Today I Dislike Words

Yes. Me. The person who manages to post despite having no regular access to internet (STILL). The person who sometimes posts multiple times in one day. The person who loves language and plays with prose whenever she can.

I HATE words.

Not all words, just certain ones that torture me by their existence, by their meaning, or by their elusiveness. I dislike words that seem determined to defy expectations and deny me their use.

What kinds of words do I mean? Here is a sampling of the words I currently despise:

I dislike all words that describe people’s abilities on a resume, because I do not know how to use them properly. Am I a manager? Am I a teacher? What makes me an excellent communicator or a creative thinker? How to I explain the multiple roles I have played in my life, and the skills that each of those roles require? How do I keep it all down to one or two pages, showing the qualities that make me a viable candidate for projects of all kinds.

I no longer understand the meaning of those words.

I want to change the meaning of words. I refuse to discuss progress any more, but rather talk in terms of movement. I am moving, in many directions, to get to the next step in my journey, not to achieve a specific goal. Success and failure cannot define me, as they are relative to the eyes of the beholder. But what words can I use to replace them?

Today I feel defeated by the limitations of language. Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever wish words meant something different? 

Perhaps today I need to express myself in something other than words, to help me move from this:

to this:

Perhaps it’s not the words that are the problem, but my inner critics  (this link is to a Hub Post about them) who seem to be screaming loudly in my brain at the moment.

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  1. That scream says it all! ;p Resume words make me crazy too-having to write them down, having to consider them at all. I love the idea of movement, though! Put that on your next resume and just keep moving in the meantime.

  2. Lisa, this post is brilliant! It should be Freshly Pressed–for sure! How do we get those WP editors over here to read it?

    I don’t know about hating those exact words, but I know how desperately I hate words sometimes–many times–like today! You have described the experience perfectly. Isn’t it ironic that your writing about hating words would use words so amazingly well?

    By the way, I would LOVE to do a table for you and/or a dresser for Sarah’s new room, if I were closer. Your work there is inspiring, my friend!


  3. The word I really hate today is RIBBERSNUCKER. (A person who snucks ribbers..) I really hate that word…. Seriously, stop listening to your inner critic! Critics are always wrong! You should know that! 🙂

  4. If all of the above-mentioned words just stood for something wonderful like “cake” or “full fat extra carbs pass the butter diet” I’d be all on board with some successfull, goal-making progress with my skills.

  5. Be creative. Restructure your resume to play up your experience in each of the areas you enjoy.


    Publication Credits
    Writing Experience
    Continuing Education
    Field Experience

    Next to each ~ enough info to prompt YOU to talk about it at the interivews.

    Examples for Continuing Education and Field Experience:

    Fundraising ~ Community Foundation’s Fundraising Forum (2009); Writing a Compelling Grant (2005); Promotional Materials Coordinator, MS Walks (2005); Effective Fundraising (2001); Recruiter/Fundraiser, Bowl-A-Thon for Kristina Mauz (1996); Membership Drives, Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce (1989-1991)

    Event Planning ~ PBC Halloween Parties (2009); AmeriCorps Special Events & Graduation Ceremonies (2001-2008); Class of 1980 Reunion Committee, William & Mary (2005); Site Tours & Luncheons, Salisbury Zoo & Ward Museum (2002); Raised Bed Gardens, HealthSouth (2002); MS Awareness Day, HealthSouth (2002); “No Barriers” Conference, HealthSouth (2001); Western Regional Coordinator, NC Law Day, Moot Court Competition (1989–1990)

    Mentoring ~ National Mentoring Board, America Learns (2008–present); Program Director/Coordinator, ShoreCorps/PALS (2001-2008); Field Supervisor, Social Work Department, Salisbury University (2003–2004); Side-By-Side CIT Volunteers (1997-1999); Career Connections Externship Program, William & Mary (1997)

    Life Balance ~ Keeping Life Balance (2003); The Dream Diamond (2002); Time Management (2002); Stress Management (2002)

    Community Building ~ Planning Ahead: Building our Ranks through Diversity (2005); Community Building (2002); Diversity Training and Awareness (2002); Disability Awareness (2001); Managing Conflict (2001); Volunteer Management (2001); Group Dynamics (2001)

    Human Relations ~ Preventing Sexual Harassment (2005); Dealing with Difficult People (2003); Personality Preferences: Understanding Yourself and Others (2002); Volunteer Management (2001); Managing Conflict (2001); Group Dynamics (2001)

    Communication Skills ~ Effective Communication (2003); Assertiveness Training (2003); Community Building (2002); Diversity Training and Awareness (2002); Volunteer Management(2001); Managing Conflict (2001)

    Domestic Violence ~ Crisis Intervention Counselor Training (1997); Criminal Justice StudiesCamden County College (1997); Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence (1997)

    Good luck!

  6. Good Post, words cannot describe how good it is ha ha ha. Critics should never be taken note of though (especially the ones of inner persuasion).
    Sometimes words do fail to describe what is really going on so i am with you on this one.

  7. Those words make me feel uncomfortable–not sure why. Perhaps it’s because they seem to be all-or-nothing words. Big hug to you, Lisa. I do see the end of the rainbow for you. (smile) ps I have given up on the FP thing too!

  8. Yeah, I think I know how you feel, but it’s all very context-dependent. Right now, I’m pretty fond of ‘Success’, ‘goal’, and ‘progress’, even if they’re not exactly easy to get to. ‘Failure’ is not so much a favorite at the moment, if ever.

    One example that I always hated was the song “I don’t believe in if anymore”, where the word ‘if’ is blamed for wars and regrets. Personally, I can look around and see lots of great things that we couldn’t have built if it weren’t for if and ‘what if’ – science fiction and fantasy, logic and computers, and so on.

    Thanks for sharing, though, and I hope you find a way to your rainbow.

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