Some Thanksgivukkah Tunes

[Sung to the tune Hanukkah, Oh Hannukah!] “Thanksgivukkah, Thanksgivukkah” Thanksgivukkah, Thanksgivukkah Come light the menorah We’ll eat so much turkey We won’t dance the hora Gather ’round the table we’ll give you a treat, Pies, turkey, stuffing and latkes to eat And while we are feasting The thankfulness spreads its sweet glow One for each … Read more

Pirate Captain Sarah Lee* Reporting for Blogging Duty

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to a Pirate Picnic at Sarah’s school, which really entailed her fourth grade classmates sharing a booklet of writing about pirates with their guests while sitting on a towel in the gym and nibbling on snacks.  They all prepared little booklets that contained narrative writing, descriptive writing, opinion writing, … Read more

Pompous Verbosity for Fun (100 Word Challenge)

For this weeks 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, we must incorporate the following words into our post: Ripple  Brood  Evocative  Lilt  Untoward. These five words come from the list of “103 Most Beautiful Words” posted by another blogger. I, in my state of (I’m making up a word here) frustratedboredommixedwithwriter’sblocktiredofwaitinglimbo decided to extend my own challenge by … Read more

Neewollah 1: Chili Experience

One of the things my new town is known for is Neewollah, a ten-day festival that “is the oldest and largest annual celebration in Kansas. The city of Independence will grow from a town of 10,000 inhabitants to 75,000″ Today I experienced my first festival activities, and I thought I would share. The day … Read more