Dear Lisa the Younger (2001) Version

I wish I could tell you that the next 10 years would be the best ones of your life, but that would be a lie. Prepare yourself for the rocky road ahead.

Ah, I look so young.

I wish I could protect you from some of the hurt and ugliness that lies ahead.  But, while we don’t necessarily believe in destiny because we all make choices, I believe that the lessons you will learn over the next 10 years are necessary ones. If I protect you from them, then you may not discover the hidden strength inside yourself or recognize the error of your ways so you don’t repeat them.

You will run into some very unpleasant, wicked people over the next few years. Do not let them get you down. Do not let them destroy you. Learn from them and then forgive. That is the hardest part, the forgiveness. I hope that you can learn it quicker, because it still hurts now.

You will also have many great moments over the next 10 years. Your newly formed family will grow, but not without heartbreak first. DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF! Now that I am removed from that pain by time and distance, and have met many women who went through similar pain, I know that it was not my fault. Plus, it brings you a wonderful girl who makes every day an adventure. As a matter of fact, she will be born on this very day in two years. Don’t forget to turn on the radio when you head to the hospital, it will create a fond memory for the rest of your life.

You will face a lot of pain and loss over the next 10 years; from the near death of a family member to job loss, from Dad’s disintegrating memory to a feeling of not belonging anywhere. But remember, you are strong and loved. You will survive and grow because of each experience you have.

I don’t know where the next 10 years will bring us. I wish I could change many things over the past 10 years, and choose many different paths. But, through a television show called Being Erica that we discovered recently, you will recognize that changing life choices can sometimes create more problems. Sometimes the path we choose is the one we need to choose. So NO REGRETS!

The challenges you face bring you to many wonderful things:

  • You will write a book. So what that it hasn’t been published yet. YOU WRITE AN EXCELLENT BOOK!
  • You will find your voice through blogging.
  • You will create many wonderful productions.
  • You will recognize what makes you happy and begin to work towards that.
  • You will learn more about yourself.
  • You will face challenges and move forward.
  • You will meet many wonderful people, and connect with even more through the power of the internet.

I cannot change the challenges you will face. I cannot see where we will head. But I can promise you this;  you will do more than just survive, you will thrive and grow and start becoming the woman you want to be.

I wish you (and us) the best of luck in the crazy road ahead.

Love, Lisa

Feb. 15, 2011

0 thoughts on “Dear Lisa the Younger (2001) Version

  1. I love this idea – what would you say to yourself if you could go back in time? You’re so right that things don’t always turn out how you thought but you learn and grow and remembering to have no regrets is a great philosophy. Love the pic!

    • I have many “What if?” moments, as well as what I call “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda” moments. I tend to drive myself crazy with them. But, if I can really live with the attitude that I will do more than just survive, I may be on to something.

    • Thank you. Here’s to all of us having a great decade and facing all of our challenges with grace and laughter! (If I had a drink, I’d be toasting now).

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