Literacy Learned and Performed

“Hello everyone, Saturday’s performance of In our own voices was a great success.   I estimate that we had 150 in total attendance and most of the attendees were families of the children in the program.   I know it was a bit stressful for the staff to do the extra work, but it payed off to … Read more

Pompous Verbosity for Fun (100 Word Challenge)

For this weeks 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, we must incorporate the following words into our post: Ripple  Brood  Evocative  Lilt  Untoward. These five words come from the list of “103 Most Beautiful Words” posted by another blogger. I, in my state of (I’m making up a word here) frustratedboredommixedwithwriter’sblocktiredofwaitinglimbo decided to extend my own challenge by … Read more

Love of Literature, Fear of Failure

I have been reading forever, and writing since I knew how to form letters. Books have been my best friends, and sometimes my worst enemies. Writing essays and stories became my escape, and represented a climb to glory that only a few could achieve. Some of my fondest memories of childhood come from my own … Read more