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Tag: High school

Do We Ever Really Get Out of High School?

By Lisa KramerJune 13, 2010Comments Off

The typical high school show or movie shows the school divided into groups, which supposedly reflects the typical situation in American high schools. Of course, I’ve heard many recent high school grads say that their high school wasn’t like that; they claim their was no division. Even at my last high school reunion, someone I was talking to claimed their were no cliques and that everyone was treated equally. I didn’t reply, but in my head I thought, you would say that because you were one of the popular ones. I was on the fringe of many groups throughout high school, but I don’t know if I really belonged to any of them.

But this blog is not about high school, except that I think that the role a person plays in that hormone-filled microcosm of society doesn’t really change much as we become an adults. Sure we mature, become more confident, make friends from other groups and convince ourselves that it doesn’t matter what other people think of us; but deep down inside we still are the people we were back then. I feel like I’m in high school right now, trying to find a place in a group. I sit at a table in the cafeteria, and the cool kids go to another table. I hang out on the fringe of conversations, not feeling all that welcome to join in. I am shy. I am becoming the me I always was.  I fight against it, but I don’t know that there is anything I can do to stop it. High school is with me now, and always will be.

Any thoughts?