined for the land of fiery torture. I know because the first time I was told...

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Lessons of an Independent Author: Book Store Signings (Part 2)–The Human Element

By Lisa KramerMarch 23, 201513

Several people have asked how I did it? How did I, an unknown author with a debut novel, no publicist, and an extremely limited budget get onto the calendar at bookstores? I wish I could say I knew the magic spell–that I could wave my wand like Hermione and make my books appear on shelves...

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Lessons of an Independent Author: Bookstore Signings

By Lisa KramerMarch 23, 201512

I suppose the people with the big names and the big contracts get to have the dream signings at a bookstore. You know, the ones you see in the movies, where people gather around wine and discussion all because of one author. Perhaps it is a reading as well, but the author is treated as...

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Words Matter

By Lisa KramerMarch 22, 20154

Freedom of Speech. That has become the catch phrase lately for anyone to say anything they want, especially hateful, abusive, discriminatory, sexist things. It has become the fall back defense for people who think their right to say and do whatever they want trumps other people’s rights to feel safe and secure from harassment and...

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Celebrating Our Unique Powers: Vanquisher of Chaos by Lisa Listwa

By Lisa KramerMarch 19, 201531

I am excited to have another Celebrating Our Unique Powers post today, especially since my power over words seems to have utterly failed me this week. I have many things started (posts, short stories, novels, poems) but can’t seem to get anywhere with them. As I mentioned in a post last week, perhaps this is...

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Ten Things of Thankful #6: The Birthday Edition

By Lisa KramerMarch 14, 201526

Happy Pi Day! Happy Birthday to me. A great excuse to eat pie. A great day to look back for a moment and think about TToT for life. 1. I was trying to capture a picture to include in this post, when my daughter wandered in to snuggle with me for a moment . . ....

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The Power of Time: Reflections on Growing Older, Lying Fallow, and Living a Creative Life

By Lisa KramerMarch 13, 201510

Time moves in mysterious ways. It is not consistent, nor is it logical. We try to control it with clocks and watches and the insanity of daylight savings, but in reality time is an uncontrollable force. Tomorrow, March 14th I celebrate another year of life–another cycle of my existence on this earth. It’s hard to...

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Lessons of An Independent Author: The Power of Deadlines

By Lisa KramerMarch 11, 20154

When I am working in the theatre, whether as a director or teaching classes or other creative projects, my projects are usually finite. I know when the show must go up, whether or not it is ready. Sometimes . . . often . . . this can lead to frenzied days of creative energy and...

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The Power of Creating Your Own Path

By Lisa KramerMarch 10, 20152

The first day I saw this billboard, my mind yelled,”THAT’S IT!” I can’t honestly say my voice didn’t follow. It is quite possible that I sang out in the car. I have seen numerous billboards put up by values.com and liked many of them, but for some reason this particular one really speaks to me....

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International Women’s Day: A Powerful Message

By Lisa KramerMarch 8, 20152

Once in a while I get a review about P.O.W.ER that I find disturbing. I’m not talking about negative reactions to the story or the writing (painful as those may be) but reviews written by young women (it seems) who are responding to what they see as an implausible concept–the idea that there could possibly be a...

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The Power of Invisible Connections: A Review of ORDER OF SEVEN by Beth Teliho

By Lisa KramerMarch 6, 201511

Beth Teliho’s debut novel, ORDER OF SEVEN brings together rich description, powerful imagery, sensual language, and fascinating glimpses of true history mixed with fantastical legends that offer explanations about some of the biggest mysteries of human kind. It is a book that I will need to revisit, simply to uncover the hidden gems of wisdom...

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The Power of Books

By Lisa KramerMarch 5, 20159

World Book Day! I know, I know, it’s just another random day chosen to celebrate a random thing. (I mean, do we seriously need to have a national potato chip day--which also happens to be my birthday–and things like that?). But World Book Day is a day to truly celebrate. After all . . . I love...

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Celebrating Our Unique Powers: Uncovering My Own Secret Ability

By Lisa KramerMarch 3, 201513

A thirty-something man stands on empty stage, a stack of rehearsal boxes next to him. His hair is pulled back in a ponytail and he wears sandals oh his feet despite the frigid temperatures and piles of snow that surround us. “Yay America!” He says with enthusiasm, as he begins his performance, and then he...

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Celebrating Our Unique Powers: My Super Power by Lizzi Rogers

By Lisa KramerMarch 2, 201579

I was so excited when Lizzi agreed to contribute to Celebrating Our Unique Powers. I only met her recently, but our paths crossed on many virtual planes: she became a member of a Facebook group that contains incredible women and writers; she was one of the founders of the #1000Speak movement which spread compassion around...

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Ten Things of Thankful #5: Life Unexpected

By Lisa KramerFebruary 27, 201518

1 I sit in a coffee shop facing my nerves. A man sits beside me holding a book–the story of Faust written in German. We talk about learning, about teaching, about language. I tell him I must go to my first book signing. He joins me there and shares the story of his name as I sign...

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Lessons of An Independent Author: The Power of a Group Event

By Lisa KramerFebruary 27, 201510

Success! I already told you I was scared, nervous  . . . terrified. I already admitted the ridiculousness of that emotion. I mean, seriously, what a “first world problem”–terrified about signing books and the possibility that nobody would be interested. I’m rolling my own eyes, trust me. But you can’t always control your emotions. The...

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Lessons of An Independent Author: The Power of Facing Your Fears

By Lisa KramerFebruary 25, 20154

I sit at a table in the middle of a bookstore, surrounded by magnificent shelves of books of every shape and size. It might be described as the place of my dreams . . . except . . .  In between the stacks of books sit other authors, at their own tables, with quickly dwindling...

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Ten Things of Thankful#4: Reality Check–“Riddikulus”

By Lisa KramerFebruary 21, 20157

One of my favorite spells from Harry Potter is the spell to battle Boggarts–“Riddikulus”–a spell I’ve written about before. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to flick your wrist and be able to laugh at all the things in life that make it hard to see your own reality? This has been another one of those weeks, when...

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The Power of 1000 Voices (A #1000 Speaks Post)

By Lisa KramerFebruary 20, 20154

What can one voice do to make the world a better place? What can 1000 voices do? Today, all around the world more than 1000 voices will be writing “posts about compassion, kindness, support, caring for others, non-judgement, care for the environment etc . . .  to flood the Blogosphere with GOOD!” They will be...

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An Angry Mother Struggling for Compassion (A #1000Speaks Post)

By Lisa KramerFebruary 19, 201516

It’s a good thing I already have my actual #1000Speaks post scheduled to go for 12:00 am, because right now I am struggling to find compassion or kindness. Right now I am angry . . . very, very angry. I’m not just angry though. My heart has shattered into a million shards. Why, as the...

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The Power of Making Memories, Part II

By Lisa KramerFebruary 16, 2015Comments Off

Andra Watkins, Author. Bond . . . James Bond. They have a similar ring, don’t they? Seriously, you have heard me mention Andra before. She is the author of two wonderful books To Live Forever and Not Without My Father. (click here purchase). I borrowed her name for the character of Andra BetScrivener. My “Celebrating...

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Today You are Twelve

By Lisa KramerFebruary 15, 20151

Once you slept only when curled upon my chest a tiny bundle of unknown potential cuteness beyond compare. Once you celebrated turning one climbing up and down the stairs a smiling little adventurer. Once you insisted on being carried upside-down joyous giggles from my upside-down girl. Once you bravely faced a new home a new...

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Ten Things of Thankful #3: Thankful In Spite of Myself

By Lisa KramerFebruary 14, 201534

This has been one of those weeks when I struggle to see my own reality. Whatever I touch seems to shift onto a precarious ledge, quivering in balance whether to fall into crashing defeat or settle down into place. My blog seems to be a black hole of meaningless words, floating into the ether  where...

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Author Events: The POWER of a Group, Part II

By Lisa KramerFebruary 13, 2015Comments Off

Hi again! Just sharing a little more information about the books/authors that will be featured at an event at Wellesley Books, on Feb. 26th. For the first post in the series, click here. I’m really excited to meet Suzy Duffy and pick up a copy of her book, Lincoln Ladies. Somehow I feel like she and...

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Author Events: The POWER of a Group, Part I

By Lisa KramerFebruary 11, 20151

It’s taken a little while, but I am slowly lining up events for P.O.W.ER. The first of these will take place on February 26th at Wellesley Books (also the first book store to put my book on its shelves). As I am not doing this event alone, it is for local self-published (and small house-published)...

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Lessons of An Independent Author: The POWER of Good News

By Lisa KramerFebruary 10, 20154

I would be lying if I said that everything is a breeze once the book has actually been published. It’s more like a roller coaster, with very steep peaks that take forever to climb and fast-paced drops into lows so long you feel trapped forever. Perhaps, I suppose, if you are with a top 5...

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Ten Things of Thankful #2: The Chaos Edition

By Lisa KramerFebruary 7, 201521

I feel like I am running around in circles, trying to keep all the balls in the air. There’s the next storm coming, which is liable to leave us housebound again. Yesterday I was juggling promoting P.O.W.ER, delayed chores, grading, trying to get some new writing done, parenting, adjudicating a (painful) production of High School...

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Compassion in Action (A #1000Speaks Post)

By Lisa KramerFebruary 6, 20152

I enter the theater to see the stage filled with the set for the upcoming show. Downstage right, a short section of chain link fence adds a sense of threat. Perfect, I think. I call my class onto the stage. I only give them a small warning that today’s lesson will be very emotional and...

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The Challenges of Parenting in a “Blame the Victim” World

By Lisa KramerFebruary 5, 20151

A short while back my daughter wanted to go to school in some fun printed leggings and booty shorts.   In general I let her make her own fashion choices. I might roll my eyes a little when she ignores the fact that we say it is going to be freezing cold outside, and insist...

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Celebrating Our Unique Powers: Women in Veils by Marcia Cebulska

By Lisa KramerFebruary 3, 20154

I met playwright  and fiction writer, Marcia Cebulska during my one year living in Kansas and working with the Inge Theatre Festival, and she is one of the high points of that year. Along with several other women and some wonderful creative opportunities, I learned the power of collaboration, community, and compassion. (Click on the...

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The Power of Community

By Lisa KramerFebruary 2, 201515

Sometimes I think life would be so much easier if I could answer the question “what do you do” with one simple answer. “What do you do?” “I am a ________.” I can’t do that though, because there are so many different versions of me. Each one of them takes priority in different situations, and...

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Ten Things of Thankful #1: The Power of Thankfulness

By Lisa KramerJanuary 30, 201533

I’m sitting here this morning with a red, raw nose. A cough that is just starting to make itself felt. A throat that feels simultaneously coated in slime and raw. My body aches as if I had done hours of exercise, but without the glow of achievement. To borrow a phrase I picked up in...

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Celebrating Our Unique Powers: Towards a More Loving, Connected, Joyous Me by Mandy Traut

By Lisa KramerJanuary 30, 20159

I only met Mandy when she contacted me about contributing to this series, but as soon as I read her post I knew she had to be part of this. The more I work with people who have disabilities of any sort, the more I see them as truly powerful and courageous people. As I...

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Celebrating Our Unique Powers: Stop Soul Stealers by Beth Teliho

By Lisa KramerJanuary 29, 201592

I only really got to know Beth Teliho recently, through a Facebook group, but I have been following her blog for a while now. I have discovered in her another “kindred spirit”–a woman who loves words, writes beautifully, and yet has many of the same doubts and fears that I face on a daily basis....

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Celebrating Our Unique Powers: My Long Game by Cameron D. Garriepy

By Lisa KramerJanuary 28, 20159

“Self-described shenaniganist and unabashed romantic Cameron D. Garriepy wrote her first romance novel on an antique typewriter, using a stack of pink paper. Detours between that draft and her publishing goals have included a BA in Music, a professional culinary education, and twelve years in the child-wrangling industry. Cameron writes from the Metro Boston area, where...

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Celebrating Our Unique Powers: “Discovering My Hidden Power” by Mark Pakaluk

By Lisa KramerJanuary 27, 20154

I am not sure which of his posts brought me into the world of Mark Pakaluk (aka The Idiot) on his now defunct blog “The Idiot Speaketh” but however I got there, it introduced me to a wonderful person. You might credit Mark with my continued presence in the blogosphere. When I first started out,...

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Celebrating Our Unique Powers: Calming Colors and Cotton Swabs by Angela Amman

By Lisa KramerJanuary 26, 201515

I first “met” Angela Amman through her short story found in Echoes in Darkness. I then wandered through her romantic side in  Atlantic to Pacific: Two Christmas Stories. She is one of those eloquent, poetic writers that packs intense emotion and powerful stories in short, wonderful packages. She is also a powerhouse in the world...

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The Power of Self-Compassion

By Lisa KramerJanuary 24, 201526

I am my own worst critic. That is my reality and my truth. I am the person who never quite feels like I’m “good enough”, “successful enough”, “enough enough.” I have been working at changing this about myself.  But obviously it is an uphill battle, as I mentioned in a recent post. There are days...

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The Power of Letting Go

By Lisa KramerJanuary 23, 201527

Last night I had an anxiety dream. It wasn’t a nightmare, exactly, although it had nightmarish elements. Rather it was a dream where all my hidden fears peaked out in clear an obvious ways. You might label it as the dream where Lisa the imposter is revealed. In the dream, I went to a gathering...

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Searching for the Next Goal

By Lisa KramerJanuary 21, 20152

“I need a new dream” I said to my husband this morning. “What do you mean? What about trying to do a book tour in Australia?” “That’s probably not going to happen,” I said. “But that’s not what I mean. I mean, I need a new goal. I mean what’s next for me?” He didn’t...

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The Power of Looking Through a Different Lens

By Lisa KramerJanuary 20, 20152

My daughter had a friend sleep over on Sunday night. Yesterday, rather than let them sit around playing computer games all day (which they love to do) I insisted we take advantage of the slightly warmer weather (a balmy 40 degrees unless you factor in the wind) and go to the botanical gardens for a...

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The Power of Having a Dream

By Lisa KramerJanuary 19, 2015Comments Off

“Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.”—Martin Luther King, Jr. Today many people will reflect on the message of Martin Luther King Jr. Today the world will ponder his “I have a dream” speech and his legacy, and their will be abundant responses to how far we’ve come and how far...

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Giving Power to the Unheard Voices

By Lisa KramerJanuary 18, 2015Comments Off

Have you heard of Boko Haram? Perhaps those two words have trickled into your new feed over the past couple of days, but nothing compared to the deluge of “Je Suis Charlie!” which flooded everyone’s feed after the attack in Paris. I knew nothing about it until I saw this article yesterday morning. Nick Chiles,...

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Lessons of an Independent Author–Questioning the Power of Reviews

By Lisa KramerJanuary 17, 20156

At least once a month (or more often depending on how busy and I am and how voraciously I read) I wander into the library and leave with a stack of books. While I occasionally look for a specific book, and sometimes try to find something off of my ever-growing “to read” list, more often...

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The Power of Making Memories: A Review of NOT WITHOUT MY FATHER by Andra Watkins

By Lisa KramerJanuary 15, 2015Comments Off

Below you will find my Goodreads review of Andra Watkin’s new memoir Not Without My Father. Before you read on, I wanted to mention that Andra has created an amazing Make a Memory campaign for this book. Her own experience creating a memory with her father is one that she will carry with her forever,...

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Celebrating Our Unique Powers: An Invitation

By Lisa KramerJanuary 14, 201513

  “ The book teaches that all women have unique gifts, things we often ignore by listening to criticism, by heeding our own flagging confidence, and by giving up too soon.”  –Andra Watkins, Review of P.O.W.ER Sarah takes after me. Physically she is the perfect blend of the two of us, but fortunately she seems...

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Lessons of an Independent Author–The Power of Patience

By Lisa KramerJanuary 14, 20155

Reality check!!! The chances of one book becoming an overnight sensation (especially when published by a small independent publisher and there isn’t the funding for a huge publicity campaign) is astronomically tiny. Most books fizzle out soon after launch. Depressing thoughts for a newbie author who really believes in her work. When I reached a...

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The Continuing Power of Women’s Voices

By Lisa KramerJanuary 13, 20152

“George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin this year. Amal is a human-rights lawyer who worked on the Enron case, was an adviser to Kofi Annan regarding Syria and was selected for a three-person UN commission investigating rules of war violations in the Gaza Strip. So, of course, her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award.”— (Tina...

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Anyone Want to Streak with Me?

By Lisa KramerJanuary 12, 20156

  Confession: When I was in college, I became one of the founding members of the Topless Fire Drill Team. What is that you ask? Well, once a semester (or so) a group of women from my house (at an all women’s college) would run around the outside of the house topless as a means...

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The Power of Time

By Lisa KramerJanuary 9, 20156

One late August day 20 years ago, in a cramped office tucked under the stairs at the University of  Hawaii, Manoa  I met a man/boy. He and his friend RKevin (who introduced us, even though we barely knew each other) invited me to go play video games. I thought that was a little strange, since...

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Je Suis Charlie–the Power of the Pen

By Lisa KramerJanuary 8, 2015Comments Off

” [Kramer] dares to point her finger solidly at religious extremism, misogyny, and an undervaluing of creativity, the arts, and individualism as dire perils to democracy.” (Kristine J. Schmidt, Review of P.O.W.ER) I am not a cartoonist nor do I (often) write political satire. I am a person who expresses herself through the written word,...

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Lessons of an Independent Author: The Power of Labels

By Lisa KramerJanuary 7, 2015Comments Off

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate labels? Seriously, I hate having to categorize something as just one thing: one genre, one career, one type, one LABEL. I find it difficult to categorize any of my work into one genre because I write the story that needs to be told, in whatever format I...

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Lessons of an Independent Author: The Power of Your Personal Story

By Lisa KramerJanuary 6, 20154

I have a theory about how people read in our world. Of course, I can’t prove this theory without launching a massive research project, but if my theory is correct it influences how people buy and sell books. Basically, my idea goes like this. With an increase in technology and access to information of all...

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Lessons of an Independent Author: The Power of Publicity

By Lisa KramerJanuary 5, 20155

I won’t deny it. I had this fantasy that I would wake up sometime during the month of December to discover that I had become an overnight best-selling author sensation. Of course that is pure fantasy in a world where hundreds of thousands of new books are published daily; the chances of one tiny novel...

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The Power of Whatever Comes Next

By Lisa KramerJanuary 3, 20154

Even though I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions (and hardly believe in New Year’s) it is the time when minds inevitably turn to thinking about what comes next in your life. We reflect back on the past year and plan for the future. But, if I’ve learned anything lately it is to expect the...

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The Power of the Anti-Resolution

By Lisa KramerDecember 31, 20147

Join me in a revolution against all New Year’s resolutions Embrace the joy that’s in your life and celebrate things done right Don’t focus on things you must change but honor things that make life strange For each person has a journey true that is unique for me and you Last year I made two...

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The Power of Reflection

By Lisa KramerDecember 23, 20144

‘Tis the season when everyone begins reflecting on their past. Whether it is social media collages and videos, or they yearly holiday letter, people often look back on the past year–sometimes with melancholy, sometimes with joy. I often wonder why we do this. Not that I am not happy to hear from my friends, but–to...

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The Power of Time

By Lisa KramerDecember 19, 20146

Two years ago today we lost his smile and his laugh, his corny jokes and his guidance. We lost his fascination with the weather, his shortcuts that nobody else could follow, his musical toots. Two years ago today we said goodbye to my father. I think of him every day. Sometimes I catch a glimpse...

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Creative Spotlight: Jacqueline Haltom and her Power of Art

By Lisa KramerDecember 14, 20141

Today I want to take a moment to introduce you to a good friend, an inspiration, and a talented artist, Jackie Haltom. You’ve seen her art plastered all over my blog for weeks now . . . the beautiful design that became the cover of P.O.W.ER. Jackie and I met during my one year living...

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Dear Students: The Power of Learning Even When You Disagree

By Lisa KramerDecember 13, 20142

Dear Students (Parents, Administrators, and People in General), I have been an educator for a long time now.  I have taught in all kinds of classrooms, to people of all ages.  I have taught many subjects and in many different styles of teaching. I have taught formally on college  campuses, and informally in after school...

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The Power of Personal Narratives

By Lisa KramerDecember 8, 201410

Excuse me while I step on my soapbox for a moment . . . I haven’t written anything about Ferguson or NYC or any of the other racially based issues in our country. Part of my silence comes from frustration. I can’t face or express the pain I feel about a society that seems to...

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The Power of Pictures: An Invitation and a Challenge

By Lisa KramerDecember 4, 2014Comments Off

“A picture can tell a thousand words, but a few words can change it’s story.” ― Sebastyne Young In the world of P.O.W.ER, since they are deprived access to the written word, women create a secret visual language through which they can communicate. If I had the time and the talent, I would have loved...

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The Power of Community

By Lisa KramerDecember 3, 201410

We live in a world where more can be accomplished if we work together than if we stand alone.  That is a lesson that I am slowly coming to learn, and that more of us need to learn. It doesn’t work, however, if we are working together for selfish reasons–if the goal is only about...

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The Power of Persistence

By Lisa KramerDecember 1, 201417

When I was a little girl, I had many big dreams. I was going to: be the President of the United States. (That is a dream I willingly let go, I have no desire to play political games). become a doctor that cured all kinds of diseases. (Not sure why I let that one go,...

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The Power of Social Networking

By Lisa KramerNovember 30, 2014Comments Off

I have yet to learn how to harness this power to the utmost. To be honest I’m not sure I want to. I already spend way too much time distracting myself with technology, and yet feel like I am never quite doing it correctly. When I switched over from the original  Woman Wielding Words site...

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The Power of Failure

By Lisa KramerNovember 29, 20144

I didn’t win “NaNoWriMo” this year. For those of you who don’t know, one wins National Novel Writing Month by getting 50,000 words on the page between Nov. 1-Nov. 30. I had great intentions of finally penning a very rough draft of “The Storyteller’s” story . . . one that has haunted my dreams (and...

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The Power of Making Choices

By Lisa KramerNovember 28, 20143

BBrriingg! When I was growing up, occasionally the phone would ring throughout the house and someone (usually my Mom) would rush to answer it on either the upstairs or downstairs extension. “Lisa, it’s for you.” “Hello,” I’d answer, picking up the other extension, my heart pounding with the excitement of the unknown. Who was calling...

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The Power of Gratitude and Thanks

By Lisa KramerNovember 25, 20146

Some days are harder than others to be grateful for all you have. Especially when every day is filled with more news of doom and gloom: injustice, climate change, war, destruction, people being selfish when kindness wouldn’t hurt, cruelty to animals, bullying, rape . . . the list goes on and on. There are times...

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The Power of Risk

By Lisa KramerNovember 24, 20144

This morning I stumbled upon “Breathtaking Photos Of A Little Girl ‘Tippi’ Growing Up Alongside Wild Animals”  . . . wander over and look at the images, I’ll wait . . .  George Takei, who lead me to this article asked the following question on Facebook: I began to think about modern-day parenting (at least...

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The Power of HeArtful

By Lisa KramerNovember 22, 20143

It always feels good when I see the magic of the arts providing opportunities to others. In some ways, that magic comes out in P.O.W.ER, but writing isn’t my only means of sharing this passion. My life has become a journey from one creative project to another, always with the aim of sharing story, bringing...

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The Power of Giving

By Lisa KramerNovember 20, 201419

“I feel like I just did something really good,” Sarah said. “I hope I can get some of my friends to help out next time.” We were driving back after the final presentation of a heArtful Theatre Company eight-week drama program held in collaboration with Seven Hills Foundation (“An integrated health and human services network”)....

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The Power of Crowd Sourcing

By Lisa KramerNovember 12, 20146

A few weeks ago I went to the movies. Now, this may not be momentous news to you, but it doesn’t happen often . . . so I could write about it for just that reason alone. But I won’t. This particular adventures was momentous for a few reasons: We actually drove into the outskirts...

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Writing Through the Frustrations

By Lisa KramerNovember 9, 201418

The past week or so has been filled with complex emotions that I could not put down in words. For the first time I began to feel that words are useless so perhaps I am wasting my time even trying to write. I watched as the country voted to destroy everything I believe in, by...

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The Arts: My Weapon of Choice

By Lisa KramerOctober 24, 20144

Today is Arts Matter Day, a campaign developed by MassCreative to advocate for the importance and the value of the arts, and to encourage people to consider the arts when they vote. I know, there are lots of issues to consider when it comes to voting, and perhaps support of the arts seems low on the list when...

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Celebrating Our Unique Abilities: An Invitation

By Lisa KramerOctober 22, 20145

Women of power and men who believe in equality, the time for a revolution has come! More and more women are stepping forward and revealing that we have secret abilities. The discovery that others share our secrets enables women to connect and help each other. P.O.W,—a group formed by and for the Power of Women—will...

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The Power of Words, The Power of Friendship, The Power of You

By Lisa KramerOctober 21, 20148

As many of you know writing a book is only half the battle nowadays. If you are a good writer, and want your words out there, you need something more. Writers cannot work alone, even though we wish we could simply live at the keyboard, swilling our drinks of choice (in my case hot tea...

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A Different Victim–Equally Not to Blame

By Lisa KramerOctober 2, 20146

  I’ve got a friend. My friend has a little boy who is 7 years old. I’ll call him Super N. Super N. is a happy sweet kid with a great smile and a wonderful heart. He loves to talk and gets excited about tv shows and stories. He also happens to have a big...

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Land of the Underwriter, Home of Injustice

By Lisa KramerOctober 2, 20142

I am happy to announce that, as of yesterday, we are once again home owners . . . owning the home we have been living in since we moved back to Massachusetts in 2011. Now that everything is signed {without our middle initials, because that would be wrong} stamped, registered, and paid for in blood–I...

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When It Gets to Be Too Much

By Lisa KramerSeptember 29, 201411

When it gets to be too much . . . lie upon a hammock and stare up at the trees, listen to the birds, singing in the breeze. When it gets to be too much . . . remember that life changes in a minute or a day though you can’t control the how, you...

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It’s About How You Feel

By Lisa KramerSeptember 20, 201413

Have you seen the commercial for Nutrisystem where Marie Osmond talks about  “how you feel”? If you haven’t, here it is: This spot drives me a little crazy, not because it is Marie Osmond or because she’s pitching Nutrisystem . . . because, to be honest, that is the choice I made to get me...

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Dressing the Body You Are In : The Psychology of Beauty

By Lisa KramerSeptember 18, 201419

“I’ve never seen you wear pants before.” A friend of mine said this to me recently. At first I was very confused, because all I ever wore were comfortable stretchy leggings hidden under voluminous comfortable shirts and sweaters. Or maybe I would wear dresses that didn’t cling to my curves but attempted to cover them...

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The Agony of Self-Censorship

By Lisa KramerSeptember 17, 20149

My fingers itch to type the words I want to say. My brain writes volumes, usually in the wee hours of the morning when I’d much prefer to sleep. Perfect prose (and perhaps a little poetry) comes pouring out of my head, but has nowhere to land . . . yet or ever.   I...

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Life on My Own Terms

By Lisa KramerSeptember 14, 201413

Two summers ago I met my friend Terry Berliner when she came out to direct a play for Okoboji Summer Theatre (our “summer home”). Terry and I hit it off immediately, first on the three-hour drive back from Minneapolis where I picked her up at the airport, and then on long walks where she motivated...

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Friends, Books, Words and Announcements: A Week of Unexpected Surprises

By Lisa KramerSeptember 13, 201415

“It’s Lisa’s fault that I’m here.” Andra Watkins said this several times at presentations during her whirlwind tour of Massachusetts this week. Let’s back up a few months. Last May, I ventured to my friend Jannatha’s house for the first meeting of a newly formed Book Club! (that’s what it’s called at the moment) made...

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First Day Jitters

By Lisa KramerSeptember 3, 20144

My year follows the school calendar. Each year is like starting over again. Sure, more often than not I am teaching at the same school (although sometimes I teach at other places) but every year is different. Actually every semester is different. The first day in September is always a strange sensation. Nervous energy runs...

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Reverse Aging or Growing Less Mature Every Day

By Lisa KramerAugust 26, 20145

Sometimes I wonder if one ever actually achieves full maturity. Is there ever a moment when you can say “I am a full grown, confident adult?”  I don’t think there is. Sure our bodies age in a certain direction, but do we ever achieve “the state or quality of being fully grown or developed” or that magical...

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My Silent Summer

By Lisa KramerAugust 23, 201410

I have been away from words for a very long time. I wish I could say that, during that time, I arrived every day and worked on books or took more steps toward the dream of publishing. But, even though I had that intention, it didn’t happen. Words eluded me all summer long. Well, that’s...

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No Time to Write, But Something for You to Read

By Lisa KramerJuly 16, 20144

I have been missing in action when it comes to posting, or anything to do with writing beyond working on syllabi for the upcoming semester. This summer has turned out to be a little crazier than expected. Between single parenting in the beginning, trying to get everything together to (hopefully) buy our house, leaving for...

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Dear Man in the Cubicle Next to Me

By Lisa KramerJune 16, 201430

I didn’t say anything, because we were in the hospital lab getting blood drawn. I know what mine was for, I don’t know why you were there. I know who you are though, because you came in right before me and sat near me in the waiting room. I saw you sitting there, trying to...

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Feminism, Tweens, and Lessons Learned from the Movies

By Lisa KramerJune 1, 20146

I am a feminist. I am a feminist for many, many reasons, but I don’t know if I can put them as well as Laci Green, so I’m not even going to try . . . I’ll just share her video: One of the main reasons I am a feminist is because I have a...

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Making Fairy Friends

By Lisa KramerMay 26, 20149

Fairies are fairly picky you know . . . they only befriend those with magic in their souls. I’m not talking about magicians with their sleight of hand and magic tricks, but those who know the secrets sung in the wind and the rain and whispers of the night. The few who know, deep within their...

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Living to Create, Creating to Live

By Lisa KramerMay 20, 20149

Over the weekend I realized how lucky I am. I know my life isn’t exactly in a form that I imagined growing up, but in many ways that’s okay. I may not have the steady income, or the title, or the financial ease I would like–but I have something more. I live my life creatively,...

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Learning Literary and Life Lessons #NESCBWI14

By Lisa KramerMay 4, 201410

“Because I wasn’t mad I saw something beautiful. I saw a color I had never seen before.” (Peter Reynolds) In his keynote address at the NESCBWI conference yesterday, Peter Reynolds–award-winning author and illustrator of North Star, The Dot,  and Ish–shared his philosophies on writing, life, art and the way he creates. The above quote comes from a...

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Taking a Literary Plunge

By Lisa KramerMay 1, 201410

Tomorrow I will attend my second NESCBWI conference . . . the conference which just last year encouraged me to take control of my own website and start building my creative platform. Tomorrow I will not just be attending the conference, I will also be presenting a workshop called “From Stage to Page: Using Creative...

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The Power of the Arts

By Lisa KramerApril 27, 201416

I have been silent for several weeks. I suppose you could argue that I had writer’s block, but it’s more than that. I have grown tired of the words that seem to flood our existence, but change nothing as people hold stubbornly to their belief systems unwilling to hear or read the logic in an...

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Reflecting on the Journey: Self Discoveries on the Natchez Trace

By Lisa KramerApril 3, 201418

Every so often, more often than I would like, I find myself in a place where I don’t want to be. It’s not a physical location, but a place in my mind where I lose track of who I am in the midst of my life. I fall into complacency in all aspects and get...

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An Open Letter to Andra’s Feet

By Lisa KramerMarch 29, 201417

Dear Tired Tootsies, Surely by now your only thought is “what the bleep is going on?” We’ve been excited to follow Andra’s adventures but little did we consider the carnage hidden beneath Andra’s socks. You are the unsung victims of the Natchez Trace. Poor, poor fugly feet! We sympathize with your agony. You were dragged...

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Stepping Into Adventure

By Lisa KramerMarch 27, 201417

Today my brother, Steve, embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. He is taking his first steps onto the Appalachian Trail which runs approximately 2200 miles from Georgia to Maine. If (and when) all goes well I will see him again in October looking like a skinny, furry mountain man with (probably) gray hair and...

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Creative Spotlight: Lemonade and Holy Stuff

By Lisa KramerMarch 26, 201412

I have a love-hate relationship with the concept of self-publishing. I know it can be done well, and in the back of my mind I am still flirting with the possibility for my own work. There are ample examples of self-published author’s who are extremely talented writers but who chose or were forced into the...

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Happy Birthday Gloria Steinem! Learning to Stand Tall

By Lisa KramerMarch 25, 201411

I find it interesting that today, the 80th birthday of Gloria Steinem also happens to be the day that the Supreme Court will debate the case of Hobby Lobby’s objection to the birth control mandate in the Affordable Care Act. The merging of these two events has inspired me to pull out my soapbox again, although...

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Creative Spotlight: Paintings by Pak

By Lisa KramerMarch 23, 201417

It struck me very recently how many amazingly talented people I’ve “met” since I started blogging, or throughout my life. I’m not just talking about writer’s, but artists of all types. The one thing that many of these people have in common is that they are trying to get their work out in a flawed system–a...

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What to Write? What to Write? What to Write?

By Lisa KramerMarch 22, 20148

Yesterday, the talented Sarah Cottrell, who blogs for the Bangor Daily News at Housewife Plus asked me if I would help motivate her with some writing prompts as she wants to start posting daily. As I lay in bed thinking about her request, I thought maybe I should write a blog post with a list of...

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Life Happens When You Look the Other Way

By Lisa KramerMarch 19, 201414

“Chick lit is smart, fun fiction for and/or about women of all ages.  Many of these books are written from a first-person viewpoint, making them a bit more personal and realistic. The plots can range from being very light and fast-paced to being extraordinarily deep, thought-provoking and/or moving.” (Rian Montgomery, “What is Chick Lit?” chicklitbooks.com)...

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Weaving the Web of Life

By Lisa KramerMarch 15, 201418

I have a friend who is going through a difficult time right now. He wakes up everyday, looks in the mirror, and says “You again!” He feels disconnected, alone, and lost in a world that puts too much emphasis on arbitrary definitions of success (like youth, beauty, money, power, relationships). I’m not going to lie,...

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Life as an Afterthought: A Fable

By Lisa KramerMarch 13, 20147

Once upon a time, in the kingdom under the sea, there was a dolphin named Delbin who lived life as an afterthought. It all started, she supposed, when she was born. Her parents were important dolphins in the dolphin community. Her father was head of the dolphin school, educating young dolphins. Her mother organized the...

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Waiting for Godot . . . Scratch that! Waiting for Myself

By Lisa KramerMarch 11, 201412

“Estragon: We always find something, eh Didi, to give us the impression we exist? Vladimir: Yes, yes, we’re magicians.” ― Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot Yesterday I had to revisit Waiting for Godot in preparation for covering a class today. As it always does, reading it put me in a philosophical mood–questioning and reflecting on the meaning of...

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I am Not a Woman Writer!

By Lisa KramerMarch 7, 201412

I clicked open an email that landed in my inbox announcing another post on Writer Unboxed, a fabulous blog which includes work from a variety of authors practicing their craft. The title of the post intrigued me “On the Care and Feeding of Writers” by Juliana Baggott. As I read through the first lines to...

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It’s All In the Perspective

By Lisa KramerMarch 6, 201417

This morning I read an article about an 18-year-old girl who was suing her parents for child support and college tuition because she claimed they threw her out of the house. The parents said that she left just before she turned 18 by her own choice because she didn’t want to obey the rules of...

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Hiding Behind a Pseudonym

By Lisa KramerMarch 5, 201424

I am the first to admit that my name isn’t doing me any favors if I want to establish a career as an author. Not that there is anything wrong with Lisa Kramer, but there are simply too many of us. Several of us hold doctorates. Several of us write. One of my fellow Lisa...

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Walking Through Time

By Lisa KramerMarch 1, 201410

It’s March 1st already. In some ways this year is speeding by on the wild wintry winds that keep so many of us trapped in our homes. In other ways it is moving at the pace of the clock ticking on my desk in a slow but steady beat. For me this past week has...

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So You Think You Can Write?

By Lisa KramerFebruary 20, 201427

In the wee hours of the morning I finished reading a book. It was a wonderful, powerful book that told an amazing story through the voices of characters that simultaneously broke your heart and made you want to squeeze them into an all-encompassing hug. it took you on an adventure into the past, into the...

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Sleepovers, Silliness, and the Terrors of Technology

By Lisa KramerFebruary 17, 201410

Light as a feather, stiff as a board. Light as a feather, stiff as a board. Light as a feather, stiff as a board. I remember lying on the floor in a friend’s bedroom, or perhaps living room. I might have been wearing green and white striped footie pajamas because those were my favorite. I...

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By Lisa KramerFebruary 15, 201410

Eleven means no longer a little one, but not yet big. Once small, now tall, but still my little girl. Eleven is between . . .  a tween, neither here nor there, not yet old enough but not so young either. Eleven means smiles and tears, frustrations and joys . . .  a roller coaster...

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Multiple Reading Personalities: What I Have Learned

By Lisa KramerFebruary 12, 201410

I read a lot. I read for many reasons, and many different types of materials. Sometimes I read things I have to read, but more often I read things I want to read. Yet, if you ask me the question “what is your favorite book or genre?” I can’t answer. I read what I feel...

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Protecting My Truths

By Lisa KramerFebruary 8, 20148

Sometimes it seems I must hide my truths away deep in the caverns of a dark cave accessible only across a rocky shore whose sand bites into feet with remnants of shell and bone glass and stone. I yearn for visitors but none come threatened by a slate gray sky or perhaps the looming cliffs...

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Thoughts on Friendship

By Lisa KramerFebruary 6, 201411

I have a serious question. How do you define “friend” or “friendship?” I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because I feel like, somehow, that’s something I’ve never gotten quite right. The sudden passing of my friend Ed has led to a swirl of reactions including: the beginning of a scholarship fund in his...

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Why I Don’t Mourn Celebrity

By Lisa KramerFebruary 3, 201418

Have you ever noticed that whenever someone famous dies social media resonates with messages of sadness and mourning? For example, in between laments about the pathetic Superbowl (a game which I did not watch for reasons expressed so eloquently by my friend Kristie) came the statements of shock, horror and sadness at the death of...

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Unexpected . . . Fleeting . . . Life

By Lisa KramerFebruary 2, 201418

Yesterday a friend of mine passed away suddenly from an unexpected illness. I met Ed at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. He starred in my MFA production of The Art of Dining. He was funny and charming and made the show joyous despite the politics which swirled around it. We reunited in person a few...

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Enough with the Advice Already

By Lisa KramerJanuary 31, 20148

When I was pregnant oh so many years ago, I did what many newly expectant moms do and read What to Expect When You are Expecting. I even attempted to follow the diet they recommended in the book until I realized that I couldn’t sustain myself and my child unless I ate food that actually tasted good.I...

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The Joy of Wackadoodle

By Lisa KramerJanuary 29, 201416

I was lying on my bed reading yesterday when my daughter came home from her dance class, after Nathan picked her up. “I would like to talk to you about something,” she said. I wondered if she was about to apologize for her behavior the day before . . . behavior which put both of...

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I’m the Worst . . .

By Lisa KramerJanuary 28, 201414

I’m the worst parent because I expect my daughter to treat me with respect, and don’t allow her to blame me for her own mistakes. I’m the worst professor because I expect my students to read, do the work, think for themselves and challenge themselves–all in a timely fashion. I’m the worst friend because I...

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What if I Just Am?

By Lisa KramerJanuary 27, 201420

What if I just am the person that I am today? The woman who embodies all of my past, my present and my future. What if I am that person without all the “shoulds, woulds, coulds”? Letting go of old expectations and dreams that no longer fit. What if I embrace life as it is in...

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Random Thoughts on Hypocrisy: A Political Post

By Lisa KramerJanuary 24, 201422

You’ve been warned!  Today I have the urge to ramble about things in the news and other topics. I welcome discussion and comment, but reserve the right to ignore or delete anyone who attacks or offends others. If this concerns you, feel free to ignore this post. I don’t claim to be an expert on...

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Emptying My In Box

By Lisa KramerJanuary 23, 201427

I spent the morning deleting things from my four email accounts. While there are still a few emails left in each, there is something joyous about creating blank space that hasn’t yet been filled with obligations, rejections, duties, responsibilities, or lost dreams. I do this once in a while because I love the feeling of...

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Moving Through the Fear

By Lisa KramerJanuary 20, 201422

What do I fear the most? I fear a life un-lived. I fear looking back on my life and seeing nothing but regrets. I fear hiding behind all of my intermittent fears so that I never break through, make a difference, feel the joy of living a life well lived. I fear hiding inside clothes...

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Moving Through Emotion

By Lisa KramerJanuary 17, 201410

I sit in the bookstore coffee shop, with a cup of hot tea, my manuscript laid out in front of me ready for one last edit, my computer off to the side. I work through emails, fill out applications, schedule interviews (eek), propose courses, edit my own words. I am working hard, accomplishing a lot,...

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Knowledge is Power

By Lisa KramerJanuary 16, 20146

P.O.W.ER, the manuscript that I am in the process of submitting, tells the story of a girl who lives in the land of New North: “Almost 30 years ago, New North had been part of a much larger nation that suffered the delusion that it was the greatest nation on earth. For complicated reasons that...

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One Story at a Time

By Lisa KramerJanuary 15, 20147

When you sit in the theater and watch a play (if it’s good) you enter into the world of those characters. For 2 hours (give or take a few minutes) you follow the lives of those characters, knowing what they know, learning what they learn, feeling what they feel. Perhaps you’ve been given a little...

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By Lisa KramerJanuary 13, 20146

Continuous cycle with a discernible pattern yet each phase differs. Some beautiful some painful some full of new questions, ideas, meanings. Age follows youth youth defies age. A cycle defined by the secrets of blood, of flesh, of ever-changing purpose and hopes. Chemistry and biology define the hows and whys of people written inside our...

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Announcing the Day I Died!

By Lisa KramerJanuary 11, 20148

Another collection of fabulous short stories on a theme; another wonderful read available for Kindle, Nook and Kobo. From the Publisher, HDWP Books: What if medical science got too good at saving your life? What if you were assured of reincarnation but you had to spend every life with a crazy person? What if your...

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Fourteen Years

By Lisa KramerJanuary 9, 20148

14 years. 1 doctorate earned. 1 daughter born. 1/8th of a child lost. 2 houses bought and sold. 4 cars owned (2 at a time) 2 dogs adopted. 5 states lived in. Hundreds of shows done Hundreds (if not thousands) of students taught. Numerous cross-country trips. Millions of words written. Hundreds of books read. Countless...

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Tilting at Windmills, the Story of Lisa Quixote

By Lisa KramerJanuary 8, 20147

She dreams impossible dreams. She fights battles that can’t be won. She doesn’t have a trusty Sancho Panza to cover up her folly. She fights alone. But nobody can win alone. Can they?

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An Argument for the Arts: I Need Your Help

By Lisa KramerJanuary 8, 20148

I woke up early this morning with an idea floating through my head. It’s not completely a new idea for me, but I guess my muse thinks now is the time to pursue it and make it come to life. As you probably have figured out by now, I am passionate about the arts. Yes,...

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Who Am I?

By Lisa KramerJanuary 7, 201419

A simple question asked by a near stranger in a letter. “you write about the things you do . . . but you don’t write a lot about who you are–so who are you and why are you a Lisa I should actually like?” Who am I? The question sends me swirling into the depths...

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The Healing Power of Letters

By Lisa KramerJanuary 6, 201416

Some of you may recall that I had set myself a challenge in December to write a letter a day for the entire month. I didn’t succeed, or a least not completely. I lost track, but I think I wrote about 15 letters before the overwhelming emotions of dealing with the anniversary of my father’s...

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Investing in Yourself and Learning to Say No

By Lisa KramerJanuary 4, 201413

Only 4 days into 2014 and I’ve learned some valuable lessons. A few posts ago I mentioned how a friend of mine had inspired me with these words: I think its safe to acknowledge these words of wisdom come from the talented Andra Watkins, who has now officially announced that: “[her] novel To Live Forever: An Afterlife...

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The Value of Good Writing

By Lisa KramerJanuary 3, 201424

I feel like a prostitute.  Since I need to supplement my income to some extent this spring, I decided to take the plunge deeper into the world of freelance, selling my writing/editing services to those who might have need. I jumped in with enthusiasm, thinking I have so much to offer and could perhaps make...

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Creating the Whole Picture, One Color at a Time

By Lisa KramerDecember 31, 201311

During the holiday break I began a paint-by-number. I needed the distraction of something creative and challenging without thinking too much. I mean, I simply follow the directions, trying to pay attention to the numbers. Sometimes I make mistakes, but that’s okay because  I’m the only one who can tell, and the picture still looks...

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The Next Step (100 WCGU)

By Lisa KramerDecember 30, 20134

It’s been a while since I participated in the 100 Word Challenge for Grownups but this week’s challenge spoke to me.   Murky mists gather across the road ahead. Lina peers into the darkness hoping for a glimpse of what lies beyond. For a moment she sees something sparkle beyond the clouds. Wishful thinking she...

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The Anti-Resolution

By Lisa KramerDecember 27, 201320

I resolve never to make another New Year’s Resolution. Every year at this somewhat arbitrary time we all torture ourselves by making lists of things we promise to do better for the coming year. I say arbitrary because January 1st seems like such a random day to pick for the New Year. Sure, I know...

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In Celebration of Trees

By Lisa KramerDecember 24, 201312

Growing up in a somewhat traditional Jewish household (I was raised a conservative Jew) there was one thing I envied the most about not celebrating Christmas. It wasn’t that I never got a visit from Santa Claus, although I did have this fantasy that one day Rudolph would knock on my upstairs bedroom window and...

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Embracing Uniqueness

By Lisa KramerDecember 20, 201314

I am at a crossroads within myself. I’ve struggled for a while now between: the desire to create a life that is rewarding, fulfilling, challenging, creative, interesting, and brings me joy; and the desire to fit the molds, follow the rules, and find success within social structures that already exist–because in my mind that brings...

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In Loving Memory

By Lisa KramerDecember 19, 201317

I first shared these words on the day I said farewell to my father in front of those who loved him, then on the original Woman Wielding Words. Now I share them again here, on the anniversary of his passing. I love you, Dad. I miss you. He was my father. He shared his love...

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Choices, Challenges, and Sanity

By Lisa KramerDecember 17, 201325

I got a letter back from one of the people I’ve written to for my December challenge. (A challenge which I have not lived up to, although I have written many letters). She will remain nameless, for the moment, because she shared news with me that is only hers to share. News that impressed me....

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New Versions of Old Tunes

By Lisa KramerDecember 13, 20136

It started this morning when I wrote this as my Facebook status: Ba da da dum Well I woke up this mornin’ Past 12 am Couldn’t go back to sleep so now my heads in a spin. I got those insom . . . insomniac blues. — feeling crazy. Then, after a short sleep (only an hour, not...

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Magical Collaborations

By Lisa KramerDecember 13, 20134

It began many months ago, when a Theatre for Young Audiences class at Worcester State University met a group of Worcester Public School Transition Students to explore, through theatre, the differences and connections between them. As a group they explored puppets and movement, dancing and singing, improvisation and games. Together they wrote a script based...

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‘Tis the Season of Light, ‘Tis the Season of Whimsy

By Lisa KramerDecember 11, 20137

There’s a reason this time of year holds so many festivals from all kinds of cultures and religions–and that those festivals often involve a tradition involving light. In part of the world the days draw short. Before the world understood the relationship between the sun and the earth, people might have worried that the darkness...

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Wanted: A Home for My Baby

By Lisa KramerDecember 9, 201319

Imagine this scenario: A woman gives birth to a child in the usual way and then spends time helping the child become a unique individual ready to face the world. But, in the strange world where this woman lives, the child is not allowed out into the public unless guided by another person or group...

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By Lisa KramerDecember 8, 201324

The yahrzeit is a time of remembering the dead by reciting the Kaddish, lighting a 24-hour candle, and remembering the person who has died. (My Jewish Learning) I lit the candle for the first time in my life, on this the first anniversary (according to the Jewish calendar) of my father’s death. I’m not sure...

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On Mothers and Daughters

By Lisa KramerDecember 6, 201319

Sarah came home breathing fire yesterday. Hers wasn’t the indiscriminate flame of a dragon on a rampage. No . . .Sarah’s fire had one very specific target and only one. She aimed with precision and nothing could stop her. When asked what was wrong, by both the target and a neutral party (aka Nathan) she...

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Turning Holiday Fear into Holiday Cheer

By Lisa KramerDecember 5, 201312

Given the response I received on yesterday’s post “‘Tis the Season for Sadness” it seems I struck a chord, and that many people struggle through this season for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s the shortness of the days, the weather, the hormones, the overwhelming busy-ness, the commercialism, or whatever–many struggle at a time which is...

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‘Tis the Season for Sadness

By Lisa KramerDecember 4, 201332

‘Tis the season, I guess. Every year, as the hustle and bustle surrounding Christmas grows, as twinkle lights appear in trees and window, as festive songs play for far too long on radio stations determined to jump straight from Halloween to the end of December . . . every year I feel myself fall deeper...

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My December Challenge

By Lisa KramerDecember 2, 201320

Did I mention that I am a winner? Yes folks, on November 1st I took the NaNoWriMo challenge and on November 24th I completed that challenge with over 50,000 words. Of course, I still haven’t finished the actual manuscript. I reached that day of winner-hood and then I stopped, even thought there is more to...

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What’s With All the Vampire’s? or Why I Hate Book Categories

By Lisa KramerDecember 1, 201312

I know. When you’re trying to market a book, whether to an agent, a publisher or a reading audience as you self-publish, you need to categorize it in some way for marketing purposes. I get it. I understand. Except that I don’t, really. You see, I’m trying to be a good author. I’m trying to...

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Another Venture Begins

By Lisa KramerNovember 29, 201312

This has been a strange year in the life of Lisa Kramer. Don’t worry, I’m not going to begin talking about myself in the third person, I just wanted to make that statement. This has been a strange year in my life. It’s as if I have finally shed my cocoon or come out of...

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Some Thanksgivukkah Tunes

By Lisa KramerNovember 28, 20134

[Sung to the tune Hanukkah, Oh Hannukah!] “Thanksgivukkah, Thanksgivukkah” Thanksgivukkah, Thanksgivukkah Come light the menorah We’ll eat so much turkey We won’t dance the hora Gather ’round the table we’ll give you a treat, Pies, turkey, stuffing and latkes to eat And while we are feasting The thankfulness spreads its sweet glow One for each...

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Preparing for Thanksgivukkah

By Lisa KramerNovember 27, 201317

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Two of my favorite holidays meet and become one. While a lesser holiday in terms of Judaism (and not my favorite) I always love lighting the candles and using that time to reflect on  . . . well . . . life. Of course, this...

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Challenging Thankfulness

By Lisa KramerNovember 25, 201314

This morning I read a blog post written by the fabulous (and hilarious) Tori (Nelson) Young called “Glue Sticks & A Gratitude Malfunction” where she writes of a discussion with her son that ended something like this: Well, could there be a certain lady you’re grateful for. One who loves you and takes care of...

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I Admit . . . It’s NOT Enough!

By Lisa KramerNovember 23, 201313

That’s my magic number as of this morning for my National Novel Writing Month manuscript called (for now) “The Unseen”. That means that over the next couple of days I will reach the goal of 50,000 words in one month, and then move past it to finish the manuscript (which I’m sure will need more...

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Pausing to Breathe

By Lisa KramerNovember 20, 20135

This has been one of those days. You know the ones, before it begins you have good intentions, but life decides it has other plans for you. It started with a night filled with disturbing dreams–dreams where my current NaNoWriMo manuscript somehow turned into a reflection of real life. From there it turned into a...

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The Highs and Lows of a Creative Life

By Lisa KramerNovember 18, 201318

It’s a constant in my life–an ever-moving constant. I reach creative highs, achieve manic amounts of projects, accomplish more than I can imagine. I get the show up, the story written, the classes graded. I cross thing off of my lists and add new ideas to my ever-growing dreams Then I crash. Hard. I start...

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Creating the House of Dreams

By Lisa KramerNovember 16, 201314

Many years ago–before we walked down the aisle or even talked about marriage, before Sarah came into the picture and the need to make a living to support our family became all-consuming–Nathan and I would sometimes go to bookstores and coffee shops and dream together.   Sometimes we wrote together, bizarre rambling stories that came...

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Creativity Breeds Creativity

By Lisa KramerNovember 15, 201317

I’ve felt it happen hundreds of times. Put a group of people in a room together. Give them a creative project to work on –one with a clear goal but the flexibility for them to take ownership and make it something new. Give them encouragement and support . . . and magic happens. The air...

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A Little Unsolicited Advice About Advice

By Lisa KramerNovember 14, 20135

Blogs abound with advice from people about how to do almost anything, especially write. Now that I am fully ensconced in NaNoWriMo (26000+ words and rising), I noticed almost daily (sometimes more than that) another person giving suggestions about how to stay focused, what to do when you’re stuck, how to achieve your goals, outlining...

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More Thoughts on Arts, Self-Expression, and Education (a mini rant)

By Lisa KramerNovember 13, 201312

One of my favorite assignments to give my students in almost any theatre class that allows for some explorations into performance is about Performance Art. Now, in general, in general I’m not the world’s biggest fan of performance art. I often find it too obscure and . . . well . . . for lack...

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Enough About Me . . .

By Lisa KramerNovember 12, 201329

What do you think of me? ONLY KIDDING!!! I feel like I’ve been blathering on about myself and my projects ad nauseum  lately, so today I would like turn things around a little bit. Bit by bit, more and more readers have trickled onto this site but I’ve only had actual interactions with a few of...

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Publicize, Publicize, Publicize

By Lisa KramerNovember 11, 201328

We all know that doing good work isn’t enough nowadays. Sometimes, it seems that quality doesn’t matter at all (see my post called “A Best Selling Author? Really?!!“) The unfortunate truth is that in order to achieve anything we need to get our work noticed, and the only way to do that is to spend...

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Grateful Thoughts after an Amazing Week

By Lisa KramerNovember 10, 20137

Ten days into my NaNoWriMo adventure and amazing things have happened. I could tell you that I’ve written 24 hours a day, hardly eating, never sleeping, and consuming copious amounts of caffeinated beverages . . . but that would be a lie. If I were brilliant, like my blogging and NaNo buddy Julia Martin, and...

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Book Endings

By Lisa KramerNovember 8, 201313

There’s a trend to books lately that I find troublesome. We live in a world where series are king. For the world of publishing, the idea of producing one book that asks–or practically demands–further purchases from its fans as the series grows is an exciting prospect. I get that from a money-making perspective. However, too...

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Creating a Web of Kindness: The Connections We Make

By Lisa KramerNovember 6, 20138

A few days ago I got a message from a former student ago asking if I would mind looking over an essay she was working on for a  graduate school fellowship. I readily agreed, even though I haven’t had this student for 4 or 5 years. It didn’t take a lot time (as she is...

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The Chaos of a Frenetic Mind

By Lisa KramerNovember 5, 20138

I have discovered something about myself today. I’ve always known that I’m the type person who accomplishes more the more I have to do. So, for example, once I committed to joining NaNoWriMo, I have been able to write several blog posts in addition to the 8500+ words on my novel and a mission statement...

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Ode to Insomnia

By Lisa KramerNovember 3, 20137

You creep into my bed, a sensual spirit of the night But rather than giving love, you tend to give me fright. You fill my mind with thoughts and words and words  and words. . .  and words As worries flit throughout my brain like a bunch of angry birds. Oh insomnia, insomnia, why must...

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Embracing the NaNo

By Lisa KramerNovember 2, 201318

For several years I’ve been kind of anti the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) because in some ways I believe it establishes a false relationship between word count and quality work. Several years ago, in my own teaching, I got rid of word count and/or page limits on papers that I’ve assigned to my classes....

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Lisa’s Guide to a Fabulous Friday

By Lisa KramerNovember 1, 20132

First, if you are able, schedule all of your “must leave the house” jobs and or appointments for earlier in the week, so that your Friday can officially begin on Thursday evening. Then hide the smile when you discover that only one guest is allowed to attend squid day at school, while doing a secret...

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Clear Writing Counts

By Lisa KramerNovember 1, 20134

  We can’t all be brilliant writers. Just as we can’t all be brilliant mathematicians, painters, doctors, musicians, scientists, speakers, etc., etc. I get that. The line between basic skills and true talent is a thick one–one which requires training, practice, more training, more practice, a lot of hard work (and perhaps a bit of...

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Things that Go Bump in Your Mind

By Lisa KramerOctober 30, 20138

‘Tis the season of creaks and squeaks and ghostly imaginings. I just realized that Halloween is tomorrow, and I haven’t done my usual number of spooky posts and reflections on things that go bump in the night. Anyone who has followed me for a while now realizes that I have a fascination with the supernatural....

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Going for the Goals

By Lisa KramerOctober 30, 20138

In an attempt to stick to my promises to myself, today I started working on a submission for a children’s poetry contest. (If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am an eclectic writer who just loves words and writes anything that I feel like writing.)  As I was working on it, however, I remembered...

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In Search of Inspiration

By Lisa KramerOctober 28, 201319

  I have another confession to make . . . I often envy the people like artists and musicians who go out and make their art without letting life get in their way. I’m not talking about the big names or the movies stars, but the people who create their work and sell it at...

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Thoughts on a Sunday

By Lisa KramerOctober 27, 20135

It’s that time of week again, when I want to take a moment to reflect on the good things in life, the small blessings that happen, the things we often forget as we focus on the trials and tribulations of living. The sun is shining its golden glow through the trees and into my house...

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For the Love of Learning

By Lisa KramerOctober 24, 20138

I sat in my class this morning as two different groups did presentations for the assignment I called “Performance Traditions Presentations.” This was the assignment I created so that my class could learn about various types of theatre and performance without me actually having to lecture about them (have I ever mentioned how much I...

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Time to Stop Talking and Start Doing

By Lisa KramerOctober 23, 201325

I have a confession to make. I am a big dreamer who accomplishes a lot of things,  but when it comes to that last push–the scariest step–I often stop before I try. However, over the past few weeks or months something is shifting inside me. The other day, when I went to a Paint Night...

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Lessons Learned on My Legs

By Lisa KramerOctober 21, 20136

Over the past 10 days I’ve walked a lot. My legs are tired. I’ve been on three planes, two buses and slept in three different states. We walked through four different Disney Parks, and we walked through the streets of Manhattan to see an incredible performance of The Girl Without Wings.  We walked until our feet...

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Some Exciting News

By Lisa KramerOctober 17, 20136

First, our adventures in Disney World was, overall, a success despite a few moments of insanity and emotional turmoil. Yesterday I received word that my session entitled “From Stage to Page: Using Creative Dramatics to Inspire Writing” has been accepted for the SCBWI New England Conference in May. I’m excited and nervous to take the next...

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In Search of Blessings

By Lisa KramerOctober 13, 20136

A few weeks ago I promised myself to focus at least once a week on the things I am blessed by, the moments I am grateful for. Today I really need to do that. Despite being at the “happiest place on earth” I am dealing with an emotional roller coaster and several challenges that lead...

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In Case You Miss Me

By Lisa KramerOctober 12, 20135

Hi all! I’m spending a few days getting in touch with my inner child in the world where imagination soars. We spent last night celebrating Halloween with Mickey and friends. My little Minion could hardly contain her excitement. My favorite part had to be watching her excitement as she watched the parade and the fireworks...

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The Unexpected (100 WCGU)

By Lisa KramerOctober 8, 201310

This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is ” . . . fall . . . “ I didn’t see it coming. You know how one day you look outside and the world is green, but the next a golden-red-purple-orange burst has exploded over the universe? You know it will happen, but yet when...

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The “Other-ing” of Women: Race,Culture, and Politics

By Lisa KramerOctober 7, 20136

“Her questions, after all, are Miss Anne’s questions (though taken to dangerous extremes), as pressing now as they were almost a hundred years ago: Can we alter our identities, and, if so, how? What, if anything, do we owe those with whom we are categorized? Does freedom mean escaping our social categories or inhabiting those...

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The Thing About Bullying

By Lisa KramerOctober 5, 201314

I’ve come to a disturbing realization this week. As much as I’d like to think otherwise, it seems to me that it is part of human nature to bully. This doesn’t mean I’m condoning the act of bullying–I find it repulsive and inexcusable in a society that claims to be intelligent–but the evidence is overwhelming....

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There Are Days . . .

By Lisa KramerOctober 4, 20134

There are days when everything seems just a little bit harder and the blessings seem farther away. But those are they days when we should focus on them the most. I have a family that loves me and supports me even in my craziest dreams. I have a way of making a living that hasn’t...

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When Life Falls into Place

By Lisa KramerOctober 2, 20136

I love this time of year. It always carries with it a sense of new beginnings and possibilities, even as it represents a fading of the old. The cycle of life, death and rebirth. Perhaps my love for autumn stems from the fact that I still follow the rhythms of the academic calendar. Or perhaps...

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Enough is Enough

By Lisa KramerOctober 1, 201311

This could be a rant about our dysfunctional government, but it’s not. I have nothing to say that hasn’t already been said. This could be a rage against a corrupt system where the rich get richer, the poor disappear, and the middle-class implodes . . . but it’s not. The reality speaks for itself. This...

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Embracing My Blessings

By Lisa KramerSeptember 29, 201319

This morning I read a post from one of my favorite bloggers, who never fails to bring me a sense of peace through her writing. Today, Kathy of Lake Superior Spirit announced this in her post called “Count our Blessings” blogging practice: “Once a week in October, November and December I will  share Blessings, both...

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From Thrill to Fear in Five Minutes

By Lisa KramerSeptember 28, 20137

Last night I went from “I’M SO EXCITED I WANT TO DANCE IN THE STREETS!” to “Meep! I’m skeered” in about five minutes flat, only to continue on a roller coaster of emotions for the rest of the evening. What could have done this to me? Well, writing of course. Many of us dream of...

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Race, Culture and Character Development

By Lisa KramerSeptember 27, 201312

As a result of a new-found interest in 1920’s America, and my perennial interest in untold stories of women, I am currently reading Miss Anne in Harlem: The White Women of the Black Renaissance by Carla Kaplan. As I’ve been reading this fascinating and complex look at a place and time that seem simultaneously far removed...

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The Invasion Begins

By Lisa KramerSeptember 27, 20135

What does the word invasion mean to you? Do you picture armies pouring out of spaceships or across borders? Or could it be bugs making their way into your home? Could it be an invasion of microscopic organisms taking over your body? Perhaps its simply a visit from relatives during the holidays. Is an invasion...

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Questions Answered (100WCGU)

By Lisa KramerSeptember 25, 20132

I have been intermittent about joining the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups over at Julia’s Place lately, but I still love her prompts. This week’s challenge (… but there was still enough light…) combined with last Saturday’s adventure and the mysterious character who has been talking to me lately has led me to this little piece...

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A Spirited Evening

By Lisa KramerSeptember 22, 201330

. . . and I didn’t even have any wine. It all started, I suppose, when I met a woman whom I believe was destined to become a good friend. ““Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.”...

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Redefining Words in Today’s World

By Lisa KramerSeptember 21, 20137

I have come to the conclusion that my understanding of words seems to be completely different from many other people’s understanding. Now, of course that’s not true, but it seems that way based on the adventures in misunderstanding and mis-communication I’ve experienced this week. For example, consider the following words: Collaboration To me it means...

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Where do you Begin?

By Lisa KramerSeptember 20, 20134

When you know that something has to change Where do you begin? When  your heart screams out this must be fixed Where do you begin? When your head is filled with too many thoughts Where do you begin? When you know inside this isn’t enough Where do you begin? When your dreams could go so...

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Excuses, Entitlement, Expectations, and Education

By Lisa KramerSeptember 19, 20137

Over the past few years (and particularly over recent weeks) I have heard variations of these from any number of students: “I didn’t come to class last week because I had to go to court. If I bring in proof (paperwork) can I make up the work for the days I missed? I have to...

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Shaking Hands with My Characters: The Physicality of Writing

By Lisa KramerSeptember 18, 201317

I hear a voice in my head. She begins speaking when I’m walking, or taking a shower, or trying to sleep. She starts to tell me her story. I sit at the computer screen and hope to capture the story, but nothing happens. I’m not blocked, exactly. It’s just that she doesn’t want to speak...

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Theme-Thology Revealed

By Lisa KramerSeptember 15, 201310

Ladies and Gentleman! Kind Readers and Friends! I am happy to announce that my short fiction story, “Voices” comes out at the end of this month in I am honored and excited to be included in the first of the Theme-Thology series put out by HDWP Books. The 15 stories are all unique and represent a variety...

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Dreaming Through Young Eyes

By Lisa KramerSeptember 14, 20136

I turned to the man sitting next to me, who had asked me a question that sounded like “mind if I interview you?” It was John Stewart. “Um, sure . . . ” I stammered, “but could I ask you a few questions as well?” I look down and realize I am dressed in pajamas:...

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Teaching, Touching, Transition and Theatre

By Lisa KramerSeptember 13, 20131

There are moments when it all comes together and makes sense. There are moments when you know, deep inside, that something you are doing is making a small difference in the world. Maybe it’s not going to bring about world peace, or solve world hunger, or save the environment–but sometimes you know that you’ve done...

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Embracing Convenience or Hiding from Contact?

By Lisa KramerSeptember 11, 201314

This semester, in addition to two traditional classes, I’m teaching an online Introduction to Theatre course. I accepted this class for several reasons: it pays slightly better than the live courses I’m teaching I’ve taught online literature and writing courses and enjoyed them the schedule is somewhat flexible in that I don’t have to be...

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Slow Down for Quality

By Lisa KramerSeptember 7, 201310

“If you’re having difficulty coming up with new ideas, then slow down. For me, slowing down has been a tremendous source of creativity. It has allowed me to open up — to know that there’s life under the earth and that I have to let it come through me in a new way. Creativity exists...

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A Best Selling Author? Really?!!

By Lisa KramerSeptember 6, 201332

I’m reading a book. I’m not going to name the book or the author because I don’t want this post to be a destruction of somebody’s work.  Let’s just say that my husband started laughing at the faces I was making as I read this book, especially after I shared with him some of the...

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Restless Stories

By Lisa KramerSeptember 4, 201310

I am restless. I wander through words and ideas aimlessly, meandering, hoping that someone’s voice will call out “Tell my story!” “Tell my story!” Today, the talented Andra Watkins shared her concerns about writing, and about the connections between writers and their characters.  She writes: I mean, at this point, I think anyone who decides to...

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Elusive (100WCGU)

By Lisa KramerSeptember 3, 201317

For this weeks 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, the prompt is “silence” but without using the actual word. Where can we go to find something so elusive? The bravest among us may climb to the highest peaks and find it there. It can sometimes be found in the wilderness, beyond the touch of man,...

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What (exactly) am I Afraid of?

By Lisa KramerAugust 29, 201323

With tentative fingers I type in the words to search for agents who might be looking for new clients, who might find my work matches their needs.  I have avoided this task, using every excuse in the book about why I can’t do it. My internet connection isn’t good. I don’t have the money to...

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I Hope We Dance

By Lisa KramerAugust 28, 20136

I admit, I had a verklempt moment this morning as I watched my daughter wait to go into school to start 5th grade with a huge smile on her face, standing next to one of her close friends whose already taller than I. Tears welled up inside and I pushed them down. “Where did the time...

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The Truth About the Arts: Art is Activism

By Lisa KramerAugust 25, 20135

The other day I got an e-mail from a student in one of my upcoming Introduction to Theatre classes questioning my choice of text because, in his opinion, the first two chapters spoke heavily about theatre for political activism, and he did not want to take a class that focused on Political Theatre. In typical...

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Cleansing Body and Mind

By Lisa KramerAugust 24, 20138

After a summer where I gained weight rather than losing, partially because of a diet that consisted (through no choice of my own) largely of processed food, we decided to get things off to a fresh start beginning with a 48 cleanse. 48 hours later, and I feel . . . well a little less...

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Thoughts from the Roof, the Road, and Points in Between

By Lisa KramerAugust 20, 20135

I’ve often written about life as a journey. In many ways, that is the guiding metaphor for my life recently. Because of that, interesting things happen when you commit to taking an actual journey. A compact version of the journey of life, with the only difference being you know your destination (home), your traveling companions...

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A Gorilla Story

By Lisa KramerAugust 16, 201329

He sat eating grass, contented with the peaceful moment despite the chatter of strange creatures watching him from behind an invisible wall. For the most part he could ignore them, as they were always basically the same–endless variations of mostly hairless creatures who walked on two legs, sometimes pushing their young in unusual contraptions. They...

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The Mind/Body Dichotomy

By Lisa KramerAugust 11, 20137

I suppose it happens to everyone. Inside we think of ourselves as an age that speaks to us (my internal age varies between 18 and around 25 or 26). Sometimes I am still that person who just graduated high school, and believes in the possibility that all my dreams can come true. I am still...

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The End of the Season (100 WCGU)

By Lisa KramerAugust 9, 20134

The fields begin to fade into golden brown as the mornings become a little cooler. I walk along the path preparing to say farewell. The osprey nest stands empty as the young birds explore their wings.   Beside the theater, a truck awaits the final strike. Nine shows. Ten weeks. A sense of melancholy descends....

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Letting Go and the Mysteries of the Universe . . . or at Least the Blogosphere

By Lisa KramerAugust 8, 20137

Over the past week or so, I’ve been forced to let go . . . and that’s been an interesting and in some ways inspiring experience. It’s opened my eyes to the mysterious workings of the universe. It all started last week, the day after I wrote my 100 Word Challenge post,  when I decided to...

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Conscious Creativity (100 WCGU)

By Lisa KramerJuly 30, 201313

It’s been a while since I’ve entered Julia’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups, but this one seemed fun and. . .  challenging . . . so here goes. The challenge is: The roman numeral for 100 is C so let’s make it the ‘Big C’. It can be any topic, any genre but to add a twist, each line...

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The Roots of Writing

By Lisa KramerJuly 29, 201311

“When did you start writing?” one of the student actors asked me the other day. “Well, I’ve been writing forever. But I only started trying to submit and commit to writing seriously a few years ago,” I said. His question made me wonder why I didn’t start sooner, since I have been writing my entire...

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A Little Osprey Tale

By Lisa KramerJuly 26, 20138

Picture a giant bird flying a defensive maneuver with a large, bright orange koi dangling in its talons like a flag. The koi (stolen, I presume, from one of the expensively maintained koi ponds in the area) seemed poised to smack me in the face leaving me sprawling on the trail covered in scales and,...

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It’s a Musical Life

By Lisa KramerJuly 25, 20132

In my next life, I want to come back as a musician. Or, I want to live in an alternative world where everything is expressed in song. This summer has been full of song, and each musical moment only serves to spark something within me. Call it the desire to live as passionately as the...

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Regarding Art, Beauty, Love, and Self-Expression

By Lisa KramerJuly 24, 20134

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton I most doubt myself as a writer when I read those writer’s who somehow dip into a creative world that seems beyond my ability. They use language like a paint brush, creating entire worlds with rich vivid colors. Or they...

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Learning Self-Kindness in the Crazy, Lazy, Creative Daze of Summer

By Lisa KramerJuly 22, 201312

Ah, summertime! Long days, short nights, an abundance of time to accomplish all kinds of projects and plans, or simply sit and do nothing . . . Too bad the nothing so often overwhelms the something. In many ways, I know that I’m a lucky person. While I work hard year round, I have this...

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Three Slices at a Time

By Lisa KramerJuly 15, 201314

Something has shifted in me this summer, for the better I hope. I don’t know if its being surrounded by creative people who are here for one purpose, or the flexibility of my schedule without lots of added pressure, or simply something inside myself. I don’t want to question it, really. Something has shifted and...

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A Mourning Surprise

By Lisa KramerJuly 11, 201319

Last night I went to see the Okoboji Summer Theatre production of MY WAY. I missed the opening night on Tuesday because I was doing a round trip drive to pick a director up in Minneapolis (3+ hours one way). I’d been looking forward to the production for a number of reasons: who doesn’t like...

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Getting to Know You . . .

By Lisa KramerJuly 8, 201347

Hello everyone! Welcome new subscribers! I’m sitting here in one of my favorite summer coffee shop escapes, thinking about the life of my blog/website. My move over from the original Woman Wielding Words led to a HUGE drop in followers. Understandable, I suppose. I try not to take it personally. I have also noticed a general...

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This is Me

By Lisa KramerJuly 6, 201310

“Did you ever look in the mirror so long that your face didn’t make sense anymore? It just becomes all these shapes. Just shapes. Not good or bad.” (Noelle, TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS) It happens more and more often lately. I look at a picture of myself and I say, that can’t possibly be...

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I Dance With Light

By Lisa KramerJuly 5, 20131

I was once a human child, but that was not my destiny. I was born to share the secrets that can only be heard and felt in the between times–in the time when darkness and light meet to allow entry between worlds. I am one of the guardians of the gate, one of the dancers...

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I Hear Them . . .

By Lisa KramerJuly 4, 20134

I hear them, calling out to me, in voices that whisper just beyond understanding. “Tell my story,” they say. “Let my voice be heard.” “Pick me, pick me!”   Unknown voices from the past whose stories have yet to be told. Souls wandering the earth, yearning to be heard, to connect, to be remembered. Spirits...

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The Moon Made Me Do It

By Lisa KramerJuly 2, 20138

I was browsing through some random writing from the past few months in search of inspiration and found this so I thought I’d share. Enjoy! 😉 I couldn’t help myself. The moon shone silver and spectacular, opulent in its pregnant fullness. It called out my name in a voice I hear with my body, not...

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Life at One Inch

By Lisa KramerJuly 1, 20138

Hello! Hello down there. Can you see me? Look up. Way up. I’m visiting with my friends the osprey family and I noticed you walking by.   You might think it’s dangerous for a small person like myself to hang out with osprey, but that’s just foolish big people thinking. Tiny people know how to...

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Words Should Be More Powerful Than Money

By Lisa KramerJune 30, 201310

Soap Box Time! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been inundated today with e-mails requesting donations to support causes I believe in, and programs I admire. Many of them are, of course, political. I don’t have money to give–but there’s more to my reluctance to donate than that simple fact. I believe that money...

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The Lazy Daze of Summer

By Lisa KramerJune 28, 201317

It was a long time coming this year. With Sarah’s school dragging out until last Monday, and a dance recital that happened last Saturday, summer took its own sweet time getting here this year. Of course, from the end of school we had to finish packing, shut down the house, drive in the heat to...

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Confused Thoughts on a Changing World

By Lisa KramerJune 27, 20137

My thoughts fly through the air like silken ribbons of color escaping on a whirlwind. I try to gather them together in search of meaning, of hope. They elude me. I look for signs of possibility in the creative life around me . . . by reading the words of others, by watching a choreographer...

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The Moon Calls

By Lisa KramerJune 24, 201312

In honor of the super moon, I thought I would repost this little piece of fiction originally posted on March 21, 2011 at Women Wielding Words (the former incarnation of this blog) The Woman moves silently through the sleeping household, pulling on a silken bathrobe as she cautiously makes her way toward the sliding back...

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Reading Recommendations

By Lisa KramerJune 23, 201312

For a short time as I ventured deeper into the world of writing, I thought I would write book reviews as a way of building a larger audience. That didn’t last long for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important reason, in my opinion, is that reviews tend to either crush the breath out...

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Pirate Captain Sarah Lee* Reporting for Blogging Duty

By Lisa KramerJune 21, 201316

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to a Pirate Picnic at Sarah’s school, which really entailed her fourth grade classmates sharing a booklet of writing about pirates with their guests while sitting on a towel in the gym and nibbling on snacks.  They all prepared little booklets that contained narrative writing, descriptive writing, opinion writing,...

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Morning Moments

By Lisa KramerJune 20, 201310

I wake, early as usual, torn between relishing the moments of silence and yearning to return to sleep.  I glance over to my daughter sleeping beside me, after a middle of the night journey into my room. “I can’t sleep,” she said. “Climb in,” I said, too tired to fight. I didn’t notice until this...

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Sometimes Dreams Require a Helping Hand

By Lisa KramerJune 19, 20139

  We all have dreams. We all have goals in life that keep us moving in some kind of direction, even if the destination lies in the mist ahead. So many of us who write blogs dream of becoming published authors, but that’s not the only dream that exists in this blogging world. Some dream...

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It’s Not About Me! A Morning Epiphany

By Lisa KramerJune 18, 201314

“All of them, the novelists, the story writers, the poets, desperately long to win. If there is a prize, then there is someone somewhere on earth who desires it. Grown men pace their homes and scheme about ways to win things, and small children hyperventilate over the prospect of gold-plated trophies for penmanship, for swimming,...

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I Love it When . . .

By Lisa KramerJune 17, 20137

I love it when . . . . . . my words and ideas flow from me with a life of their own. . . . I can revisit ideas that never quite came to fruition, and give them new life. . . . I don’t let my fears and doubts stop me. I dive...

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I Have a Dream . . . What’s Yours?

By Lisa KramerJune 13, 20139

As I was listening to “Tell Me More” on NPR today, they announced that they are looking for people to contribute their own dreams or their own versions of an “I Have a Dream” speech to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s speech. (For more information about this click here). That made me...

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Literacy Learned and Performed

By Lisa KramerJune 13, 20131

“Hello everyone, Saturday’s performance of In our own voices was a great success.   I estimate that we had 150 in total attendance and most of the attendees were families of the children in the program.   I know it was a bit stressful for the staff to do the extra work, but it payed off to...

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The Dark Side of Magic

By Lisa KramerJune 13, 20137

Don’t listen to the fairy tales, my children. Listen, instead, to me. I can teach you about magic, for I learned the lesson the hard way. Of course, I know you won’t heed my warnings. You won’t listen to my evidence. You won’t hear. You will choose to believe what you want to believe. You...

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Juggling Time

By Lisa KramerJune 12, 201314

I like writing in the morning Ding dong, the words are gonna fly Character’s speaking Adventures peaking It quickly makes the time go by! [Sung to the tune of “I’m Getting Married in the Morning] I have recently realized that I am a morning person. I prefer to do everything in the morning: exercise, run...

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Endings and New Beginnings

By Lisa KramerJune 10, 20134

“Today’s show, “Hit the Road,” stories of heading out into the unknown during the time in your life when it means the most, specifically when you are still figuring out who you are.” (Ira Glass)   The above quote from Ira Glass can be heard when he introduces Act II of “Hit the Road” on This...

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Living a Life of Passion

By Lisa KramerJune 7, 20133

Once in a while I’m reminded that there are people out there who have mastered the art of living life with joy and passion–they represent the goal and the dream. Artists, writers, non-profit advocates–people who don’t think about the paycheck or the title, but live to create, to learn, to share, to love, and to...

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Writing as a Group

By Lisa KramerJune 6, 20133

I have a friend who meets with me for a mini-writing group of sorts. We talk, share our writing dreams, sometimes  share things we’ve been working on, and then give each other a quick writing challenge. Yesterday, I dragged my brother along, as he is with me, since he is here playing “Uncle Dad” to...

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Those Who Can’t . . .

By Lisa KramerJune 5, 20137

Don’t say it. The end of that phrase is not “teach.” I would argue those who can’t . . . drive people who can insane. I’m talking about people with BIG ideas who have no clue about the minutiae, the details, and the realities behind achieving those ideas. I’m talking about the people who make...

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A Journey Toward Healing

By Lisa KramerJune 4, 201320

Last night I dreamt of snakes. Don’t worry. Despite the fact that there were a lot of snakes, and that the dream had some truly terrifying moments, I woke up realizing that it was not, in fact, a bad dream. According to Dream Moods, an on-line dream dictionary I sometimes go to, dreaming about snakes...

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Feminist High-Five: Reclaiming the Words

By Lisa KramerMay 30, 201319

This morning, Victoria Nelson’s post “Why is Feminism Such a Scary Word?” had me thinking about how words define us, and how often we allow other’s to hijack those definitions. For example, how many of you out there have trouble saying this phrase out loud? “I am a writer.” It’s a simple phrase, right. But for...

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Confessions of a Book-aholic

By Lisa KramerMay 26, 201314

Hello, my name is Lisa and I love books. I know . . . I know . . . shocker, right? However, given the number of times I’ve packed up and moved to various points across the country (including to and from Hawaii) and even to and from Japan, my love of books is a...

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Wisdom of the Crone

By Lisa KramerMay 24, 20132

You look at me and call me Crone. Ancient, wrinkled, old. Or perhaps you don’t look at me at all. Perhaps you are one of those people who can only see those whose flesh contains the juices of  young blood, young life. I had the beauty of youth once. I was not born old. Some said...

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Today He Would Have Been 80

By Lisa KramerMay 22, 201313

We should celebrate you today, with cake and ice cream, laughter and smiles. But you left us much to soon. I miss you Dad! Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt so much if the ravages of a cruel disease hadn’t taken you before your time as you faded into your own memories and we watched you go ....

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Zentangling Myself

By Lisa KramerMay 19, 20139

“Anything is possible, one stroke at a time.” (Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas) The other day a new friend gave me a gift. I shared with her my worry that my brain and emotions are out of control, whizzing around like a buzzing beehive of thoughts and ideas but never stopping to rest. I cannot...

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The Unheard Voice

By Lisa KramerMay 18, 20132

She speaks in words loud and clear and yet remains unheard; as minds and voices with determined ears overturn her words. It matters not what this woman thinks or what she has to say their minds are set their goals are clear they will have their way. The woman screams a silent scream and reaches...

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The Wish, the Wait, the Fear

By Lisa KramerMay 17, 2013Comments Off

I wrote this as an exercise this morning when meeting with my writing buddy, Tammie. Be warned, it is a fictional response to my mammogram yesterday. Enjoy. I hover in the corner and wish I could erase the discomfort and fear that my daughter tries to hide, as she stands in an awkward, twisted position;...

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My Daughter’s Future

By Lisa KramerMay 17, 201310

My daughter is in fourth grade. Her elementary school decided to have a college day today, as I believe the high school is holding an actual college day with visits from colleges. In Sarah’s school, they wanted the kids to wear college paraphernalia to celebrate college day. Sarah wanted to wear something from the college...

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Reaching for My Better Self

By Lisa KramerMay 15, 20138

  “Don’t strive to be better than others: strive to be better than  your best self.” (Sophia Bedford-Pierce THE KEY TO LIFE) This quote greeted me as I opened to the next blank page in my Morning Pages this morning. It resonated with truth. I know that one of my biggest personal challenges is worrying...

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Loving Learning vs. Gathering Grades

By Lisa KramerMay 14, 201312

I have just spent the past few days in that end of the semester hell known as grading. I know . . . I know, I do this to myself by insisting on final projects as well as a final exam. After what feels like the millionth time teaching Introduction to Theatre to students who...

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Waitin’ (100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups)

By Lisa KramerMay 13, 201314

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these, but it’s time to dip my foot into these challenges once again. Be sure to visit the challenge to read other entries or join in the fun.   This week’s 100 Word Challenge is a picture prompt: Waitin’ I remember standin’ with Jenna, waitin’ for somethin’...

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I Hate Writing Bios and Other Random Thoughts

By Lisa KramerMay 13, 201310

I’ve spent the morning trying to catch up on a variety of short projects while I wait for the next influx of grading which is about to invade. Have I mentioned how much I hate grading? But this isn’t a post about grading, or a rant about the students who want to save their grades...

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To Follow or Not to Follow

By Lisa KramerMay 12, 201315

Lately I’ve been thinking about how and why people follow blogs and websites. Since trying to make the transition to this new home, I have had several people follow the original Woman Wielding Words, while very few have made the transition over to here.  Obviously these new readers must be finding past posts, and following...

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Creating the Space to Create

By Lisa KramerMay 11, 201317

“Exercise the writing muscle every day, even if it is only a letter, notes, a title list, a character sketch, a journal entry. Writers are like dancers, like athletes. Without that exercise, the muscles seize up.” Jane Yolen We’ve all heard the advice that if you want to be a writer, you must “write every...

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A Spot of Silliness in Celebration of Words

By Lisa KramerMay 9, 2013Comments Off

    Today I’d like to celebrate the words I love to say; words that scintillate words that titillate and words that have their way every time you write them down or speak them to a crowd, these words have ways of standing out and proclaiming that they’re proud of being words so eloquent that...

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A Whirlwind of Change

By Lisa KramerMay 8, 20137

My life seems to have taken on a new metaphor. I’ll need to use mixed metaphors to explain, please bear with me. Last week I was mired in the chaos of too many things that seemed beyond my control. I was on a speeding train, going nowhere. I woke every night in the middle and...

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Welcome to My New Home

By Lisa KramerMay 7, 201319

I have been blogging over at Woman Wielding Words for over three years and thousands of miles. Literally, thousands of miles and millions of words. Since my first blog post there I have moved from Colorado to Iowa (for the summers) to Kansas and then back to my original home state of Massachusetts. I’ve driven cross-country...

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Learning My Own Lessons

By Lisa KramerApril 9, 20132

Since January I have been involved in an after-school literacy through drama program at three inner-city schools called “In Our Own Voices.” The intent of this program, which is being supported by grants from 21st Century and United way, was to reach out to English Language Learner’s from the various populations at these schools (but...

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The Woven Tale Press

By Lisa KramerMarch 22, 20131

Announcement! I have just been added to the first edition of The Woven Press put out by Sandra at A Writer Weaves a Tale for a post from Women Wielding Words.  Enjoy this collection of wonderful posts from across the blogosphere.  

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Inspiring Creativity in Unexpected Places

By Lisa KramerJanuary 23, 2013Comments Off

  At one state university I taught an Intro to Theatre class, which I’ve taught many times before to similar groups of students–a spattering of students who signed up because of an actual interest mixed with a majority who signed up to fulfill a requirement and figured it would be  an easy class. The second...

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Random Thoughts from a Random Mind

By Lisa KramerOctober 5, 2012Comments Off

This has been a gray week. My mind has been in a muddle, where words, ideas, thoughts, frustrations, hopes, and fear all wander through the fog that seeps into my brain from the outside–from the weather–and makes me feel unable to accomplish anything. Today, however, the golden fall sunshine seems to have decided to make...

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Rainy Day Blues

By Lisa KramerJuly 28, 2012Comments Off

Since it is raining today, and I am still suffering from SBD as well as feeling completely uninspired, I thought I would recycle and old post that many have probably never read.  Enjoy! ORIGINALLY POSTED ON NOVEMBER 10, 2011 Warning, it is completely possible that I have lost my mind. And now for your entertainment a ridiculous...

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The Power of Timeless Words

By Lisa KramerJune 2, 2012Comments Off

I just read an amazing book. It contains words, as books usually do, and offers clarity that can speak to people from any generation, especially women but I think the lessons apply to both sexes. It contains poetry, imagery, honesty, insight, and peace. While I bought the Kindle version, I wish I owned a hard...

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Special Projects that Touch Your Heart and Change the World

By Lisa KramerMay 30, 20121

The past few years have been years full of unexpected opportunities for me, where I have been asked to use my skills to work with surprising populations. Each of these experiences has made me grow as a person, as an artist, and as an advocate for the power of the arts to change lives. While...

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Happy Sigh Day

By Lisa KramerNovember 27, 2011Comments Off

I started a different post yesterday, that I thought I’d finish today. But instead today has turned out to be a Sigh Day. A Sigh Day? What’s a sigh day? Perhaps a quote will help you understand: “Halfway down the stairs, is a stair, where I sit. There isn’t any, other stair, quite like, it....

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OCCUPY THANKSGIVING Meets the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups

By Lisa KramerNovember 21, 2011Comments Off

This week  marks the 20th 100 Word Challenge over at Julia’s Place. I think I have missed a couple, but it has been a wonderful journey through incredible writing. As usual, Julia has set us an interesting challenge. In her words: Now for this week we are going topical again. The King James bible celebrated...

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OCCUPY THANKSGIVING: Thinking Thankfully

By Lisa KramerNovember 21, 2011Comments Off

This weekend was a challenge. Between teaching classes for students who, I believe, had already started Thanksgiving break in their minds (despite the fact that they still have 2 1/2 days of school this week); avoiding the course about self-publishing which has me completely intimidated and realizing I have a lot of work left to...

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Riding on the Coattails of Fame

By Lisa KramerNovember 19, 2011Comments Off

I heard a radio advertisement yesterday that the great  great (great?) grandson of Charles Dickens would be presenting a reading of A Christmas Carol somewhere, creating different voices of all the characters. Interesting? Perhaps, but it got me thinking about how many people get opportunities to publish, to speak, to act, to . . . whatever,...

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500 Posts, Now What?

By Lisa KramerNovember 18, 2011Comments Off

I haven’t really been paying attention to how many posts I’ve written until my brother posted his 200th post yesterday. When I glanced at the number I saw 499, and thought, wow I should celebrate 500. This is by no means to diminish Steve’s accomplishment, as I have been at this longer, but it is...

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Rainy Day Blues

By Lisa KramerNovember 11, 2011Comments Off

  Warning, it is completely possible that I have lost my mind. And now for your entertainment a ridiculous song that sings the blues. Join me by adding “Ba da da da”, at appropriate points in your head. Well I woke up this mornin’ with a plan in my head of going for a walk...

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Life’s Wisdom Learned in Works for Children

By Lisa KramerNovember 9, 2011Comments Off

Whenever the craziness and insanity of our world gets to be too much, I find myself turning to old favorite things for comfort. Sometimes that means putting in a good romantic comedy (When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, Notting Hill, or The Holiday are my recent go to picks). But, more often than not,...

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Announcements, Challenges, and a Little Poetry

By Lisa KramerNovember 8, 2011Comments Off

Announcement I am an idiot. Yes, I even surpass the idiocy of The Idiot by not recognizing the power of web addresses. (Side note, I linked you to a non-idiotic post for Mark, because we all need to send some positive energy his way tomorrow). See for a long time I though my blog address...

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Weaving Webs with Words

By Lisa KramerOctober 28, 2011Comments Off

The other day Hilary posted “Dream Weaver” using the metaphor of a tapestry to explain the journey of life: “The journey into the past revealed a depth of memory, a rich tapestry of experience and opportunity for growth.” This post resonated with me, as I have often used words like tapestry or weaving to explain...

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Life is About Learning: Celebrating Fabulous Friends III

By Lisa KramerOctober 26, 2011Comments Off

I know a lot of intelligent people. Since I’ve spent most of my life connected in some way with academia, I have often been surrounded by people who blow me away with the way their minds work. But this morning I had a little revelation, life is not about what you know but about continuing...

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Leaping into Possibility

By Lisa KramerOctober 25, 2011Comments Off

Yesterday I was presented with an opportunity. This is not an employment opportunity, as a matter of fact it is an expensive opportunity. But it is an important opportunity nonetheless. op·por·tu·ni·ty http://sp.dictionary.com/dictstatic/d/g/speaker.swf [op-er-too-ni-tee, -tyoo-] noun, plural -ties. 1.an appropriate or favorable time or occasion. 2. a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal. 3. a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success. (dictionary.com) Rambling Thoughts When I first saw this adventure posted on my Facebook page, my thoughts went like this: “Wow!...

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A”maze”ing Words and Surprising Discoveries

By Lisa KramerOctober 24, 2011Comments Off

Meandering Through a Muddle of Words We spent yesterday wandering through a corn maze made in the shape of Noah Webster. The challenge (in order to win a free small pumpkin) was to make your way through the maze finding the words in a giant word search, letter by letter.  Amazingly enough we managed to...

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Night Marchers in the Bathroom Help Me Discover Another Fabulous Friend

By Lisa KramerOctober 17, 2011Comments Off

When New Friends Meet “Oh my God, Lisa! You have to get in here!” The cry came from the bathroom of my apartment in Hawaii. It was a strange cry coming from a relatively new friend, also named Lisa, who was taking a shower at my place when a day of getting to know each...

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Monsters in the Closet and Other Scary Stuff

By Lisa KramerOctober 16, 2011Comments Off

“I can’t sleep with the closet door open.” I made this statement on one of the rare occasions when the entire Kramer family was gathered together. My mother looked at me as if I was completely insane and said, “Really? You’re kidding!” “No, I’m not. I’m afraid of monsters in the closet. I know they...

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Don’t Wait . . . Create

By Lisa KramerOctober 11, 2011Comments Off

I had an epiphany in the middle of the night last week. It was not a religious epiphany or something that can save the world. I awoke from a dream with a feeling of peace and a moment of clarity. I finally understood what has been holding me down from truly pursuing my dream to...

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The Meaning of Freedom

By Lisa KramerOctober 8, 2011Comments Off

Someone posted this image and quote on Facebook, and my heart sang. Thinking about the word freedom then led to my feeble attempt at poetry below. Freedom from . . . Or freedom to . . . Which is it that I seek? Freedom with . . . Or freedom for . . . The...

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The Highs and Lows of Blogging

By Lisa KramerOctober 3, 2011Comments Off

I have a disturbing confession to make. It appears that I write better when I am high. 😀 Seriously, I’ve been struggling with a lot of back pain lately, and since I can’t get to the doctor or the chiropractor until our health insurance kicks in, I resorted to taking some of my leftover prescription...

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The Art of Being Lost

By Lisa KramerSeptember 30, 2011Comments Off

Morning Pages, if you don’t know, are a creation of Julie Cameron from The Artist’s Way that asks you to write three-pages every morning. Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages– they are not high art....

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I Am the Best . . . But

By Lisa KramerSeptember 27, 2011Comments Off

Do you ever do that? Do you ever try to list your accomplishments or say something good about yourself, only to qualify it five seconds later? I realized yesterday that I do it all the time and it needs to stop. It is affecting my ability to create the life I want, as I discuss...

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Today I Dislike Words

By Lisa KramerSeptember 19, 2011Comments Off

Yes. Me. The person who manages to post despite having no regular access to internet (STILL). The person who sometimes posts multiple times in one day. The person who loves language and plays with prose whenever she can. I HATE words. Not all words, just certain ones that torture me by their existence, by their...

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The Flavors of Fall

By Lisa KramerSeptember 18, 2011Comments Off

Autumn has always been my favorite season. The change has only just begun, but it never fails to create a feeling of excitement and awe in me. I don’t know exactly what it is about the fall. Perhaps it is because even now it seems more like the beginning of the a new year to...

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Life Update: Painting Progress, Evil Internet, and Other Foibles of Life

By Lisa KramerSeptember 16, 2011Comments Off

As you know I have been waiting for home internet to make my life a little easier, and it was scheduled to go on-line on September 13th. But NO . . . that would simply be too easy. We are not 100% sure what the problem is, but I still have to wander from coffee...

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Playing With Time

By Lisa KramerSeptember 14, 2011Comments Off

Have you ever noticed how much time controls us? Time, a concept created by man to create order in the universe, has become a torture device. If you take a moment to look up time in the dictionary, you will discover more than a column of definitions and uses. Time guides when we get up...

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Highs and Lows

By Lisa KramerSeptember 13, 2011Comments Off

Yesterday I was on a high, single-handedly conquering the world and changing my life one word and blog post at a time. Today I feel like crawling into my bed and hiding under the covers in a fetal position. What happened between yesterday and today? I simply don’t know. I got so much positive feedback...

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Revealing My Strengths

By Lisa KramerSeptember 12, 2011Comments Off

My commitment and search to reinvent myself has begun more seriously now. I’m taking steps toward earning a living, creating employment, and understanding myself better so that I am not just doing a job but embracing living and working in the most fulfilling way possible. I’m not going to go into too many details here,...

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From Floods to Fairies and Future Possibilities

By Lisa KramerSeptember 10, 2011Comments Off

Thursday dawned with good intentions. I was going to explore the area a little more in search of a coffee shop/book store that looked ideal for my needs. I was going to do a little job searching and take advantage of that coffee shop internet. At home, I was going to work on strengthening my...

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The Pros and Cons of a Coffee Shop Office

By Lisa KramerSeptember 7, 2011Comments Off

I am currently sitting in my local Starbucks. Now, of course, I would prefer some other coffee shop, but since I seem to have the innate ability of always choosing the wrong direction lately, I figured I should not take the chance of getting completely lost and stuck with the coffee shop nearest Staples, where...

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Dependent on Technology

By Lisa KramerSeptember 5, 2011Comments Off

Have you ever thought about how dependent we have become on technology? As we drove the last leg of our journey last Tuesday, we went through town after town affected by Hurricane Irene, with power outages and flooding. We only had to back track two times to avoid flooding, but we did have to pay...

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Warning of Self-Defeat, 100 Word Challenge

By Lisa KramerSeptember 1, 2011Comments Off

Since I am behind on posting, reading, commenting and everything blog related, I’m “killing two birds with one stone” to give you an update in the form of the Hundred Word Challenge. Please forgive me for going the personal route this time.  The alarm went off in my head this morning, as I faced the...

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This Time It’s Different, Coming Home to the Unknown

By Lisa KramerAugust 30, 2011Comments Off

“Welcome home, everyone,” I said into the walkie-talkie as we crossed over the border of Massachusetts. Welcome home. Welcome home. The words echoed in my head, each time resonating with new meanings and new messages until the words became meaningless. After all, I am still trying to understand what home means to me. Of course,...

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Travels with Dogs, When Blogging Buddies Meet, Driving Toward Irene, and Happy Feet

By Lisa KramerAugust 28, 2011Comments Off

Some of you have expressed concern as we wend our way east toward Irene, so I will start there. During the drive yesterday from Lexington, KY to Hazelton, WV the only indication of the deluge ahead were wispy clouds across the sky. We even had a gorgeous sunset. Irene only stopped by to say “Hello”...

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Travels with Dogs and Children

By Lisa KramerAugust 25, 2011Comments Off

Last night was one of those nights where I wondered why I am fighting so hard to keep the dogs with me. Of course, the day before was one of those days where I seriously questioned my sanity for ever giving birth to a child as well. 😉 Backtrack to the truck loading day from...

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Farewell is a Hard Word to Say

By Lisa KramerAugust 21, 2011Comments Off

Sometimes I wish I had been one of those people who never left home, and was content staying in the town she grew up in living among family and friends who have known her forever. But I’m not. Instead I have been a person who travels, gathering experiences and friends wherever I go. Yet, I...

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The Journey as Sestina

By Lisa KramerAugust 20, 2011Comments Off

 I felt like writing poetry today, and decided to challenge myself by writing in a form called Sestina. I’ve only used this form once before, in a poem I wrote years ago for my sister called “A Sestina from the Heart”.  MOVING INTO THE UNKNOWN Box by box, item by item, I pack for our...

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“A Dog’s Purpose” Meets the Journey

By Lisa KramerAugust 19, 2011Comments Off

“Can you give away your dogs?” That question, from a rental agent, hit me in the gut as I began searching for a place to live as we make this next move. We still do not know for sure where we will live, because the simple answer to that question was “No.” Can we give...

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Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt

By Lisa KramerAugust 18, 2011Comments Off

I am doing it. The ultimate sacrifice. In the name of a lighter load, I am purging my t-shirt collection. Now, to be fair, I believe I have done this a few times before, as many of my t-shirts seem to have disappeared, but it is never easy. Have you ever thought about the story...

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The Joys and Pains of Packing for a Move

By Lisa KramerAugust 17, 2011Comments Off

Joy: The opportunity to convince your daughter that her collection of pebbles, twigs, candy wrappers, crumpled notes, buttons, ribbons, cute “things”, rub-on tattoos, birthday party swag, and miscellaneous bits of plastic is, in fact, trash. Pain:  Convincing that stubborn 8-year-old of #1. Joy: The opportunity to convince your husband that his collection of wood, twigs, puppet...

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The Path Forward (100 word challenge)

By Lisa KramerAugust 16, 2011Comments Off

As you can tell, my posts seem to be following a theme this week. Please forgive. 😉 The sun shone but could not penetrate the shadowy darkness under the trees, except in tiny ribbons reflecting through dancing leaves. Elaina could only see a few feet down the rough dirt path. She hesitated, looking back, before...

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The Journey in Etheree

By Lisa KramerAugust 16, 2011Comments Off

For the poem, I attempted another etheree, as I thought it would create the image of words moving into the distance down the road. It reads as follows: Now Begins The Journey Moving onward into the unknown. In the distance, a choice as yet unseen, a tunnel a fork in the road to somewhere beyond...

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On the Road Again . . . Into the Unknown

By Lisa KramerAugust 15, 2011Comments Off

I’ve always had the secret fantasy of becoming a singer in a band, sharing music with the masses as I travel from town to town. I have the hidden urge to be a song writer, but that would require me to become much more fluent in the language of music then I currently am. Of...

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Luck, Life, and Inspiration

By Lisa KramerAugust 14, 2011Comments Off

My mind is working at a frenetic pace, bouncing from thought to thought, image to image, idea to idea. It almost feels like my brain is full of thousands of fireflies, butterflies, and hummingbirds racing around in a magical dance whose meaning I could understand and interpret if only I knew the secret language of...

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Advertising Self

By Lisa KramerAugust 12, 2011Comments Off

Our world runs on advertising. Homes for sale or rent, products to sell,  places to visit, services . . . we all find them through advertisements. But advertising, as I was reminded quite painfully yesterday, can be false. (Where do people think of these scams?) I’ve been thinking a lot about advertising lately, as I...

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“Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First”

By Lisa KramerAugust 11, 2011Comments Off

 The logic of this advice given by most airlines makes sense. You cannot help your child get her oxygen mask on if you are gasping for breath yourself. Yet how often do we ignore this idea in our own lives? I am guilty. I have spent many years giving everyone else the oxygen they need,...

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It’s All in the Perspective

By Lisa KramerAugust 10, 2011Comments Off

“I can’t believe we have a summer home!” Sarah KramerLee Nathan and I couldn’t help but laugh at Sarah’s perspective on our summer lives. While my idea of a summer home might be more like this: with the ability to do this on a regular basis: to Sarah that doesn’t matter. In her mind, and...

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All We Need to Know About Life

By Lisa KramerAugust 7, 2011Comments Off

I don’t know where this originated but I stole . . . um borrowed this from my friend’s Facebook page because I found it full of inspiration and truth. Here’s the thing, life is not worth living if we spend all our time worrying and stressing over things beyond our control.  Life should be something...

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Pursuing Passion and Creating a Life in a World Gone Mad

By Lisa KramerAugust 6, 2011Comments Off

I have never really followed a traditional career path. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had tons of jobs, and have been successful at each one. Give me a challenge and I live up to it and surpass that challenge. Most of my employers would hire me back in a second. But I’m not really a...

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The Power of Social Media, College Networks, and Support Systems

By Lisa KramerAugust 5, 2011Comments Off

I have made a discovery! In my panic of the past few days as I struggle to figure out how to move a family from Kansas to Massachusetts in less than a month without having to give up my dog babies, I have tried to expand my search for both housing and work. I announced...

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A Letter of Apology

By Lisa KramerAugust 4, 2011Comments Off

Dear Kansas, I am sorry if you think I hate you. I don’t. I have struggled in my time here, but only because of my own problems not because of you. I recognize the many wonderful things about you. I’ve been so impressed by the volunteerism in this community, from helping with arts programming to...

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Speeding Back into the Unknown

By Lisa KramerAugust 3, 2011Comments Off

It looks like I’m back on that speeding roller coaster carrying me on a crazy ride to destinations unknown. While this change was something I’ve been looking for, now that it is here I feel overwhelmed with the speed and the unclear destination at the end. Will I crash into a brick wall? Will I...

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Pompous Verbosity for Fun (100 Word Challenge)

By Lisa KramerAugust 1, 2011Comments Off

For this weeks 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, we must incorporate the following words into our post: Ripple  Brood  Evocative  Lilt  Untoward. These five words come from the list of “103 Most Beautiful Words” posted by another blogger. I, in my state of (I’m making up a word here) frustratedboredommixedwithwriter’sblocktiredofwaitinglimbo decided to extend my own challenge by...

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Lost in Limbo

By Lisa KramerAugust 1, 2011Comments Off

I am so tired of waiting. It seems like I am consistently lost in limbo, waiting for someone or something to happen so that I can take the next steps that I need to take. I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Well then, don’t wait. make things happen on your own. Take action.” I’d...

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To Help Us All Relax . . .

By Lisa KramerJuly 29, 2011Comments Off

In response to all of the wonderful comments on my previous post, and recognizing that many of us seem to be in the world of the frazzled today, I offer all of you wonderful people a little bit of this: and maybe some of this: Or perhaps you prefer this: Tori suggested this: Or maybe...

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Too Scattered to Write

By Lisa KramerJuly 29, 2011Comments Off

Have you ever had one of those days when your mind is going a mile a minute and you cannot accomplish a single thing because of it? Today is one of those days for me. The list of things I could be doing or might be doing grows, and yet I fritter around like a...

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Cosmic Dance

By Lisa KramerJuly 28, 2011Comments Off

This post comes from the inspiration of three different women, which just shows the power and complexity of this magnificent world I call the “Blogosphere”.  Today, Darla at She’s a Maineiac wrote the lovely poem called “Radiance at Last” in response to a challenge made by Val Erde who provided inspiration in the form of...

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Simultaneous Stories

By Lisa KramerJuly 26, 2011Comments Off

I wake up and somewhere a child falls asleep. I turn on my computer to start writing a blog post, and another blogger starts typing hers.  People dance in one part of the world while people die in another. I walk outside to answer the call of the moon, and elsewhere others see the same...

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Following Intuition and Learning from Oprah

By Lisa KramerJuly 22, 2011Comments Off

I have Nathan well-trained. When we go through the check-out at grocery stores he goes ahead to take care of paying while I get my fix of the headlines on all the magazines lining the aisles. I particularly love to read the trashier headlines because they either make me giggle or cringe out of share...

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I’m Not Old Enough

By Lisa KramerJuly 20, 2011Comments Off

This is my response to the fabulous Tori Nelson’s post called “old enough.“ I’m Not Old Enough . . . . . . to give up my dreams in the face of other people’s sense of what is appropriate; . . . to sit in a corner gathering dust while younger generations act like my...

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Bizarre Twists of Fate

By Lisa KramerJuly 15, 2011Comments Off

“Fate, or some mysterious force, can put the finger on you or me, for no good reason at all.” (Martin Goldsmith) Fate twists  a strand of curly blond hair around her finger and laughs a wicked little giggle. “Sisters,” she says. “It is time to push buttons for our favorite playthings. They have become a...

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Struggles in a Storm

By Lisa KramerJuly 14, 2011Comments Off

Kaboom! The thunderstorms started early this morning putting an end to my already disturbed slumber filled with dreams of burning houses and a search for something. Now, don’t get too interpret-y here. The burning house actually makes a lot of sense for a change, as I learned yesterday morning that the rental house we were...

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Random Thoughts from a Road Trip

By Lisa KramerJuly 12, 2011Comments Off

I had another long drive today, this time without the benefit of a book on tape. So, as I let the radio scan in search of NPR stations to keep me entertained, my thoughts bounced around in a bizarre and random fashion to include these gems: Religion is really just about controlling when, how, and...

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Support or Encouragement?

By Lisa KramerJuly 6, 2011Comments Off

“I love you and I support you.” I’ve heard this phrase a lot lately, and for some reason it makes me cringe. I’m not sure why. I thought perhaps I should explore my reaction in order to understand and break away from it. Let’s start with the dictionary definition of “Support”. According to dictionary.com support means:...

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A Life Collage

By Lisa KramerJuly 4, 2011Comments Off

“And what is home, anyway, but what we cobble together out of our changing selves.” (Abigail Thomas, A Three Dog Life)  As I drove through the mountains last Friday, I found myself holding back tears. Tears from beauty, tears of loss, tears of the unknown. I drove into Durango, CO with my heart singing, “Welcome...

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UFO Messages

By Lisa KramerJuly 2, 2011Comments Off

In a vibrant aquamarine sky, tiny white spaceships drop down toward the earth, similar in shape and movement to the old Atari Space invaders game. (Yes, I am dating myself). But the sky was blue, and the UFO’s did not have evil-looking faces. One of my recurring childhood dreams always began that way. The scene would then...

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Ending, Pauses, and New Beginnings

By Lisa KramerJune 30, 2011Comments Off

June 30, 2011. The last day of a jam-packed month that flew by at the speed of light while crawling at a turtle’s pace. How did it manage to do that? I have no idea, one of those tricks of time where you live simultaneously in two dimensions–or something like that. Perhaps if I sum...

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A World Sliding Backwards

By Lisa KramerJune 29, 2011Comments Off

I had a little wrangle with bureaucracy today and gave up in a fit of frustration (or maybe a temper tantrum). I simply wanted to accept my current reality and change my driver’s license from Colorado to Kansas. I admit, I clung to the Colorado license for a couple of reasons. Ostensibly, I held onto...

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A call for healers… | The odd ramblings of a mind that does not quite fit

By Lisa KramerJune 28, 2011Comments Off

Friends, please check out this post that my brother wrote to help out Tori’s nephew.  Trust me, I’ve seen  and felt it work. A call for healers… | The odd ramblings of a mind that does not quite fit.  

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The Balance of the Detail

By Lisa KramerJune 28, 2011Comments Off

When I created my little award the other day, I sparked an interesting discussion on the role of detail in writing. So, for the sense of clarity, I’m going to go a little more into detail about what I meant. 😉 I’m not arguing for long, drawn out passages of purple prose that try to...

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Long Distance Loss

By Lisa KramerJune 27, 2011Comments Off

Newspaper headlines capture my eye “Alzheimer’s deaths soar, research funding lags” “Camp gives teens respite from Alzheimer’s” I cry. I ache. I wish. Links to my family severed by time by distance by disease. Part of me yearns for proximity to help to connect to understand. But closeness will not stop a disease that shows...

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Behind the Jungle

By Lisa KramerJune 26, 2011Comments Off

As my first attempt at focusing on the details, I thought I would share a little bit about the backstage adventures behind Jungle Book, Kids where I spent a lot of time over the past week. Anyone who has ever done something for a live performance knows that back stage tends to vibrate with energy, especially...

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Unusual Angles, A View from the Outside

By Lisa KramerJune 25, 2011Comments Off

Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and said, “that can’t be me.” I do it all the time. I rarely let people take pictures of me, because when they do I cannot see me in the pictures. It’s more than just the “fact” that the camera adds 10 lbs (if that’s even...

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Into the Jungle

By Lisa KramerJune 23, 2011Comments Off

I’ve spent the last few weeks helping out the local Children’s Summer Theater to get their first production of Jungle Book Jr. up. It was supposed to be an easy gig that I took simply because Sarah wanted to perform in the play. She had to audition, like everyone else, and then she got cast as part...

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Artists vs. Zombies

By Lisa KramerJune 23, 2011Comments Off

“Feed me brains!” The Zombie Leader lumbers towards an unsuspecting group of people who blithely go about their business reading, writing and creating. The Zombie Leader’s intent to devour their energy and independent wills does not seem to faze them, until he makes his way to each one devouring brains and creating more zombies. The...

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Deciding to Get the Words Out There

By Lisa KramerJune 22, 2011Comments Off

Writers write. I know, that’s not news, but it is true. Writer’s write. Why do writer’s write? The numerous answers to that question would make this post far too long and uninteresting. Some say they write for themselves. Others say they write because they have to. Some say they write to learn. Others say they...

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An Ego Boosting Challenge

By Lisa KramerJune 20, 2011Comments Off

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by some comments by Diane at Kids Party Heaven who read my post on Age Appropriateness and went on to share a fabulous story that is both inspirational and frustrating. The pleasant surprise came from being called “one of my favourite bloggers” by Diane. Why? Since Diane doesn’t comment often, I...

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A Brief Note of Thanks

By Lisa KramerJune 18, 2011Comments Off

A quick thank you to Terry at The Incredible Lightness of Seeing who gave me some blogging awards yesterday. I am honored to receive (again) the Versatile Blogger (the image is posted on the right if you would like to see it) as well as two other awards: Of course, while I am grateful to be...

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The American Dream in Reverse

By Lisa KramerJune 17, 2011Comments Off

I’ve always wanted to own my own home. I have now owned two. But I no longer own a home as of today.  Neither houses were dream homes (although the first was pretty awesome) but they were mine. [Well, sort of as of today, since the money hasn’t appeared in my bank account yet. Grrrr!]...

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Appropriate Age Appropriateness

By Lisa KramerJune 17, 2011Comments Off

I love reading books for children and young adults. I like going to movies that have a rating below “R.” I admit my fascination with shows made for Disney and Nick. I like to build with and play with puppets. I talk to stuffed animals, and yes I even sleep with some (they are the...

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Creativity with a Deadline

By Lisa KramerJune 15, 2011Comments Off

EUREKA! I’ve figured out part of my block, part of the reason behind my inability to come up with ideas or new things to write about. I work best with a deadline. Yesterday, several of you commented on my post sharing the pictures of Kaa the Snake with comments about my creativity or getting my...

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Seasonal Slump

By Lisa KramerJune 13, 2011Comments Off

I’m back. Did you miss me? I’m back, but I still feel like I have nothing to say. I was hoping this would be a summer full of words. That I would find my voice, and my story, and my purpose as a writer. That I would find the path to my dreams of writing...

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No Blogs for You!!!

By Lisa KramerJune 6, 2011Comments Off

  I have an insane week ahead, and I just found out I made a big mistake planning for the two on-line classes this summer. I’m feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and feeling unable to write. So, this is just a little post to all my regular readers and the blogging friends that I follow to...

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Bullying . . . It’s Not Just for Kids

By Lisa KramerJune 4, 2011Comments Off

We live in a land of Bullies. No, I’m not just talking about the bullying of the school years that has become such a prominent story in the news. That bullying, I believe, is a result of the world we live in. The bullying of the teen years becomes more horrific because of the additional...

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Embracing our Sentimental Inferiority

By Lisa KramerJune 2, 2011Comments Off

Well female blogging buddies, we’ve been put in our place. After all,  Nobel Laureate VS. Naipul claims that “no woman writer could ever be his literary equal.” For more specifics about this story, check out this blog post at NPR. It’s good to know that, simply by nature of being a woman, I am incapable...

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Return to Simplicity

By Lisa KramerJune 1, 2011Comments Off

We make everything so complicated. I make everything so complicated. When in reality life should be simple. We are born. We eat. We drink. We sleep. We feel. We work. We dream. We love. We smile. We cry.  We live.  We die. Truly, very simple.  All the rest–the drama, the hurt feelings, the angst–comes from a bizarre...

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Ice Cream Tastes Better . . .

By Lisa KramerMay 30, 2011Comments Off

I’m feeling a little nostalgic and lone today. I haven’t given my daughter the Memorial Day she deserves as a child. Maybe next year. But, thanks to her, and the little tinkle of music coming down the street, I got to eat a strawberry shortcake and find some words to write (words that have avoided...

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I Didn’t Think This Would Happen So Soon

By Lisa KramerMay 28, 2011Comments Off

Maybe I should have seen it coming. Even when she was an infant, the bond with her wasn’t instantaneous like some mothers claim. Of course I thought she was beautiful and precious, but I didn’t fall in instant love. To be honest, with this little bundle of  squirms brought with her joy, terror, and a...

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What I Wish for You (Interview, Part 4)–Let Go of Certainty – 37days

By Lisa KramerMay 27, 2011Comments Off

I just listened to this and felt that I needed to share. If you would like to hear more from Patti Digh, author of Life is a Verb, visit her blog 37 Days.  

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The Miles We Travel in Search of Ourselves

By Lisa KramerMay 26, 2011Comments Off

When you drive alone in a car for 8 1/2 hours it gives you a lot of time to think. Of course, you can distract yourself by listening to the stories of other people or music. But that distraction only works if your mind isn’t constantly connecting what you hear with what you think or...

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All Stories Have Value

By Lisa KramerMay 25, 2011Comments Off

I spent yesterday in a car, driving Nathan up to Okoboji, IA for the summer. Well, he did all the actual driving, I just watched the scenery go by along with the intimidating clouds and lightning strikes. It took us about 9 1/2 hours, including stops to walk the dogs and a quick trip to...

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The Ego of Man

By Lisa KramerMay 22, 2011Comments Off

With all the Rapture-mania yesterday, it really made me think about the role of religion in the world and I had a sort of epiphany: Religion is created by Man. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying “yea” or “nay” to the existence of God or Goddess or even multiple celestial beings. But the...

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Once More into the Wild

By Lisa KramerMay 20, 2011Comments Off

“Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) Many thanks to Hilary Clark from Pining for Poetry and Prose for pointing that quote out to me today, as today I feel lost in the wilderness, unsure of which direction to choose....

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Another Secret: “Forget About It”

By Lisa KramerMay 19, 2011Comments Off

Every day you hear talk about sending your goals out into the universe and they will manifest themselves–with your thoughts acting as a catalyst for the universe to create your destiny. (Okay, I simplify that a little bit). “Thought = creation. If these thoughts are attached to powerful emotions (good or bad) that speeds the...

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Love of Literature, Fear of Failure

By Lisa KramerMay 18, 2011Comments Off

I have been reading forever, and writing since I knew how to form letters. Books have been my best friends, and sometimes my worst enemies. Writing essays and stories became my escape, and represented a climb to glory that only a few could achieve. Some of my fondest memories of childhood come from my own...

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That was Then, This is Now

By Lisa KramerMay 17, 2011Comments Off

WOULDA-COULDA-SHOULDA All the Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas Layin’ in the sun, Talkin’ ’bout the things They woulda-coulda-shoulda done . . . But those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas All ran away and hid From one little did.  (Shel Silverstein, Falling Up) Too often when I get scared or unsure, I become a Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda. It’s like a disease. I woke up with a...

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Okay, So Now What?

By Lisa KramerMay 16, 2011Comments Off

“Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation.” Eileen Caddy “I always think it’s interesting to dig a little bit deeper every time you go to someplace that seems like a revelation or a strong connection to...

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Airport Observations: Practices Not People

By Lisa KramerMay 14, 2011Comments Off

I reflected on people when I ventured to Seattle a few days ago, but nos on my return trip I’d like to discuss something different. While I love the stories of the people I see at airports, I wanted to reflect on some observations I’ve made about practices, which make me questions some of the...

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Inspiration found in a Drum, a Conversation, and the Universe

By Lisa KramerMay 14, 2011Comments Off

I spent the day yesterday reconnecting with old friends, discovering disturbing truths, and absorbing the power of theatre done with love and respect. I’m starting with the last because of the inspiration and beauty of this experience. I spent 5 1/2 hours in a workshop on creating theater for children with complex disabilities (either Profound...

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The Multiple Incarnations of Lisa

By Lisa KramerMay 13, 2011Comments Off

My journey at the Festival today made me recognize another important thing about myself–I have multiple lives. No, I’m not talking about reincarnation (although I don’t rule that out) but my life, in terms of interests, passions and goals can only be described as multiple incarnations of Lisa. This realization is keeping me awake tonight...

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Reflections on Connections: Nameless Faces and Faceless Names

By Lisa KramerMay 11, 2011Comments Off

The conference has barely begun and I have run into many people I know. Some have deigned to acknowledge my presence, others have said hello and moved on to talk to the big named people—the people of importance. A few have expressed interest in where I am and what I am doing. A few look...

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Battling Boggarts Part II

By Lisa KramerMay 11, 2011Comments Off

“Riddikulus!” I yell at the form that hovered by me yesterday, but the spell did not work. Why? Because this time the boggart took the shape of myself. Before I explain, I would like to refer you back to my original Battling Boggarts where I took on a few of the things that torture me...

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Stories from the Airport

By Lisa KramerMay 10, 2011Comments Off

When I waited in the security line, they announced “Take your toiletries out of your bag.” The woman in front of me turned to me and said, “I have a bunch of tampons in there. Do I need to take those out?” “No,” I reassure her. They mean liquids like shampoo and toothpaste. We both...

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Fear of Flying

By Lisa KramerMay 10, 2011Comments Off

I remember the first time I was ever on a plane. My Junior year in high school, I went with the French club to spend 10 days in France. I remember sitting in the airplane seat, absorbing every detail. I gripped the arm rests tightly as the plane gathered speed. My stomach lurched as the...

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Mother Daughter Swap

By Lisa KramerMay 9, 2011Comments Off

Like millions of Americans, I called my Mother yesterday. “I just called to say Happy Mother’s Day.” “Thank you. And you too.” I always find Mother’s Day awkward. Partially because, despite the fact that I am a Mom, I think my mother still sees me as the daughter who needed her all the time. Or...

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Defined by Who You Touch

By Lisa KramerMay 7, 2011Comments Off

Something happened yesterday. I’m not referring to the agony of my mind after I faced more disillusionment, but the aftermath of that. What happened? Community happened. Many of you responded with kind words and encouragement, even a few people from my distant past who I didn’t even know read anything I wrote. I heard from...

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Complete Disillusionment

By Lisa KramerMay 6, 2011Comments Off

Three students in Theater Appreciation–100% plagiarism on their final project. I’m devastated. One of them is an ESL student from Korea. Maybe the assignment was too challenging for him. But he didn’t even make an effort to hide the plagiarism. He cited sources, but the article is word for word from another source. (Although it...

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A Walk in the Cemetery

By Lisa KramerMay 5, 2011Comments Off

Anger, frustration, stress, sadness, and loneliness all bubbled out of me this morning, making me snap at everyone and feel like I couldn’t breath. It led to the ranting post this morning. It led to a desire to scream. I decided to go for a walk. My initial plan was to walk in the zoo,...

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Non-Communicative Future

By Lisa KramerMay 5, 2011Comments Off

Yesterday morning in my Comp I class I had them share what they had written for the Portfolio Project that was due.  In the portfolio I had asked them to evaluate themselves as students/learners/writers as well as revise one paper and set some goals. I started doing this type of project in another school, and...

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Sometimes You Have to Sit in a Coffee Shop

By Lisa KramerMay 3, 2011Comments Off

I like the song playing softly in the background and makes me feel grounded. Yes, the lyrics distract me a little as I sing in my head, but I love sitting in a coffee shop that plays music that I like. I only wish I had a cushy chair to sit in, but at least...

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Dear Friends Old and New

By Lisa KramerMay 3, 2011Comments Off

I have been wandering through darkness for the past few weeks: unable to write a single word that had meaning; unable to think a creative thought; unable to perceive myself with any positive light; unable to express my feelings. Yesterday, with trepidation, I felt that I had to speak again. I had to say out...

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My Honest Reaction

By Lisa KramerMay 2, 2011Comments Off

‎”I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy.” (???) ” Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out...

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When Words are Wrong

By Lisa KramerApril 29, 2011Comments Off

A bird perched on the corner of my roof and did nothing but be a bird. I imagine she sat tasting the breeze and listening to the sounds of invisible bugs, pausing for a moment to enjoy nothingness  until the right sound called to her and she flew away. I envy her. I opened to...

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When Students Don’t Want to Learn

By Lisa KramerApril 26, 2011Comments Off

Ugh! I’m supposed to be grading papers right now. I’m trying. I really am, but there are a couple of things working against me at the moment. Challenge # 1: My head is full of crud. I feel kind of like this: But that’s not the real problem. Even feeling like this, I would be...

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Lessons Learned on a Sunday Morning

By Lisa KramerApril 24, 2011Comments Off

No, I didn’t suddenly discover a belief in Jesus on this Easter Sunday, although I do wish a lovely day to all of you out their who believe and celebrate. But, I have only been up a short time (after forcing myself to go back to sleep) and I have gotten a few lessons on...

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I Want to Be Selfish

By Lisa KramerApril 23, 2011Comments Off

For just one day, or maybe two, I want the world to revolve around me. Not in the, “Mommy pay attention to me” way. Not in the, “I miss you, can you help me” way. No, I want the world to revolve around me in the “I respect that you are an individual person” way....

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Images of Joy

By Lisa KramerApril 21, 2011Comments Off

Thanks to my brother, I got a little reminder of the joy found in childhood.  Sarah and I have been having a rough time lately, so I thought I would remind myself of the joy found in her. I am stealing some of the images he has taken of my daughter (plus adding a few...

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Goal Setting and Re-focusing

By Lisa KramerApril 20, 2011Comments Off

“Four basic premises of writing: clarity, brevity, simplicity, and humanity.” (William Zinserr) Now that I have freed myself of the obligatory blogging I’ve been doing, I feel the need to reflect on and establish some goals for myself in terms of writing and blogging. I started this blog with a purpose that included (according to...

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Q is for Quitting

By Lisa KramerApril 20, 2011Comments Off

I am a quitter. I quit. I am quitting! You may notice a missing button on my blog today because I am officially quitting the Post A Day 2011 challenge. Call me quitter if you want, but I think it is the right thing to do. Why, you ask? For a number of reasons which...

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P is for Pooped

By Lisa KramerApril 19, 2011Comments Off

So I’m Image from Aligaeta’s Blog. Thanks again.

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Notes on Nothing, Notes on Everything.

By Lisa KramerApril 16, 2011Comments Off

I’m making a double N post today, because the post I just posted about Nathan wasn’t the one I originally started with and because I have been up since 3am but still cannot sleep. I understand if you choose not to read all of my posts. 🙂 But, to quote a comment from Kaye Peters...

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By Lisa KramerApril 16, 2011Comments Off

4:23 AM and Nathan is not home. I can’t sleep. I woke up just after 3 am to notice the gaping emptiness of the bed next to me, and I could not go back to sleep. He started working at 8 AM yesterday morning, and as far as I know he is still working. Nathan...

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M is for “Marcia”, Marsha, Marcia and Magic

By Lisa KramerApril 15, 201115

Who hasn’t had some Marsha’s in their lives? My big sister Deb was my Marsha Brady. Growing up I always felt like she was better at everything. She was slim and gorgeous. Boys liked her. She was more athletic. She could paint. She was smart. She was popular. Sometimes I felt like Jan. Sometimes I...

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L is for Late Nights and Legends

By Lisa KramerApril 14, 2011Comments Off

I begin writing this post at 11:30 pm Wednesday evening. I probably won’t publish it until after a I sleep a little (so I can check more clearly for flow and such) but I cannot help but write. My head is full of music and song. My dreams are full of possibility. Despite the fact...

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She’s Finished!!!!

By Lisa KramerApril 12, 2011Comments Off

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I is for “Incredible, Edible” Ice Cream

By Lisa KramerApril 11, 2011Comments Off

As the days get hotter I only want to eat cool foods. Salads, fresh fruit, and of course, ICE CREAM! I don’t always want ice cream, but when I do I often think this is the perfect food. Yes, I know it has lots of fat and calories and sugar, but, if you get the...

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Open the Door to Imagination

By Lisa KramerApril 10, 2011Comments Off

“Art is communication–as simple, and as profound, as that.” (Sally Bailey) The door stood upstage center. “When you walk through the door,” I said. “I need to know who you are and how you are feeling. But you can’t tell me who you are. You have to show me.” Over the next 20 minutes or...

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H is for . . .

By Lisa KramerApril 9, 2011Comments Off

I have been struggling a little today, with a blank screen and a blank mind. This will be a week of juggling too many balls at once, and I am feeling overwhelmed. When I posted on Facebook that I had nothing to say and no “H” words to write about, my dear friend Beth suggested...

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G is for (G)not Posting Garbage

By Lisa KramerApril 8, 2011Comments Off

Since I am trying to be kinder to myself in this blogging world, and work on developing quality instead of quantity, I thought I would again link you to some past posts that I am proud of rather than glopping together something that smells like garbage for today’s post. Oddly enough, many of my G-posts seem...

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Freaking 4 AM!

By Lisa KramerApril 7, 2011Comments Off

It never fails. For some reason I wake up every day somewhere between four and five am for absolutely NO REASON! And of course, that ruins my sleep. No, it’s not to go to the bathroom. Well sometimes it is, but more often it’s not. I just wake up. On a good day I wake...

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E at Eighteen

By Lisa KramerApril 6, 2011Comments Off

Eighteen lives an exciting life. Every dream has potential Every idea is new. Eighteen plus Eighteen Every day is about another Every dream is for another Every idea helps her grow. Eighteen plus Eighteen plus Eighteen enters the unknown.  

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Don’t call me Drama Queen and Other Rules of Interaction

By Lisa KramerApril 5, 2011Comments Off

A few years ago, at Thanksgiving, I tried to share with my mother something that was really bothering me. I don’t remember exactly what it was; I think it had something to do with my sister. But that doesn’t really matter, what does matter was that she actually responded with, “Lisa, don’t be such a...

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C is for Catnaps

By Lisa KramerApril 4, 2011Comments Off


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B is for Being, Believing, and Becoming

By Lisa KramerApril 2, 2011Comments Off

  Epiphanies. I know, that doesn’t start with B, but it is relevant. The dictionary definition of epiphany (according to dictionary.com) includes: . . . a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience. Yesterday I had several simple moments of the reality of my life right now, and those epiphanies have led me to a few decisions. Or...

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A is for Attitude Check

By Lisa KramerApril 1, 2011Comments Off

As I begin the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I thought I should start with an Attitude Check since my attitude has  not been the best lately. I conduct attitude checks often when I am working on projects with large groups of people. You call out “Attitude Check!” and the group responds with the appropriate...

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I Get It! The Healthy Side of WordPress

By Lisa KramerMarch 30, 2011Comments Off

I’m sure many of you have noticed the trend over the past few days of bloggers reaching the breaking point–that point where we realize that blogging has consumed our lives in unhealthy ways and we must reconsider the role it plays in our lives. Just today the fabulous Kathy at Reinventing the Event Horizon made...

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Blog! Crash! Burn!

By Lisa KramerMarch 28, 2011Comments Off

It’s funny how I can dish out advice from the heart, but cannot listen to my own advice. Yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers, A. Hab hit the wall, frustrated with the pressures of Post A Day 2011. This was part of my response to her “Give yourself a break, if you don’t want to...

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Stumbling into Romance

By Lisa KramerMarch 27, 2011Comments Off

My first week in Hawaii before I started Graduate School was full of conflicting emotions.  I had never been to the island before, and was experiencing the beauty, color, smell and sunshine for the first time. I had just left my home of three years, Okayama, Japan so my heart was filled with the sadness...

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I Feel Lovely

By Lisa KramerMarch 25, 2011Comments Off

My new friend and one of my art gurus, Heather from Little Red Henry , just gave me an award and I feel blessed. I intend to pass this award along, but I will wait until morning, as there are so many lovely blogs that I follow I need to have a clear brain to...

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Too Many Thoughts

By Lisa KramerMarch 22, 2011Comments Off

  I cannot settle down to write about one thing today, as my mind bounces from idea to idea.  So I thought I would just write down some of the thoughts floating through my brain: First I thought I’d explore the strange dream I had this morning that took place in my college house. Does...

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The Moon Calls

By Lisa KramerMarch 21, 2011Comments Off

The Woman moves silently through the sleeping household, pulling on a silken bathrobe as she cautiously makes her way toward the sliding back door. The tide surges in her blood and she cannot sleep. She hears a mysterious call that echoes from inside her head, if only she could understand what the voice was saying....

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Time for Spring Cleaning

By Lisa KramerMarch 20, 2011Comments Off

Time to open up the windows  and let the breeze blow through the house chasing away stale memories of dreams lost to darkness and decay. Time to sweep out the dusty remnants  of fragile thoughts that accumulated in corners out of fear and misuse. Time to peel the plastic off the windows to welcome the...

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Where Do We Hide?

By Lisa KramerMarch 19, 2011Comments Off

I am so frustrated. I’ve been having a wonderful few days, being open to possibilities and positivity. Seeing the world as one full of potential rather than one of lost hope. But then stupidity reigns supreme. I don’t really even have the words to express how I feel about the insanity around us such as:...

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When You Open the Door . . . Who Knows What Will Happen?

By Lisa KramerMarch 18, 2011Comments Off

There’s a knock on the door on a dark but lovely night. Your porch light is out and you can’t really see who is at the door? Do you open it, not knowing who is on the other side? Or, do you give in to some of the obsessive paranoia and fears of our society...

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I Give You Permission . . .

By Lisa KramerMarch 17, 2011Comments Off

I give you  permission . . . to paint the sky green and the clouds purple and the ground blue. to create something out of mud, water, pen and ink. to write about love, or hate, life , or work. to dance to your own inner rhythm or to the music blasting out of your...

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What Happens Next?

By Lisa KramerMarch 16, 2011Comments Off

  I’ve noticed that many people lately live fearful lives. There seem to be many causes for this: The economy: which leaves financial security and career opportunities unknown Nature: which leaves the question of the entire earth surviving into the future unknown An aging society: which leaves us open to more unknown diseases and health...

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Gathering Valuable Experiences

By Lisa KramerMarch 15, 2011Comments Off

  So many things to write about today, where should I begin?   Well, first I must give a huge shout out to Sandi Ormsby at That’s Ahhsome! who gave me the most AWESOME blogging birthday present ever. Please check it out and enjoy. One of the things I love the most about it is...

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Birthday Wishes

By Lisa KramerMarch 14, 2011Comments Off

I am reposting this birthday post from last year, because I think I should. I don’t know what it is about March 14th but I know more people born on that day (myself included) than any other day of the year. It has never really just been my birthday, since I was born on my...

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Saddened by Hate

By Lisa KramerMarch 13, 2011Comments Off

I just read this post from a friend of mine on Facebook: “One of the political sites that I go to just posted a slew responses from people on FB to the Japanese earthquake saying, in effect, that it’s payback for Pearl Harbor. How awful can some people be? Sometimes I just don’t understand people.”...

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Sunday Morning Struggles

By Lisa KramerMarch 13, 2011Comments Off

I always find it harder to write on Sunday mornings. Maybe it is the knowledge that fewer people seem to read blogs over the weekend, but I think it goes deeper than that. Sundays have always been challenging days for me. In towns where the world shuts down on Sunday, I feel more alone.  I...

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The Power of Women’s Voices

By Lisa KramerMarch 12, 201126

The post I had planned on writing before I was sidetracked by the disaster in Japan speaks louder because of that same incident. Given the disturbing attempts in the United States toward limiting women’s freedom, rights, and basic equality I have been thinking a lot about women’s roles in society. I wanted to write about...

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Wishing the Power of Thought Was Enough

By Lisa KramerMarch 11, 2011Comments Off

I was prepared to write a completely different post this morning when my husband walked in and said “Japan had an 8.9 earthquake and it caused tsunamis that are heading this way.” Immediately my thoughts jumped to my friends in Japan, the ones I’ve actually met and the ones I have met in this virtual...

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The Legacies We Leave

By Lisa KramerMarch 9, 2011Comments Off

I just finished reading The Swan Thieves and, as I wrote earlier, it has affected me in numerous ways. Kostova writes complex and beautiful stories, that interweave history with romance, mystery with darkness, and introduce  complex characters that seem to have really lived. while I’m not sure I liked this book as much as The...

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Making Choices without Sorrow

By Lisa KramerMarch 8, 2011Comments Off

When I was a year out of college I faced a decision that would change my life forever. I had worked the previous year as a lowly intern for a regional theater company in Massachusetts, doing electrics and stage management. While I learned a lot during that year, and loved the fact that I was...

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Home . . . Sick

By Lisa KramerMarch 7, 2011Comments Off

I’ve been struggling about what to write this morning. Usually the first thing I do in the morning is start my daily post.  But, this morning was different for a few reasons.: I had to drag my carcass out of bed in order to drive my husband in to get a school van at 6am–why...

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Dreams vs. Buckets

By Lisa KramerMarch 2, 2011Comments Off

Yesterday, in another “fun”tastic and thought-provoking post, the brilliant Tori Nelson at the Ramblings reflected on her Bucket List and sparked reflection and discussion amongst bloggers around the world.  My response surprised myself, and her reply to me sent my head spinning:   Me, an “accomplished” person? Then why do I so often feel like...

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Fighting Bias

By Lisa KramerFebruary 26, 201113

  The gym creaked with the wandering feet of swimmers, families and friends socializing between races at the weekend-long swim meet.  The air was heavy with the smell of chlorine oozing out of the pores of all the swimmers.  Some wandered with huge smiles after winning their races.  Others moved slowly with aching muscles and...

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Battling Boggarts

By Lisa KramerFebruary 24, 201120

“The charm that repels a boggart is simple, yet it requires force of mind. You see, the thing that really finishes a boggart is laughter. What you need to do is force it to assume a shape that you find amusing.” (J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 134) As I lay in...

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Ties that Bind Can be Broken

By Lisa KramerFebruary 23, 2011Comments Off

I have a friend in New Zealand.  She and I went to college together, and I just reconnected with her this past December.  She’s okay, she does not live in Christchurch so she and her students only felt the quake with minimal interruption and damage. She wrote a mass e-mail to her friends and family...

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To Crack or Not to Crack

By Lisa KramerFebruary 22, 2011Comments Off

I went to the chiropractor yesterday for the first time since last May. My previous chiropractor was more the touch=feel-CRACK kind of doctor. She didn’t beat me up too brutally, but she would feel for blockages or tightness and then miraculously find the perfect way to release them. Sometimes she would concentrate on one area,...

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By Lisa KramerFebruary 20, 2011Comments Off

  A tree beckoned outside the window of the pink bedroom, enticing me with the possibility of climbing out. I never did.   I’d like to say that I never did because I had no reason to escape, but that would be a lie. Every young person wants to run away at some point in...

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An Audience of One, An Audience of Many

By Lisa KramerFebruary 19, 2011Comments Off

I’ve noticed a trend over the past week. Many of my favorite bloggers, myself included,have seemed to reach a road block as we struggle for ideas of what to write next or where to get ideas. Maybe it’s the full moon.   Or maybe the trend lies in some deep questions: “why do we blog”...

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By Lisa KramerFebruary 18, 2011Comments Off

[I’m looking for inspiration today, but I can’t seem to find it.  Not in my whole wheat waffles dribbled with some peach yogurt to make it seem like a decadent pastry (sometimes I trick myself into believing that). Not in the inspiring words of some of my favorite bloggers. Not in the Daily Post suggestions,...

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Face it: LIFE is confusing!

By Lisa KramerFebruary 16, 2011Comments Off

Yesterday’s Post A Day suggestion asks What part of life confuses you the most? My answer is simple. Life confuses me. To try to explain this, I will resort to a confusing mass of metaphors–a bubbling stew of life’s issues that contains ingredients that only clarify for a moment before melting into a more confusing...

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Dear Lisa the Younger (2001) Version

By Lisa KramerFebruary 15, 2011Comments Off

I wish I could tell you that the next 10 years would be the best ones of your life, but that would be a lie. Prepare yourself for the rocky road ahead. I wish I could protect you from some of the hurt and ugliness that lies ahead.  But, while we don’t necessarily believe in...

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A Strange Day in Japan

By Lisa KramerFebruary 14, 2011Comments Off

Whenever someone spends time in a different culture, there are bound to be moments when the differences seem so extreme that the visitor’s mind goes “Boing! Did I really just (see, hear, feel, taste) that?” I know, for a fact, that visitors to the United States often cannot comprehend the portion sizes in American restaurants, and...

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. . . . And the Winner is . . .

By Lisa KramerFebruary 8, 2011Comments Off

A week and a half ago I introduced the epic battle I had entered unwittingly, but went in prepared to fight hoping that, for a change, right. fairness and hard work would win over brute strength and sheer power. I LOST!!! The show will go on, a week later. Yes, there are advantages to this,...

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Would You Rather . . .

By Lisa KramerFebruary 6, 2011Comments Off

. . . live someplace with a group of  truly wonderful friends and a so-so job, or live someplace with a great job that you love and only one or two friends? I ask that after spending time with some great people last night, celebrating my husband’s upcoming birthday. We celebrated a week early, because...

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A Teleportation Dilemma

By Lisa KramerFebruary 4, 2011Comments Off

If teleportation became possible, where would I beam myself first? I think that depends on the day that this incredible power is given to me. I mean, I might wake up with a craving for French croissants at a cafe in Paris. Or maybe I would want to go for a walk with my friend...

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What If . . . ?

By Lisa KramerFebruary 3, 2011Comments Off

What if you woke up one morning to discover all your dreams had come true? Would you create new dreams? I would, because life without dreams sounds boring to me. What if you found out that everyone had only 6 months to live? That is the premise of the book I am reading, On the...

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Only Positive Statements Allowed

By Lisa KramerFebruary 2, 2011Comments Off

As has become my morning tradition, my brain clicks on before my body and thinks about things to write about in this blog. Sometimes a word, sometimes a phrase, sometimes and image, and sometimes a fully formed post pop into my head begging to typed into the keyboard. Today, there are several ideas screaming for...

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The Journey of Shared Stories

By Lisa KramerFebruary 1, 2011Comments Off

“The stories people tell have a way of taking care of them. If stories come to you, care for them. And learn to give them away where they are needed. Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive.” (Jean Shinoda Bolen, Crossing to Avalon 273) Yesterday I shared a dark gray...

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Locations of Peace

By Lisa KramerFebruary 1, 2011Comments Off

  MISTY CANOE Photograph by Steve Kramer http://taochild.wordpress.com/   I search for peace. I know I must find it inside myself but the location seems locked away behind walls and memories. Yesterday, my brother posted pictures from a canoe trip we took years ago. That trip challenged me in many ways. It was exhausting. It was fun. It...

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A Gray Day

By Lisa KramerJanuary 31, 2011Comments Off

Not just the solid-packed sky looming overhead with stormy potential. Not just the bitter cold threatening and biting into solid bone. Not just the thick air filled with particles of undecided consistency some wet and  clinging, desperate to hold on some sharp and icy, biting brutally some filmy mists, touching with ghost-like fingers. The gray...

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Saturday Morning Vent

By Lisa KramerJanuary 29, 2011Comments Off

Yesterday’s Post a Day suggestion asked “What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?” This made me chuckle as my past few posts have been cleverly (or not so cleverly) and creatively (or not) disguised vents, rants and diatribes about a life gone chaotic. So today I will share a simple...

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The Arts vs. Sports, SMACKDOWN 2011!

By Lisa KramerJanuary 28, 2011Comments Off

In this corner, SPORTS!!! Usually well-funded. Beginners welcome, but to actually play you must make the team. Teaches teamwork,  discipline, commitment. problem solving and precision body work Student athletes are expected to attend classes regularly. . . . . . except when they have a game, or are travelling for a game, or have to meet...

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Where Were You When . . . ?

By Lisa KramerJanuary 27, 2011Comments Off

25 years ago today the Challenger exploded in the sky, creating a fireball of true devastation. A friend reminded me about this on Facebook, after she heard a story on NPR. This got me thinking about the key moments that mark our lives. The moments that people say, “Where were you when . . ....

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Life on a Speeding Train or The Show Must Go On

By Lisa KramerJanuary 26, 2011Comments Off

Yesterday morning I posted this as my status update on Facebook: I really should have done that. The day started with  creaks and groans as I slowly tried to make my way out of the station and gain some momentum. I eventually managed to work my way through the rust of an aging train (okay,...

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Today’s Aha! Moment

By Lisa KramerJanuary 25, 2011Comments Off

This morning I was interviewed for a profile in the local paper because someone suggested I might be an interesting person. I don’t know how interesting a character I am, but I’m flattered that someone thought I was interesting. I also hate interviews about myself, but if it means free publicity for the show I’m...

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I Love Women

By Lisa KramerJanuary 24, 20118

No, this is not a sudden declaration of a shift in my sexual identity. I haven’t switched teams. I am merely recognizing something about myself and the way I interact with the world. I am acknowledging the importance of one specific community to my life. The community of women. When you get a group of...

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When the Stomach Adjusts

By Lisa KramerJanuary 19, 2011Comments Off

Just after New Year’s I–like so many others–embraced a resolution towards a healthier lifestyle. Mine, however, incorporated technology in new and unexpected ways, as I wrote about here A New Technological Obsession and a New (Healthy) Body?!. Well, I’m happy to report that it seems to be working. Five pounds lighter after only 11 days seems...

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Animal Mysteries

By Lisa KramerJanuary 19, 2011Comments Off

Meet Lizzy and Jasper, four-legged princess and court jester in our chaotic castle. The mystery is not why they are languidly lying in our bed, Lizzy content on my side, Jasper curled up on Nathan’s. That mystery was solved long ago when the weak-willed king and queen of the castle succumbed to the sweet wiles...

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Voices without Action will Never Be Heard

By Lisa KramerJanuary 18, 2011Comments Off

Yesterday we went to see Gulliver’s Travels with Jack Black. I enjoyed it in some ways, less so in others. But that’s not what I want to talk about. Searching for an idea to write about this morning, my husband suggested I write in response to the movie. In this version, the story focuses less...

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The Reasons Things Happen

By Lisa KramerJanuary 17, 2011Comments Off

Picture a tree growing tall and proud ready to be climbed. It’s strong trunk supports multiple branches, moving up and up, until they reach the tiniest twig  etched against a clear blue sky. An intelligent climber chooses her path up the tree, slowly making her way up the branches until she reaches a point where...

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Telling My Own Story . . . it Begins

By Lisa KramerJanuary 16, 2011Comments Off

I am on a journey in search of my own story. The question is, where do I begin? “Let’s start at the very beginning A very good place to start When you read you begin with A-B-C When you sing you begin with do-re-mi.” Don’t worry, I’m not going to start at my birth and...

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Things I am Learning

By Lisa KramerJanuary 16, 2011Comments Off

I am on a journey, a quest. a pilgrimage from the person I have been to the person I am becoming. This journey currently consists of reading, lots and lots of reading. I have at least three books going simultaneously, each with a different message for my journey. I have notes scribbled on paper and...

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Remember When . . .

By Lisa KramerJanuary 15, 2011Comments Off

Remember when Saturday morning meant watching cartoons: rabbits outsmarting hunters, or a French skunk falling in love; little blue creatures frolicking as they avoided the big bad wizard; hip rocker chicks wearing ears and tails singing and solving crimes in exotic environments, even outer space? (I know, I’m dating myself). Those mornings were special because...

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Why Did I Start? Where Will it End?

By Lisa KramerJanuary 14, 2011Comments Off

This may be a two post day as my mind keeps bouncing back and forth between things I want to write about. The Postaday2011 question for yesterday was Why did you start?. Specifically, “What made you decide to start a blog? If you’ve blogged about this before, go back and read it. Is that still the reason?...

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Sublime Synchronicity and My Funny Bone

By Lisa KramerJanuary 13, 2011Comments Off

I was all prepared to write a serious post today based off of the following passage from Crossing to Avalon by Jean Shinoda Bolen: “During liminal times, we often become aware of synchronicity, a word coined by C.G. Jung to describe coincidences between our inner subjective world and outer events. Synchronicities such as the uncanny...

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Life of a Busy Woman

By Lisa KramerJanuary 12, 2011Comments Off

The first phrase of music that wakes me every morning plays, as usual, at 6am. The sun hasn’t peeked out yet. My body aches to stay in bed, hiding under the covers rather than face another day full of activity that pulls me in multiple directions. Luckily, my wonderful partner likes doing the morning routine....

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An Hour Left to Live

By Lisa KramerJanuary 11, 2011Comments Off

The clock is ticking down to the end. Tick tock, tick tock. What would I do with my time? Hug my family and tell them I love them. I should do that more often anyway. Call some special friends and tell them I love them. Ditto. Tear up any bills that are waiting to be...

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Living a Creative Life

By Lisa KramerJanuary 10, 2011Comments Off

“Putting our voice out into the world isn’t for others, not really–it is only for ourselves, ultimately. If it touches someone else, if it changes their life or angers or buoys them, that’s not yours to own. Yours is to write, to paint, and to keep on doing that, saying what you long to say.”...

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Time Moves Slowly in the Blink of an Eye

By Lisa KramerJanuary 9, 2011Comments Off

As of today, I have been married 11 years. That means we have been together for 16 years. How is that possible? When you are a child time can never move quickly enough. If you don’t like school, or are having a bad day, the clock clicks slowly as you wait for the bell to...

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A New Technological Obsession and a New (Healthy) Body?!

By Lisa KramerJanuary 8, 2011Comments Off

Over the winter break I became obsessed with two websites. The first www.shelfari.com feeds my love of reading and my desire to find more books to read. However, this challenges me to find time to read as I spend so much time searching for the books I have read to fill my virtual bookshelves. It...

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An All Powerful Being Wouldn’t Sweat the Small Stuff

By Lisa KramerJanuary 7, 2011Comments Off

For some reason religion has become the topic of discussion around me lately. Maybe it is because of my post Hell is Living in the Bible Belt (which seemed to push buttons for several people) or because I am living in the Bible Belt. Maybe it is because I have been doing a lot of thinking...

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Too Much on My Plate, But Not Enough Decadent Treats

By Lisa KramerJanuary 5, 2011Comments Off

As with many people, the New Year brings with it a new attempt at getting healthy. I refuse to say that I am dieting, because I am not. I am merely trying to stay focused on living a healthy lifestyle and taking better care of myself. If I think of this as a diet, then...

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The History of My Life in Books

By Lisa KramerJanuary 3, 20112

Some friends and I recently signed up for http://www.shelfari.com/ a website dedicated to books. It was our chance to share our passion for reading, and to create a virtual book group for more reading and discussion. This could be a good or bad thing. Good, because I will be able to have interesting discussions about...

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Auld Lang Syne(s) of Change Everlasting

By Lisa KramerJanuary 1, 2011Comments Off

Happy New Year, everyone. This time of year is a time when everybody reflects on the past. It does not matter what holiday we celebrate, but we all talk about holidays past. We meet with old friends and/or family that we don’t see that often. Conversations abound with “remember when . . .? ” and...

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Resolving to Forgive

By Lisa KramerDecember 29, 2010Comments Off

The New Year is right around the corner. As usual I have put in the back of my mind the resolution to lose weight, to get healthy, to exercise more, to write more, etc. However, those are promises I’ve been making and breaking too often now, and I just recently recognized that there is one...

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Marketing Gender

By Lisa KramerDecember 21, 2010Comments Off

The only time I give into the gluttonous lure of fast food is when I am on a long car trip. I don’t know why, but I cannot resist the greasy goodness calibrating my stomach as the miles roll under the cars wheels. Yesterday, as I licked the last bit of tartar sauce off of...

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I Am Jon Stewart

By Lisa KramerDecember 18, 2010Comments Off

Okay, not really. He’s male. I’m female. He’s famous. I’m not. He makes people laugh with him on a daily basis. I make people laugh at me. But still, I am Jon Stewart. The only obvious thing we have in common is that we are both short and Jewish. But, at a different level we...

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Knitting Warm Words

By Lisa KramerDecember 15, 2010Comments Off

Wrap, wrap, wrap. Hook, hook, hook. Repeat. My new obsession is this knitting loom which allows me to make cute hats in a short amount of time. Most of them have turned out pretty well, except for the one I made for my husband where I got a little carried away and added a few...

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Technologically Violated

By Lisa KramerDecember 13, 2010Comments Off

It’s not funny anymore. In fact it is downright creepy. When the person who hacked into my husband’s e-mail account started communicating with a wonderful long time friend and using my name, my daughter’s name, and my sister’s name he (or she) crossed a line. Now I am mad, but I’m also scared. Have we...

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Hacking for Fun and Profit

By Lisa KramerDecember 12, 2010Comments Off

Yesterday, I was informed that my husband and his family went on a lovely holiday to England. Wait, why didn’t I get to go? Unfortunately, the vacation was cut short when they were mugged, and everything was taken but their passports. Luckily nobody was hurt except for the mysterious Donna, who was injured on “his” shoulder. I...

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Meaningful Messages

By Lisa KramerDecember 10, 2010Comments Off

Have you ever had one of those days where the universe seems to be sending you an important message, but the message is hidden in symbols so complex that you just can’t figure it out? It’s like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that don’t quite fit together yet. Or maybe a couple of pieces are...

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Show Don’t Tell, From Page to Stage Version

By Lisa KramerDecember 4, 2010Comments Off

Each of my young students has a magic invisible box.  I gave it to them a couple of classes ago, after they did excellent jobs at whatever the activity of the day was. These boxes can grow or shrink to hold anything imaginable in them. They come when called, or can be stored in a...

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Kindling the Lights of Hanukkah

By Lisa KramerDecember 1, 2010Comments Off

My daughter quivers with excitement, unable to sit still or concentrate on homework. It is the first night of Hanukkah, and she cannot wait. I wonder though if to her this night is only about opening one of the presents that are piled on the table. She counts the number daily to see if there...

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It’s the Loneliest Time of the Year

By Lisa KramerDecember 1, 2010Comments Off

Bah humbug! Okay, maybe I’m not that bad. I like Christmas. I like the holiday season. But, every year at this time I feel lonely deep inside. Maybe it is the number of required festivities that bring me down. There’s nothing like an Office Holiday Party to make me feel like I am a stranger...

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The Soundtrack to Life

By Lisa KramerNovember 29, 2010Comments Off

An icy cold night in Southern Vermont. The pangs that started earlier in the evening grew into an excruciating groan that led to the decision it was time to go. Step into the freezing cold car. Turn the key. The first blast of music from the radio “This is it! Make no mistake where you...

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Footprints in the Sand

By Lisa KramerNovember 29, 2010Comments Off

A woman I’ve never met helps another woman have a special Thanksgiving Turksgiving with a side of Karma . . . A man who is becoming a good friend blames himself for the failure of his students . . . My partner in life wonders if he made a difference after hearing of the disastrous (and...

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The Ideal Vacation

By Lisa KramerNovember 27, 2010Comments Off

Go ahead, call me selfish. I admit it. I’m also human. On Thanksgiving we played this game where you were given a question to write about, then everyone had to try to guess who gave which answer. The question: something like “what would you do for the ideal vacation?” My answer “anything that didn’t have...

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Feeling Foreign Abroad and Feeling Foreign At “Home”

By Lisa KramerNovember 25, 2010Comments Off

On and interesting post at Broadside called Feeling Foreign Caitlin asked at the end: “Have you ever lived outside your native land? Did you enjoy it? How has it changed you?” I’ve thought about those questions a lot lately, because of my search for a place that I can call home. I cannot really call this...

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Vanity or Loss of Nostalgia?

By Lisa KramerNovember 24, 2010Comments Off

There is something wrong with a world that does not embrace the charm of a messy childhood. According to this New York Times article  NYT: No Boo-boos or Cowlicks? Only parents are requesting class pictures be touched up. I picture these parents standing there exuding propriety and some kind of charm and saying: “Remove the boo-boo, the...

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An Intellectual Dilemma

By Lisa KramerNovember 24, 2010Comments Off

I read. I learn. I absorb knowledge like it is air or food. I question and challenge. I recognize flaws and lies. I even can recognize truth, especially truths that resonate inside me. I, like many others, see the problems that exist in the world. Whether it is war or hunger, the destruction of the...

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Words of Thanks, Thanks for the Words

By Lisa KramerNovember 22, 2010Comments Off

An old school friend has been starting each of his Facebook status updates with TDOT day# followed by something that makes him thankful. I missed what this meant and found that he is doing Thirty Days of  Thankfulness. This strikes me as something truly wonderful, and something we don’t do enough.  The simple concept is...

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Life Misremembered

By Lisa KramerNovember 21, 2010Comments Off

How does one truly document a life? I am trying to get a compact collection of my  past accomplishments together in a form that shows who I am, and who i can become. But, I have not documented my life very well. A world of technology dictates that ample evidence needs to be provided, in...

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I am Woman, Hear Me Write

By Lisa KramerNovember 16, 2010Comments Off

Did you hear that? The clamor of hundreds of theater practitioners standing up and roaring when it was announced that no recipient would receive the $25,000 Wendy Wasserstein prize given to emerging female dramatists. Why not? Everyone demanded. How can you silence women like that? You cannot say that, out of 19 candidates, there was...

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The Mind Body Connection

By Lisa KramerNovember 12, 2010Comments Off

Today I am thinking a lot about the process of aging, and the connections between our minds and our bodies. I would love to think that the mind can overpower the body, but the reality is more complex. We cannot just think ourselves healthy, but at the same time I believe our minds play an...

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The Perennial Student, A Collector of Experiences

By Lisa KramerNovember 5, 2010Comments Off

Join me at a table in a restaurant set for eight. One empty seat for the woman who does not show. The rest of the seats filled with people who seem to have one passion in common. Well, maybe two . . . the most obvious is their passion for theatre, but the one I...

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What Do You Do? Whatever Feels Right.

By Lisa KramerNovember 4, 2010Comments Off

    I was reading a discussion between a group of writers answering the question “How do respond when someone asks you what you do?” Surprisingly, many of the respondents said that they do not say they are writers. They come up with alternative descriptions of their jobs, or other terms. They hem and haw...

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Learning Self Compassion

By Lisa KramerOctober 26, 2010Comments Off

Lying around all day doing very little but blaming myself for my inability  to do anything  but lie around all day is an act of self defeat.  Despite the fact that my lethargy probably comes from a cycle of insomnia and nightmares that have been haunting me all week (and seem to be an epidemic as many peopleI...

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Neewollah 1: Chili Experience

By Lisa KramerOctober 23, 2010Comments Off

One of the things my new town is known for is Neewollah, a ten-day festival that “is the oldest and largest annual celebration in Kansas. The city of Independence will grow from a town of 10,000 inhabitants to 75,000”  http://www.neewollah.com/. Today I experienced my first festival activities, and I thought I would share. The day...

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Ahead of My Time, Yet Falling Behind

By Lisa KramerOctober 22, 2010Comments Off

    9 1/2 years ago I earned my doctorate from Arizona State University. Two years of grueling course work followed by a year of intense research and writing allowed me to tack the letters Ph.D. behind my name. Then I disappeared off the face of the earth. I made choices that made me less...

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Write About the Stars (via Writing Practice: Perfecting Prose and Poetry)

By Lisa KramerOctober 22, 2010Comments Off

This is from my other blog, but I like it so I thought I would repost. Of course, I no longer live in a high altitude (sigh) but the stars are still calling to me. Whenever I look out the window on a clear night I think, “I should do this more often, I don’t...

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ItGetsBetterBroadway’s Channel: We Need More Voices

By Lisa KramerOctober 21, 2010Comments Off

    I needed to hear this song today.  YouTube – ItGetsBetterBroadway’s Channel. I know it is for GLBT youths, but isn’t the message really for everyone? I believe that a lot of the hate, the bullying, the abuse, etc. comes from fear. Fear that somehow, if that person is different than “I” can’t be...

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The Wisdom of Youth

By Lisa KramerOctober 19, 2010Comments Off

“What is your career?” a student asked me today during a follow-up interview about the Performance Art Workshops I conducted last week. “I don’t know,” was my unsurprising response. Unsurprising to myself, that is, as I’ve been wallowing in a confusion about my identity for a long time. But, despite my “I don’t know” she...

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Memory Receding

By Lisa KramerOctober 19, 2010Comments Off

A moment of panic in the dark. Where am I? Who am I? What day is it? Why am I? This was just a dream or a moment of waking from a dream. A moment of unknowing that I cannot forget. Is this the daily existence for a man who lived in his brain, my father? Just a couple of...

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Thank You for Being a Friend

By Lisa KramerOctober 18, 2010Comments Off

    Thanks to my good friend Sue’s response to my post “I’d Like to Introduce . . . Myself” http://lisawieldswords.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/id-like-to-introduce-myself/ I have had an epiphany: I can be defined by the relationships I’ve made and the people I’ve had in my life. When I look back on the number of incredible people I’ve met along...

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I Am Golden Morning Sunshine

By Lisa KramerOctober 18, 2010Comments Off

I am sitting on a new chair bought to bring togetherness. Brought home to create a space of warmth for meals and chat and thought.   I am sitting at the table. Hot chai warms inside outside. I embrace the warmth.   I am Golden sun through gold curtains enveloping the room that holds my...

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I’d Like to Introduce . . . Myself

By Lisa KramerOctober 17, 2010Comments Off

“”This is Lisa Kramer, the wife of our new Technical Director.” “This is Sarah’s Mom, Lisa” “This is Lisa Kramer who has a Ph.D. in Youth Theatre.” These are the ways I have been introduced lately, or some combination of them. Most often, and most disturbingly, is the introduction as “Nathan’s wife.” Not that I...

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Constructing Self through Deconstruction

By Lisa KramerOctober 16, 2010Comments Off

Have you ever thought about how you came to be the person you are in this particular moment in time? Are we a product of our memories or are our memories a product of the person who exists in the NOW? And how does language construct the person we are, especially for those of us...

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Loving Language: Reflections on Dylan Thomas, 19

By Lisa KramerOctober 16, 2010Comments Off

Last night I went to a one-show called Dylan Thomas, 19. As expected I was washed away in  a torrent of language that brought with it the eerie echoes of wind blowing over the ocean and the earthen clump of humans plodding their way through life. The performance was elegant and challenging.  I will not...

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The Culture of Bullying

By Lisa KramerOctober 14, 2010Comments Off

Bullying has to stop, and it is up to us.

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The Responsibilities of Thinking

By Lisa KramerOctober 11, 2010Comments Off

Yesterday a friend started a discussion about gay marriage vs. polygamy. This discussion isn’t about that, although she raised some interesting issues for me.  The discussion led to some really passionate responses on both sides of the issue, but very few thoughtful arguments. Now don’t get me wrong, I have some pretty strong opinions as...

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I Like it . . . When People are Aware.

By Lisa KramerOctober 8, 2010Comments Off

    I was finally let in on the secret of  the “I Like It . . . ” statuses on Facebook. I already actually knew what they were, because they were driving me crazy and so I looked it up.  I understand the importance of getting the message out about breast cancer. I’m not denying...

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The Secret of Living from FREDDY AND FREDERICKA

By Lisa KramerOctober 4, 2010Comments Off

    ”     Fredericka found a satisfaction in what she did unlike any she had ever enjoyed before. The rhythm and certainty of the dishes coming off the line, getting clean, and taking their places once again in newly formed ranks gave her the pride of a searjeant-major forming up his platoons in...

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In Search of Winnie the Pooh

By Lisa KramerOctober 1, 2010Comments Off

    As I walked to pick up my daughter from school today, I listened to a mix of music my husband made for me, called “Is It Fun?” Up popped a version of House at Pooh Corner that always strikes me whenever I hear it. It is such a simple song, but it touches...

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Living Without Regrets

By Lisa KramerOctober 1, 2010Comments Off

I just read this article http://ezinearticles.com/?Top-Five-Regrets-of-the-Dying&id=3268063 which discusses the regrets people have when they are dying. Now, I’ve talked about the need to live for now, and finding your passion, but this article really made the message hit home. Why do we wait until we are sick or dying to recognize what changes we need...

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Today is Mountain Day!

By Lisa KramerSeptember 29, 2010Comments Off

What is Mountain Day? It is one of the many traditions of Smith College. The president of the College declares a day off from school. The bells ring early in the morning, announcing the expectations that students take the day off to enjoy the beauty of a New England fall–the crisp blue sky, the sparkling colors....

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What is Racism? I Simply Don’t Understand

By Lisa KramerSeptember 20, 2010Comments Off

    I was all excited to teach my theatre appreciation class. I had chosen a play for the class to read as an example of how a playwright will use his/her own experiences as well as historical and social contexts to write a play. I chose the Tony Award-nominated Joe Turner’s Come and Gone by...

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Making a Living; Making a Life

By Lisa KramerSeptember 15, 2010Comments Off

I have been thinking a lot lately about the difference between making a living and making a life. I know that we all need money, to some degree. We all need to make a living; to put food on the table, to pay for some sort of shelter, to supply our basic needs. But if...

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Putting it All in Perspective

By Lisa KramerSeptember 10, 2010Comments Off

A friend of mine just told me a couple of stories that have put a whole new spin on my thinking. One of her students just lost her mother to a skating accident. She lost a student to a boating accident a few years ago. My heart breaks for my friend, those children, and their...

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Endings and Beginnings

By Lisa KramerSeptember 9, 2010Comments Off

How do you know when it is time for something to end? When is it time to give up and admit that you’ve fought a good fight, but it is time to move on? I guess I’m looking at endings as negative things. But maybe endings are really positive, because they are what comes before...

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Cultural Divide

By Lisa KramerSeptember 9, 2010Comments Off

A young American woman moves to Japan in the early days of her adulthood; a country whose ways and traditions are completely different from her own. During the first few days there, she meets a man; a native of that world. They slowly break through the language barrier and, over weeks, become friends. Except the...

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Passing the Buck: Human Nature, Society’s Destroyer

By Lisa KramerSeptember 8, 2010Comments Off

    Listening to NPR this morning, I had an epiphany. The world is completely screwed up because nobody wants to take responsibility for their own actions. This started when I heard the story about BP putting the blame on its subcontractors (Transocean and Halliburton) for the oil spill. Come on, people! Yes, I’m sure...

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The So-Called “Real World”

By Lisa KramerSeptember 8, 2010Comments Off

What is the “real world” of which people speak? When you graduate from high school, people say now it is time to move into the real world. But then you go to college, and that is definitely not real. When you graduate college, people say “welcome to the real world.” But then, if you are...

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The Journey

By Lisa KramerSeptember 5, 2010Comments Off

“The Journey is the reward” I’ve been thinking about that quote ever since I saw it engraved in an overpass in Wichita, KS the other day. I realize that, despite the fact that my life so far has been a wondrous journey, I have to train myself to live by this quote. For some reason,...

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Ending and Beginnings: Happy New Year

By Lisa KramerAugust 21, 2010Comments Off

    I know, New Year’s Day isn’t until January 1; but I still live in the cycle of the school year (as well as loving Rosh Hashana), so the beginning of the new year comes at the end of summer when school is about to start. That is the end of whatever summer adventures...

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On Selfishness and Stupidity

By Lisa KramerAugust 19, 2010Comments Off

It amazes me how stupid, selfish, and disrespectful people seem to be in this world. I don’t know if that is a new thing or simply part of human nature, but I have a hard time comprehending it. I know I can be selfish about some things, but it is very rare that I do...

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Remembering the Past, Living the Present, Wondering about the Future

By Lisa KramerAugust 19, 2010Comments Off

I have been thinking a lot about time lately. I have a story, yet to be completely written, that convolutes the past, present and future of the two protagonists in a way that defines them and gives them both strength. That sounds complicated, but someday I hope to make sense of it on the page. Today,...

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Electrical Magic

By Lisa KramerAugust 10, 2010Comments Off

    The skies were full of magic last night. Lightning flashes, thunder crashes for hours on end. The world was full of power. It always feels like mystical things can happy during those kind of storms. If only I knew how to tap into that magical energy, I believe anything could happen. But, I...

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The Power of Sleep and Dreaming

By Lisa KramerAugust 3, 2010Comments Off

If we could all sleep and create a positive dream space, could that have the power to change the world for the better? I know that we can affect our dreams, but can our dreams affect the world?

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Fairy Dust and Starshine: Necessities of Life

By Lisa KramerJune 25, 2010Comments Off

    That’s it! I’ve figured out what one of the major problems is with this world. Too many people have stopped believing in fairies. By this I mean the more general belief in a magical world that is not dictated by our rules of science. We have lost the sense of wonder that comes...

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Pep Talks From People You Respect

By Lisa KramerJune 21, 2010Comments Off

It’s amazing how much better you feel when someone you respect gives you respect back. Enough said.

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Keeping Up Disappearances

By Lisa KramerJune 21, 2010Comments Off

I admit, sometimes I choose to disappear. I stop writing; I avoid Facebook (or at least I avoid public appearances on Facebook); I only respond to necessary e-mails; and I censor my calls. I usually do that when I am feeling most out of control with my own emotions. I don’t want to dump those...

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Looking for Inspiration

By Lisa KramerJune 15, 2010Comments Off

I’ve been writing every day. Sometimes several times a day (possibly boring all those who are following my blogs). I have three blogs. Well . . . one of them has been blatantly ignored lately, but that is related to this post. I’ve revised a book, and am working on submitting it. I actually decided...

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Vivid Screaming

By Lisa KramerJune 15, 2010Comments Off

If dreams are supposed to reflect your reality or lead you to your future, I’m in for a hell of a ride. I can’t even explain last nights anti-rest fest. It was a complicated barrage of images that made me feel fearful, angry, sad, hopeless, and ready to fight and tell the word to f%&!...

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Happiness and Fulfillment

By Lisa KramerJune 14, 2010Comments Off

    People are always telling me to envision what I want and then it will manifest itself. Well, I guess that works if you are clear on the details of what you want. I’ve envisioned my heart out for certain jobs, but that hasn’t work. That makes sense in some ways, because if you...

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Do We Ever Really Get Out of High School?

By Lisa KramerJune 13, 2010Comments Off

The typical high school show or movie shows the school divided into groups, which supposedly reflects the typical situation in American high schools. Of course, I’ve heard many recent high school grads say that their high school wasn’t like that; they claim their was no division. Even at my last high school reunion, someone I...

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Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

By Lisa KramerJune 13, 2010Comments Off

I did not want to get out of bed. The book I’m reading, Trinity, is a little depressing. Especially the line “Ancient people of forty and . . .” 😛 It’s nice seeing Sarah and Nathan work on a puzzle together. I just wish she would work so nicely with me. Sigh. The dogs are...

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Wallowing in the Mud, or Standing Tall in the Dirt

By Lisa KramerJune 12, 2010Comments Off

    Yesterday I wallowed. As you can see by my past couple of posts, I have been having a harder time lately with staying positive. I am doubting everything right now, despite making moves in some kind  of direction (re-editing my book, I submitted to an agent, and writing daily). But yesterday I got...

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Flashbacks Feel Good

By Lisa KramerJune 10, 2010Comments Off

    Okay, I’m not talking about the kind of flashbacks that happen to Vets or others suffering from PSD. I’m talking about the kind that remind you of who you were at a different time in your life. Wen I was at Smith, my Work Study job was doing lighting/electrics for the Theatre Department....

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Rumbling Thunder, Bowling Balls, and Confused Thoughts

By Lisa KramerJune 10, 2010Comments Off

    The house shook with a thunder crash this morning, which of course terrified the dogs. Last night, we went bowling, creating a new kind of rumble, and an excited little girl who broke 100 with the help of a wooden aiming ramp. My thoughts have been rumbling through my brain in so many...

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Creating Dreams in the Midst of Chaos

By Lisa KramerJune 9, 2010Comments Off

I am struggling a little today with who I am and what I want out of life. I mean, I’m surrounding by people pursuing their passions and following their dreams, but I feel like a supporting player. I guess that’s okay, but it can be frustrating at times when I know I can do so...

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Mind and Body Clash

By Lisa KramerJune 8, 2010Comments Off

My mind is still a teenager. Seriously. I’m questioning what I want to do with my life, dreaming about infinite potential, yearning to find a place in this world, craving friendship and popularity, falling into morose darkness when the world seems set against me, embracing every tiny moment of narcissistic pleasure, and wishing every moment...

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The Persistent Power of Perfectionism

By Lisa KramerJune 7, 2010Comments Off

A nebulous form with multiple eyes,  many arms,  a thousand voices, and a powerful brain holds the ultimate power of destruction by persistently introducing self-doubt into my brain. Why does it have many eyes? So that it can see into every possible venue where I might feel insecure. It can look at everything I’m doing and catch...

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The Journey Continued and Ended

By Lisa KramerJune 4, 2010Comments Off

I am writing from the Green Room at Okoboji Summer Theatre. We made it here yesterday afternoon. the trip was basically uneventful, thank goodness. Nathan did most of the driving because I had the hardest time sleeping every night. The second night was bizarre. I had just gotten the news I wrote about in another...

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The Journey Begins

By Lisa KramerJune 1, 2010Comments Off

I apologize for the length of this blog, but for anyone interested in our current travels, here goes: The goodbyes yesterday were both harder and easier than I thought. But once we finally got going it felt like sloughing off old skin (well not leaving my friends, but just finally leaving the situation behind us). Of course,...

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How Do We Define Ourselves?

By Lisa KramerJune 1, 2010Comments Off

I just got a major shock to my system discovering that a friend of mine who graduated after me from the same doctoral program got the job I yearned for. I’m happy for her, and I know that she will do wonderful things. But, I mourn. I don’t know who I am anymore. I am...

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Shadow Beauty

By Lisa KramerMay 29, 2010Comments Off

    I am sitting in what was my daughter’s bedroom relaxing for a little while. It is currently the calmest area in the house.  I was just about to enter a blog about books and movies and things (see a later post) when I glanced up at the wall opposite me. reflected in faint...

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By Lisa KramerMay 28, 2010Comments Off

    Positive Mental Attitude. Kids learn it in school. Adults are told things like envision what you want and you will achieve it, or stay positive. It makes my brain hurt. I’m not saying that I don’t want a positive attitude. I do. I am trying to stay positive, I’m trying to believe in...

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Leaving a Mark

By Lisa KramerMay 26, 2010Comments Off

Sometimes I notice that someone has looked at an old post of mine, and I check to see what it was, only to discover something I don’t like or need to fix. So this is just  an update of one of those.  I’ve been thinking about what it means to leave a mark in this...

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Prayer for Moving Forward

By Lisa KramerMay 25, 2010Comments Off

Dear Universe, Please help me for the next few days, weeks, and months. Give me the strength to take on the challenges with grace, dignity, and confidence. Help me make the transition a delightful adventure for my daughter. Help me support my husband throughout whatever happens, not as a subordinate but as a partner. Help...

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On Books, Technology, and Saving the World

By Lisa KramerMay 24, 2010Comments Off

Today I was thinking about whether or not to buy a Kindle Reader (or something like it) given the number of books I can go through in a week. While I probably will end up doing it one of these days, I have to admit that I find the idea problematic. I know I spend...

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3 am in a World that Never Sleeps.

By Lisa KramerMay 21, 2010Comments Off

    There is no real silence. Not in this man-made world that buzzes and clicks with wasted energy, thrumming through the veins of mother earth. Slowly killing her. There is no real darkness. Even out here in high up in the mountains, away from town. The stars twinkle above, but not in the completeness...

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Dots, Lines, and Connections

By Lisa KramerMay 20, 2010Comments Off

    When I was younger (and even sometimes now during a boring meeting) I had one doodle that I would return to regularly. It always started with a few dots, anywhere from 3 to 5. Each of those dots then had to be connected with another by lines. Then I would begin to add...

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Learning to Forgive

By Lisa KramerMay 18, 2010Comments Off

When the world comes crashing down around you, it seems natural to want to put the blame on someone or something. On the system that let you down. On co-workers who manipulated the system. On your partner. On the universe, or G-d, or some greater power. And, often the hardest to overcome, on yourself. It...

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Early Morning

By Lisa KramerMay 16, 2010Comments Off

    The time between. Not light, not dark. Silent, but not really. The birds call up the sun. Or does the sun call up the birds? My mind should be calm, but it has been awake for hours. I am living the time between, now. The past and the future. The known and the...

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Let it Flow

By Lisa KramerApril 30, 2010Comments Off

According to one of my horoscopes, today I am supposed to have some very strong psychic powers. But, according to another one, I might doubt everything today.  I admit to my addiction for looking at horoscopes. I mean, I would love for there to be some true guidance from the universe. I often joke that...

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Windstorm Mindblow

By Lisa KramerApril 28, 2010Comments Off

    The weather is crazy here today. The wind is blowing non-stop. Clouds of whitish looking dust loom like someone exploded open a  bag of flour. The dust lands nowhere, it hovers in the air. Fine particles that can barely be sen or felt, but you know they are there. Eyes water. Breathing strains. Head...

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Muddle-headed Meanderings

By Lisa KramerApril 28, 2010Comments Off

I cannot wake up today. Maybe it is because today is the first official day of my unknown future. Maybe it is because my sleep lately has been an adventure (as can be seen by previous posts). I want to be awake and tackle the new world with focus and enthusiasm. Instead I find myself...

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Dream Madness

By Lisa KramerApril 27, 2010Comments Off

Visiting my daughter’s teacher at her home, she seems to own many exotic creatures, including a giant gorilla. She leaves us at her house and a mystical vortex opens up sucking Nathan in and morphing him into some kind of ape-like creature. Waiting to board an airplane that is being held up because Mike Ditka [don’t...

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Invention of Self

By Lisa KramerApril 25, 2010Comments Off

There’s nothing like the attempt at reinventing yourself and restructuring your life to make you really look at who you are and what you have accomplished. I recognize my accomplishments as many, and yet I still strive for something that I cannot quite see. Some people call it your “bliss” some people call it your “passion”....

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By Lisa KramerApril 23, 2010Comments Off

I remember a woman wilting in line, wondering when her prescription would be filled.  The man on the bus home, with words of honey, captured a piece of me and took it with him.  The Russian women, wild orchids in Bali, offered me words to adventure with.  The cherry blossoms of Japan shared laughter and...

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My Computer and Me

By Lisa KramerApril 20, 2010Comments Off

Call me crazy, but I am now thoroughly convinced that my computer can sense my emotions. I was just chatting with a friend on Facebook, and started venting about something that is annoying me at the moment. The computer, sensing my anger and frustration, chose that moment to have a complete meltdown. Seriously. I have...

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The End is Near . . . sort of.

By Lisa KramerApril 19, 2010Comments Off

The End is Near!!! It’s not the end of the world or even the end of my life. But it is an end to knowing where I am and what I am doing for that day at least. The end of knowing my schedule as minimal as it is. The end of knowing anything or...

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Waking Up on the Right Side of the Bed

By Lisa KramerApril 16, 2010Comments Off

I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck full of crying puppies (because my older dog spent a good portion of the night crying and waking me up for some pets).  But, after dragging my body out of bed, and getting a little fuzz therapy, attempting sit ups, and...

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New Glasses+New Underwear=New World

By Lisa KramerApril 14, 2010Comments Off

I’ve been making a lot of changes over the past few weeks (or months). That’s not to say that I have completely overcome my depression or frustration. I’m still in the waiting game with the unknown. We still don’t know quite where we will be at the end of the summer (although we have some...

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To Whom it May Concern

By Lisa KramerApril 12, 2010Comments Off

I must say that I am disappointed that you did not feel you could hire me for the position I applied for, despite my “excellent credentials, accomplishments and talent”. May I use this rejection letter as a reference? 😛 Thank you

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Fuzz Therapy

By Lisa KramerApril 9, 2010Comments Off

The solution to all of life’s problems is snuggling with something fuzzy. Whether it is a cat, or a dog, or even a stuffed animal, there is something about fuzz that has the power of providing a peaceful moment for a short time. Of course, the living versions are the most therapeutic as opposed to...

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Lesson Learned: Never Watch Buffy Late at Night when Avoiding Thinking

By Lisa KramerApril 8, 2010Comments Off

Sarah tossed and turned, mumbling something like “Don’t leave Sarah.” Mysterious sounds seemed to reflect whatever she was dreaming about. Lizzy whined and groaned in doggy dreamland, or was it nightmare? The shadows in the room took form. An arm draped on the dresser on Nathan’s side of the bed (where Sarah was sleeping) a dark...

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“What Doesn’t Kill You . . . “

By Lisa KramerApril 7, 2010Comments Off

    This completely links to my earlier post, Thoughts on Struggle, but I had to write it. I just finished a book called What Doesn’t Kill You by Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant. While it wasn’t my favorite, it was an interesting story about a woman who hits rock bottom (losing her job, breaking...

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Wandering Thoughts of a Chaotic Mind

By Lisa KramerApril 3, 2010Comments Off

I don’t really have anything specific to write about today, but sometimes I love the rambling routes of writing that come from an unfocused mind. Whenever I go to sleep lately I ask the universe a question, hoping for the answer in my dreams. (I read somewhere that sometimes this works). Of course, the answer to...

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She Who Laughs at Herself . . .

By Lisa KramerApril 1, 2010Comments Off

I was just fooling around on Facebook and got my daily fortune cookie. It said “He who laughs at himself never runs out of things to laugh at.” It got me thinking that I am taking everything too seriously. Yes, my life doesn’t seem to be going in the direction I thought it would. Yes, life...

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Searching for the Past

By Lisa KramerMarch 29, 2010Comments Off

Yesterday I watched Who Do You Think You Are? where Lisa Kudrow searched for her father’s family, and discovered a long-lost family member.  Today, as a means to distract myself, I decided I wanted to learn more about my family. I have a copy of my family tree on my mother’s side, through my Grandmother (it appears that we are...

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On Tax Refunds, Coffee Shops, and Random Thoughts

By Lisa KramerMarch 18, 2010Comments Off

I admit it, I’ve always wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw. Okay, maybe not exactly Carrie Bradshaw in terms of crazy sex life, super high heels, and high fashion in New York City (although I’m sure that, for a short time at least, that would be fun), but the Carrie Bradshaw who sits in a coffee...

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Re-defining Self

By Lisa KramerMarch 17, 2010Comments Off

Who am I? This is a question many people ask themselves, but is there one simple answer? I don’t believe so.  I certainly can’t define myself. Especially now.  I have tried to define myself in CV form, or in a professional letter, or in essays on applications . . . but are those the sum...

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The Never-Ending Search

By Lisa KramerMarch 15, 20102

I know that I’m not alone in this, because so many people have lost jobs in this economy, but can I just say that job searching is hell!  I know I’m talented, qualified, and good at what I do . . . but it seems almost impossible to show all of that in a cover...

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Letter from My Future Self

By Lisa KramerMarch 10, 2010Comments Off

    March 2010 Dear Lisa, I wanted to write to you to tell you that, in the end, you live a life worth living.  I know that right now you don’t know what the future holds.  Will there be a job, a home, safety and security?  Where will you end up next fall? What does...

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Thoughts on Struggle

By Lisa KramerMarch 6, 20106