Have you lost access to your creative dreams?

Imagine if you could see the world through the eyes of your younger self.

The one who believed anything was possible.
What would you see?
What would you do?

Is your inability to access your own creative genius holding you back from achieving both personal and professional goals?

Don’t worry, though, according to a study by Dr. George Land, 98% of children are creative geniuses. By adulthood, that percentage dwindles down to 2%. These means, though, that most of us have the ability to access our creativity–we’ve just forgotten how. It’s like a muscle we no longer use.

Land, George.”George Land the failure of succes” TedXTucson, Feb. 16 2011. https://youtu.be/ZfKMq-rYtnc

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Jayshree P.

Author and Communications Consultant

I have worked with Lisa firstly as a Creative Coaching client and secondly by engaging her services as an editor. Lisa’s expertise, perceptive listening, observation skills, and insightful guidance unlocked me from being “stuck” to being in “flow”. I have not had this many ideas or had this much progress in years. With Lisa’s encouragement, I have started to share my ideas and my writing and am on track to create a new life that follows my passions. In a matter of weeks, my ideas are flowing, I am sharing my ideas and writing, and I wrote a book! As my editor, Lisa has been great at both encouraging me to keep moving forward and also giving detailed and insightful feedback. If you need to share your ideas, solve problems and be innovative, you need to talk to Lisa about how Creativity Coaching can help you.

Hello! My name is Lisa Kramer and I have dedicated my life to inspiring the creativity in others. I am an author, theatre artist, educator, creativity & innovation coach
public speaker, and lifelong learner. I love conversation, collaboration, and inspired actions. How can I help you? Learn more about me here.

Things I believe

words have power
we can change the world by sharing stories
imagination is valuable
creativity is power

My hope is that we build community, together, one story and dream at a time. This is the place for . . .

the curious
the fearless
the searching . . .
Basically, everyone!

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